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Seen this week on the internet. Some really witty incisive humorous jokes. (Irony for the benefit of anyone who isn’t sure.) 1) The only problem I get is premenstrual women dog walkers when I’m driving some times. 2) Roll me … Continue reading

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Some Fresh! Manly! Wisdom!

“Always respect your lady, all relationships are a compromise, don’t put too much importance on the sex side too soon and remember one week a month you need to be gentle and understanding.” Dear me. I don’t think I will … Continue reading

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Computers. Of course, what else?

Computers. Apart from anything else I wrote this post and for some strange reason managed to lose it. Sadly since then, I have calmed down so it is no longer a virulent rant. Our first computer back in the 80s … Continue reading

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Poet Laureate and Kindred Spirits

Well, congratulations to Carol Ann Duffy who has been appointed the first woman Poet Laureate in the UK. Not before time as the post of Poet Laureate has been going a mere 341 years. Oh, and apparently it seems Ms … Continue reading

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