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Orwell, you forgot all this lunacy.

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  1. Meghan Murphy is a good writer and as usual the article she wrote is fearless and puts the female situation front and centre, as it should be, with regards to feminism. Thank you for the links. 🙂


    • As far as I know it wasn’t written by MM.

      Julian Vigo?


      • @RSitM

        Reread and saw that. There I go again being careless.


        • As we do. I read Julian. My best pal on the bus home who always saved my beret. A boy. But oops, the author Julian is female. We all fuck up.

          But there are bigger and better ones. Did you read about the two women kicked out of the Canadian shelter because they complained about a (trans) man sharing a room? Very. Bad. Women. Poor. Trans. Person.

          Penis and testicles does not equal woman. Ever. Well, now it does.


          • @RSitM

            I just read that and was quite taken aback by it.

            We need more irate women speaking up about incidents like this. :/


          • We do. Preferably not chucked out of shelters for opening their mouths though.

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          • Writing a post on this particular situation now. Ire raised.


          • There was an interesting comment about why not have trans shelters? The truth of the matter is, however way you cut it, half the population is victimised for being women. They are the ones who are raped, murdered, subject to DV, sexual assault, discrimination, sex trafficking slavery, um, what have I missed? Oh, less pay, lack of education, health care and no bodily autonomy. But no. The most important thing in the world is that a man, purporting to be a woman, takes precedence. Jeez. Couldn’t make it up.

            Today I feel like a purple people eater. I expect everyone to treat me as such, I want special purple people eating treatment and my pronoun of choice is purp. So there we have it.

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          • Well actually fighting for and establishing infrastructure that will help your community is *hardwork*. Why make your own, when you can colonize other people’s safe spaces.


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