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Maslow’s triangle

In case anyone is getting bored with reading about sex, I thought I’d have a brief intermission and write about Maslow’s triangle, or more specifically the bottom layer of the triangle, food, shelter and warmth. A 30-year-old man froze to … Continue reading

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Seal of approval

Some years ago my mother decided to buy a beautiful pair of sealskin (?) fur boots. They were amazingly warm. I know, I wore them a few times. She bought them from Bridlington in Yorkshire, UK, where not many seals … Continue reading

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Consumerism (1) – houses

The first in a new mini-series on consumerism, and my contribution towards it. I like to write mini-series. I like to write them so much, that I write the first post, and then another topic comes along that I want … Continue reading

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Just another day

There are lots of people who describe Christmas Day as just another day. And sit down to a huge Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, open their presents from the huge pile under the tree festooned with bright ornaments, have … Continue reading

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Giving to charity

I do not like being TOLD to give money to charity or being manipulated into feeling embarrassed if I choose not to give. Standing at the supermarket check-out I noticed a bucket with not very much change in it. On … Continue reading

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Politics – and the right to vote

So what to say about politics – about the right to vote, for whom to vote, and how much does it really matter? In no particular order – apart from the first one….. The right to vote was hard-earned a) … Continue reading

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On Power and Influence

I have three books on my desk at the moment. One is a desk diary from last year that I am using as a notebook. The second is a Spanish English dictionary. The third is Understanding Organisations by Charles Handy. … Continue reading

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Life’s rubbish

A couple of years ago we were sitting on the terrace chatting to some friends. They come to Spain every year for about five weeks. We met when they rented a flat up the road, although normally they rent a … Continue reading

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