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Lala land

In case you haven’t read any fantasy fiction recently, I bring you this from PurpleSage about Dennis the Menace. Also known as Riley J Dennis, previously known as Justin Dennis. A 24-year-old trans person achieving social media fame (?) for … Continue reading

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Fuck or lose your benefits? You think patriarchy doesn’t exist?

Hello Ms Roughseas, Jobcentre here. Have you got something for me? Yes, one of the owners of a local brothel would like you to be a prostitute. Obviously, if you refuse this job offer, your benefits will be cut. Aren’t … Continue reading

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Silly old women

Ageism and sexism in one. Brilliant. I got a query recently about how to start blogging as a woman who is more than 50 years old. Oh my goddess. Do women of more than 50 know how to use a … Continue reading

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Sexist old men

I had to lie down on the sofa, fan myself, apply a cool damp facecloth to my forehead, hence the rather late repost of this riveting news: Sexist old man 1 Sexist old man 2 Number one considers women to … Continue reading

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Rape? No.

As we all know, when a 53-year-old man has sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, it isn’t rape. (Huh?) It’s sexual activity with with a child. Of course! So a mere four and a half years sorts that. Easily. WTF … Continue reading

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Women’s right to vote

Women worked hard to earn the right to vote and I am considering relinquishing it. Why? Well, basically it makes no fucking difference as the same old shit goes around whoever is in power. Many of us truly hoped for … Continue reading

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Porn and prostitution – part 3 – some cons …

So, we’re all on board with porn and prostitution because it gives women money and they choose that ‘work’ right? Let’s look at the theory of why we aren’t all on board with it. Or at least, why I’m not. … Continue reading

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Porn and prostitution – part 2 – the pros …

So, the context has been set. Young roughseas ie early to mid twenties, was in favour of porn and prostitution. A woman’s right to choose. Empowerment and all that. As I said on the previous post, a sex pos feminist, … Continue reading

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Porn and prostitution – part 1

Friend Mak asked for more info on feminism, so we agreed on this topic. Basically, why are prostitution and pornography anti-feminist? This is a well sensitive subject and splits the feminist community right down the middle. Let me start with … Continue reading

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More about Teh Menz

My friend Mak wrote a post asking ‘what about the menz’. This followed a Twitter exchange, which, should you be so inclined, you can read about on his blog post linked above. The detail, for the purpose of this post, … Continue reading

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Mx, Ms, Mr, (Mrs/Miss)

I do hope you are all aware that when addressing trans people you should be using the appropriate title. A bit like the pronouns. Here is Mix Margaret on the subject. Some excerpts and comments: In recent years they have … Continue reading

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We loves The Menz

I write a perfectly reasonable criticism about Owen Smith, a former candidate for the leadership of the UK labour party and get told off for being sexist. Um. I was pointing out that Smith was sexist (for a number of … Continue reading

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Trans beta readers

Can’t move on the internet for trans. Fall over them everywhere. There I was browsing a book forum when I noticed a request for a trans woman or trans girl beta reader. (Beta reader: someone who reads a manuscript pre-publication … Continue reading

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Trans rape?

I know. I’m old. Out of touch. That’s probably why I’m reeling at the story of a transwoman raping a transman. Uh? Cherno Biko, if you haven’t heard of the story. Cherno Biko is a Brooklyn based award winning media … Continue reading

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Children, prime ministers, and PR

How many men say they are better qualified to be a price, oops, prime, minister because they have children? Dear me. On a side note, Eagle, Leadsom, May, are little Thatchers. The Thatcher revivalist movement. And what is with the … Continue reading

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Superior man brain thinking

‘Two minute noodles. ‘We have two packs. ‘Therefore we need four minutes? Yes?’ Go bro. Hell’s teeth. Gotta love that male intelligence. Seen on an Aussie outback vid. Clue: Two minute noodles take … two minutes? Doesn’t matter how many … Continue reading

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A man thing

I read some shit but … … this takes the biscuit Well, it’s Father’s Day here in the United States. Yes, that day when men all over the country have an excuse to eat as much meat as possible, watch … Continue reading

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Shit that happens to women

This extract from an Australian paper says it all about women’s experiences of being attacked, assaulted, raped, threatened with murder, or, murdered. It also encapsulates, everything, but everything about society’s views of women. Victim blaming and shaming. Asking for it. … Continue reading

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Gender neutral?

We’d never had a bitch. We both grew up with dogs, but none of them were bitches. And when, as a couple in our own houses, we started to home rescue dogs, they were always male. But Tosca was a … Continue reading

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Let’s spend the night together

Lovely, long, lazy travel. It’s years since I travelled by charter or even standard airlines. Or in the words of Kipling (more or less), ‘better to travel hopefully than arrive’. I bought a EuroRail card, travelled by train in India, … Continue reading

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