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Treating the symptoms – and not the cause

Or stupid legislation. Or nanny state personified. Call it what you will. Busily browsing the internet about Land Rovers, as you do when you have things you need to do, and don’t want to do, I chanced upon an interesting … Continue reading

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Clear white light

Or perhaps that should be titled a light bulb moment? Except I don’t like clichéed and hackneyed phrases. (Or even tautology). Whichever tosser decreed that we can only have light bulbs of 60watts or whatever the latest lowest wattage light … Continue reading

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The wisdom of the tooth fairy

Dreaming of some rubbish as you do, or rather, as I do, I was busy eating something. There was something hard in my sandwich (or whatever I was meant to be eating) and I nearly bit down on it. Instead … Continue reading

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Waking up in the middle of the night (OK it was actually more like 4 am which isn’t far off getting up time), I mused about the people I haven’t heard from this Christmas. As you do. There were two … Continue reading

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