Just another day shooting the shit out of a few poor animals

Please do not click on this link if you don’t wish to see photos of:

a) a dead leopard, who sadly looks almost as though he is sleeping in the arms of his murderer

b) a cut-off elephant’s tail, naturally the clever hunter is brandishing it rather like the brush of a fox.

However if you want to see what rich gits spend their money on, click on the link and read on. And if you don’t care and you think it is acceptable, move along, and find other blogs to read. There is no point you wasting your time on mine.

It seems that hunting endangered species is what rich people like to do. According to the above web site:

Wealthy hunters pay thousands of dollars to shoot big game in Africa. The most prized hunts are the so-called “Big Five” – leopard, lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo. Four of the five are endangered. Killing one of these can often cost $10,000 (£6,300) for licences, which are meant to be strictly rationed. Hunting lodges insist animal populations need to be controlled and that the money that is generated through licences finance conservation efforts and provide employment for locals.

I did look up the hunting website referred to. Not surprisingly the Trump Twerps were not on the front page. The Trump Twerps are the ones on the above site I linked to, who are smugly displaying their dead ‘trophies’. So to speak, in case anyone wondered where that TT reference came from and didn’t click on the original link after my alert. I can imagine that $10,000/£6,300 is really going to be a deterrent to millionaires who want to kill animals in the African bush.

But there was an incredibly long justification of ethical hunting on the website. ‘Ethical hunting?’ You are having a laugh. So-called ‘culling’ (always amazes me how close it sounds to killing) to keep numbers down is bad enough. We should be starting with people anyway. But pretending hunting endangered species is ethical?

I have three proposals.

    One. All those of you who seem to think shooting moving targets is a good idea should join the mil. (Half of you probably already have).

    Two. If you want an expedition, I suggest the creation of a reserve, with all you hunters and your guns let loose on each other until you kill each other off. No loss to humanity and a vast saving to the animal population.

    Three. If you can’t resist the animals, I suggest the creation of a reserve on level terms. You, the leopard, the lion, the rhino, the elephant, and buffalo – and no guns.

Anyone, who can justify killing such a beautiful animal as that sleeping leopard in the name of ‘sport’ is seriously sick. Just my opinion of course. Leave the animals be. They don’t cause half as much damage as people do.


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12 Responses to Just another day shooting the shit out of a few poor animals

  1. Nelson Rose says:

    Some people are just sick. Killing is not a sport and people who treat it as such are despicable.


    • Thank you for your comment. It sounds trite but I really wish people could enjoy the short life we have without trying to control, kill, or otherwise damage and harm other living beings on the earth, whether human or animal.


  2. Good post – thought provoking and shaming! I remember going to Tenerife where people had obciously sedated lion cubs for tourists to have their picture taken with – disgusting!


  3. free penny press says:

    Any excuse for some people to feel superior.. I want to ask why? This saddens me >.


  4. Saddens me too – and that’s why I put up the warning about the link images. I don’t want to upset people, but it happens and it is reality.

    You would have thought having shitloads of money was enough to feel superior, but no, let’s go kill a few beautiful endangered animals to prove how clever and macho we are. Arseholes.


  5. Vicky says:

    It’s the same everywhere, I’m rich therefore I can. I haven’t found a word in the British language that describes my hatred for this type of person.
    In answer to you proposals, two seems the best to me, let them lose amongst themselves, once they’ve finished their killing spree, bring proposal three into use to remove the bodies and the remaining……. err……..well human if you can call it that.


    • Actually V, I wasn’t planning on there being any survivors. I was rather hoping they would all polish each other off. But thinking about it with my environmental hat on, it seems to be a waste of firearms and ammunition, so I am more inclined to option three.

      But my latest scenario (you can tell I have far too much time to dream up fantastic stories :D) would be to have said ‘big game hunters’ installed in a nice comfy lodge, enjoying a few pre-dinner drinks, so they are at least slightly squiffy. Whereupon, dinner is served – herds of bison, elephant, prides of lions, a few alligators and crocs I think, everything they want to hunt the following day can come and maul them, or whatever else they do, to death. And they are the dinner, that’s if anything wanted to eat them.

      Or they could go to the Rockies and encounter a few grizzly bears. Or maybe the odd ice flow and become sport for lots of grown-up Pipaluk Polar Bears. My imagination has no limits on this one!


      • Vicky says:

        Wouldn’t there be one left in a shooting spree, unless of course the last two shot each other simultaneously. Definitely go for your last scenario now as there’d be no guns to dispose of.


        • I was thinking about a simultaneous shoot-out. A bit like the scene in Reservoir Dogs (you prob haven’t seen it) where three of them all have their guns trained on each other. And I’m sure I’ve seen lots of films where dying person pulls gun on the person who has shot them so in the end they both die 🙂 But yes, my last scenario is more sound and has a rather nice sense of poetic justice to it, does it not?

          The site where I found the link has some horrific stories. There was one about rhino poaching, another about some dead puppies and one feeble survivor found in a carrier bag in a field, one about hunting giraffes – but people switch off to reading that sort of stuff all the time, so I left those alone. Our society wants to read about pretty stuff (me too) and ignore the unpleasant.


  6. Vicky says:

    There are so many sick things going on in the world regarding animals, I read many of these articles, but end up so depressed afterwards at my inability to put them ALL right. We could devote ourselves to one cause, but how do you choose which one 😦


    • One of the endless debates. Do you spread yourself thinly? Or try and help lots? Practical measures are rescuing/fostering/helping at rescue centres as you know and have done. Financially, I picked on a few in the UK – they tended to be equine for no reason 😀 a horse and donkey sanctuary where you could adopt animals and get a photo :), an all-animal sanctuary, and donations to hunt sabs (well that obv wasn’t equine, rather vulpine). I’ve even given to people charities!! Usually anything related to homeless or old people who seem to be the unwanted of society. Everyone gives to kids and medical charities, and to be honest, medical charities are a damn nuisance when it comes to health service planning.

      I guess the answer is, if you think you can make any sort of difference with any one cause – go with that. Otherwise, pick a few and help how you can.


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