An example of sexism

Here is an advert for a mechanic, seen today on FB.

Just. Groan

Just. Groan

While I agree with equal opportunities and that women have every right to be mechanics, this person is neither wearing overalls (note grease on body) nor toetectors.

No. It is not ‘just humour’. It is yet another daily example of reducing women to sex objects.


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21 Responses to An example of sexism

  1. Bloody hell. That’s awful.

    – esme rolling her eyes upon the Cloud


  2. I meant to ask you the other day, what do you think of a news reporter using this picture?


  3. makagutu says:

    If my mechanic appeared dressed that way, I would be quite disturbed.


  4. Ruth says:

    You can hardly walk into a mechanic’s shop in America without seeing at least a calendar plastered on the wall with half dressed women holding tools with grease all over themselves. Ruth is rolling her eyes here on the earth while Esme rolls hers upon the cloud.

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  5. On page 587, bottom right — “When men view images of sexually objectified women, it has been shown to increase men’s acceptance of rape myths, interpersonal violence, and gender role stereotyping.” (Stankiewicz, J., & Rosselli, F (2008) 58:579-589. Women as Sex Objects and Victims in Print. Advertisements. Sex Roles

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    • Thanks for that. Fascinating read. I was perplexed when it said that most people don’t pay much attention to adverts (I paraphrase). Maybe it’s my professional background but why else do people spend megabucks on PR and ad campaigns? It’s not dissimilar to religion, in that we are bombarded with ‘messages’ about who or what to support, whether it’s a politician, a church, or a new cooker.
      And, appreciated the detailed ref. My scan reading means I do sometimes miss things as I look for the things that stand out to me. I actually would have missed that. Depressing fact though. Still, a good read even if most of their findings seem glaringly obvious.
      One of my bosses once told me I thought too fast and I needed to let people catch up. I’m feeling like that right now. Why is this not all so clear to people?


  6. Miep says:

    He’s looking for a mechanic who trades in relatives?

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    • Thanks Victoria. Of course, it’s women’s fault that men look at them, isn’t it?
      Interestingly I covered one case where there was a dispute between a woman and a taxi driver. Can’t remember the detail, just her clothing. Dark blue suit and a white shirt with a high collar. The whole effect was very demure, almost prim. The taxi driver didn’t stand a chance. She would have gone down well in Kansas.

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