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Are religious people mad, crazy, insane?

Well, hand on heart, my simple answer is yes, but is anything in life simple? But before the fundy squad stones me, Violet and Sirius ban me, just wait. Over on Violet’s she asked me to try and explain what’s … Continue reading

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With reference to ‘baiting’ and ‘playing games’

Or blog etiquette? My last post referred to a comment of mine on one blog, that was then made the subject of a post on another person’s blog (Tricia’s). Just to summarise, I pointed out that police officer is a … Continue reading

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Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr. But … no Ms?

I was filling out an online application form. First question, title. Natch, the first option was Mr. Followed by Mrs, Miss and Dr. Whoa! This is the 21st century. And if you don’t see anything wrong with that list, then … Continue reading

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An exercise in creative writing

Remember this: What do you think you atheists are doing??? You most certainly are “inflicting your views” about abortion, homosexuality, feminism, and every other form of evil your kind worships! You are such hypocrites, but you don’t even see the … Continue reading

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Today’s free offer: a female slave and cashback too

My short-lived addiction to browsing religious blogs has been cured. I hope. On the other hand, I’m rather drawn to some of the atheist ones. Visiting (briefly) the religious ones, I was very impressed with the way all the atheists … Continue reading

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Real men eat quiche ?

There is something intrinsically annoying about people’s assumptions about why people choose a vegetarian diet. Back in the UK, whenever Partner said he was vegetarian, the guaranteed question was, ‘Is that because your wife is?’ as though he didn’t have … Continue reading

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Hey! I can do that!

Writing, writing, writing I’m sure there is a song out there, that goes ‘riding, riding, riding’ but could I find it? However to move away from the previous posts about language, I thought I would write about, um, writing. Over … Continue reading

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Whacky week on WordPress

Flitting around earlier, as you do, when there are more important things that needed doing, I came upon one of my pet hates. One of those requests that you head over to some site or other to vote for the … Continue reading

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Fighting a losing battle

Browsing around a blog that I read from time to time, one of those I sometimes comment on, who doesn’t comment on mine etc etc I noticed an interesting photo. It referred to ‘Fisherpeople’, and the comment was: So very … Continue reading

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No! Not more blogging tips … sadly, yes

Down to basics, or nuts and bolts or whatever you call it. Some simple, very simple tips about the mechanics of blogging. But first, another dream comment from WP. Publicising their 2014 theme – which I do NOT recommend – … Continue reading

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A blog is a minestrone, served up with Parmesan cheese

I should, of course, have called this Ten Top Tips for Blogging, or Ten Golden Blogging Rules. Except there aren’t any. One person’s view of the correct way to blog isn’t another’s. But as I have read a plethora of … Continue reading

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In which WordPress tells you how to proofread and edit your copy

Accuracy is about more that just verifying the spelling of an email address, I rest my case, m’lud/ma’am. Sorry this would have been the genetic engineering post but I couldn’t resist this class one. Head on over to read words … Continue reading

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On blogging …

Damn! Never leave things too late. I wrote a really intelligent response to a post on one of the WordPress blogs, which was incredibly complimentary, saying how I thought their ability to choose the most boring blogs possible to highlight, … Continue reading

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Political correctness

Here we go. Dons kick-arse boots and picks up 17mm Allen key (bought yesterday specifically for this post) to repel all attacks. So, take care. The 17mm Allen key is one evil bit of kit. Even in my hands. Now, … Continue reading

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Ghastly words

To avoid. The English language is abundantly blessed with words, often many meaning the same but each one with a slightly different nuance. Do you get the idea? or Do you understand my drift? Both broadly mean the same, but … Continue reading

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Do journalists have morals?

Apparently not. A blogging friend recently compared plumbers with politicians, journalists, sex-offenders and bankers in the scheme of detritus of life. Given that my partner does plumbing work as part of his multi-skilled toolbox and I’m a trained and qualified … Continue reading

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From death to trivia

Originally posted on Work of the Negative: A Marxist-Humanist blog:
From the new March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters: Editorial State of the U.S. wars The opening of Barack Obama’s second term made it clear that, despite all talk…

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Clear white light

Or perhaps that should be titled a light bulb moment? Except I don’t like clichéed and hackneyed phrases. (Or even tautology). Whichever tosser decreed that we can only have light bulbs of 60watts or whatever the latest lowest wattage light … Continue reading

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Irresponsible journalism at its worst

There is no such thing as a prank call. Purporting to be someone you aren’t is disingenuous at best, and more frequently, lying. Disregarding the issue of how a couple of Aussie music programme presenters can possibly emulate the Queen … Continue reading

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Jury Service – Part 2

What to wear? Men always have this dilemma. So to all you sexists out there who go on about women faffing around with their appearance, I tell you men are much worse. No matter whether it was my father in … Continue reading

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