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Silly old women

Ageism and sexism in one. Brilliant. I got a query recently about how to start blogging as a woman over 50-years-old. Oh my goddess. Do women of more than 50 know how to use a computer? Did they know how … Continue reading

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Simple sexism

The Ark and I are not best pals at the moment. Not that we ever were, but anyway, our recent exchanges give some good examples of sexism. Firstly, we have, him telling me how to exercise following my broken ankle. … Continue reading

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Whose point of view?

The Arb had an interesting post about gender identity, free speech, threats, and Germaine Greer. I don’t write about trans issues because I don’t know enough about it, and I have zilch knowledge of it. Similarly I don’t write about … Continue reading

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Victim blaming (regarding rape)

While I will agree with you entirely, RS, that no crime against persons is excusable, still there are precautions that one can take. If I were to walk down a dark alley in a major metropolitan city, with hundred-dollar bills … Continue reading

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Just an everyday in a sexist life

It’s easy to say, ‘I’m not sexist, racist, disablist, fattist, ageist’ etc. But what happens when someone challenges that? None of us like being challenged so the automatic response is ‘Oh, no, I’m not’. Except, how do we know? Ruth … Continue reading

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Is Clarkson paying the price?

Or, is this about trying to absolve the past? I have always found Jeremy Clarkson to be the personification of an obnoxious loathsome git. He is the classic rude, boorish, sexist, Yorkshireman. Because yes, dear reader, said arrogant egotistical 54-year-old … Continue reading

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