More about Teh Menz

My friend Mak wrote a post asking ‘what about the menz’.

This followed a Twitter exchange, which, should you be so inclined, you can read about on his blog post linked above.

The detail, for the purpose of this post, is not that relevant. The responses were.

Virtually all commenters talked about women making sexist comments and some compared that with black people making racist comments.

And …

The myth that we live in a white capitalist patriarchal society is apparently now being taught in schools! Oh no! Truth at last? Doubt it.

Now. At the risk of being very basic, let’s do this simply. Because it seems some messages are not being well received. At best.

1) Women are not guilty of sexism against men. It is an impossibility.

2) Similarly, white people are not guilty of racism against black people.

The basis for these two comments is that, contrary to the belief of some, women and black people are varyingly oppressed by men, and white people. The weaker group can not display power eg sexism/racism towards the stronger one. It’s a non sequitur.

Just to remind you, the hierarchy of power is simple:

  • White men
  • Black men
  • White women
  • Black women

We can add class, poverty/wealth/education blah blah to that, but this is a post, primarily, about sexism.

Now, a few other basics:

3) People who say they support equal rights for men and women are not feminists. Full stop. End of story. Which feminism manual did you read?

4) Men who say they are feminist have also not read the right manual. Feminists are women. Male allies are welcome.

5) Anyone who thinks pornography and prostitution is empowering for women hasn’t seen the dead prostitute wheeled out of the building next door after a heroin overdose.

6) People who say the gender pay gap has closed are liars ill-informed.

7) Men and women are born with certain biological traits. Someone thinking they feel like being a woman does not make them a woman. Women do not need men pretending to be women to tell them about feminism. Or how to be a woman.

Now, in similar news, Dead Wild Roses reposted an interesting conversation about radical feminists and biological essentialism.

Again, the comments were interesting. From men. Of course.

Were women with a tipped bladder aliens?

No, says another well-informed male about women’s bladders. It isn’t true, but they can prolapse.

We loves it! We loves the Mansplaining!

Even more, we get detail about weakened muscles holding up the bladder causing the prolapse.

Wow! Thank you so much.

None of us little women are capable of working out that tipped bladder is a lay term, similar to how bowel cancer is often used instead of the more clinical colorectal cancer.

Thank you to Teh Menz for your humour and your inaccurate grossly patronising explanations about women’s organs. And you wonder why we get pissed off? Seriously?

NB to Arb, I note you pointed out the usage of tipped as colloquial usage.

But as a finale, on the subject of tipped pelvic organs, for anyone who wants to read about a tipped (tilted) uterus. Here you go. It can render a woman a sexual cripple.

Fortunately, correction is fairly simple, and effective.

Phew. Wouldn’t want to disappoint Teh Menz with our sexual availability would we?

Sexual cripple? Really?

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8 Responses to More about Teh Menz

  1. makagutu says:

    I learn something new everyday!
    I wasn’t aware of 3 and 4. I have changed my mind about 5.


    • Don’t we all.

      Mak, remember, this is the feminist theory that I follow. Other men and women say they are feminists and think that prostitution and pornography are a woman’s choice to be sexually used, abused, and objectified a … working woman? Who needs drugs to get through the day and night? Yeah. Empowerment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • makagutu says:

        I think I need to acquaint myself with the different schools of thought on this matter of interest.
        Good afternoon friend


        • Hello friend. Any particular topic? I can write about it. I was thinking about porn/prostitution, and/or the difference between feminists who oppose it and those who support it.
          I’ve got an interesting article bookmarked from the NY Times about how Trump’s propsed changes will significantly affect women’s health care, yet the men who say ‘it will all be ok in the end’ aren’t aware or don’t care about this 👿


  2. Rough Sea! That’s a power packed and bang on post how we men draw a wrong picture of feminism to suit us. It’s educative and teaches us about feminism.


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