Good old-time religion

I found an interesting quote today on a blog.

K did three years at a Christian college but was kicked out for being a lesbian (she chose leaving over undergoing mandated conversion therapy).

WTF is lesbian conversion therapy?


(The comment is towards the end, and the post is about a FtM detransitioning.)

OK, we could ask why people choose a Christian college but that’s a different issue.

Hellish clever running lots of colleges and universities and schools or whatever they are all called.

But change your sexual orientation or get kicked out as an ultimatum? This is perverted. Unlike religion.

What about the Mormon university that victimises women who have been raped? Well, don’t you know they have broken the indecency honor code? By being raped?

Religion is run by men. Religion subjugates women. Religion is also a myth.

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9 Responses to Good old-time religion

  1. john zande says:

    Pray the Gay Away. Michelle Bachmann’s husband (who is so gay it’s not funny) got federal monies to run such a clinic.

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    • I had to look that up. What a combination. Bachmann and her superlative geographical knowledge, and a pray-away-the-gay spouse. I have yet to work out what on earth is wrong with being gay? Nobody has explained it to me in simple English. Nor have they said why it is any of my business.

      I await Revelation(s).


      • john zande says:

        Oh, great question. I can’t recall ever asking someone that before. Brilliant. If they think being gay is somehow a-natural (which it isn’t, given how prevalent it is throughout the animal kingdom) then surely they think Catholic priests are a perversion, too, right?

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        • Chicken and egg. No doubt Cath priests say gays are wrong. But as I’m not Catholic … actually one of our local priests was, er, moved on for the usual. Being gay is probably worse than paedophilia.

          A post beckons on gender sexual orientation. Well, and other definitions.

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  2. Creepiness continues ( Candidate Cruz scares me completely)
    Wonder if this is the same college-in-name-only that the children of a company that builds stuff for our company went to: they did not allow any internet access or computers. (They actually kick student out for secretly accessing the internet while enrolled.) Why would you send kids there? No other reason than inbreeding thought and you want your kid to marry someone they meet there. Most of those college student also attended private church school with questionable curriculum and teachers without state credentials. Totally isolated existence as many also go to the same churches. So, this is done in the name of protecting children from evils of the world. (Hmmm, what is wrong with your kid’s beliefs that they area so weak and unstable that they cannot defend them -even to themselves once questions come up?)
    Eventually they have to interact in the world. Now that those kids have graduated ( and married within the ranks), they area almost totally useless in business and work force. No commonsense, no skills working with anyone other than themselves, no work ethics, suspicious, arrogantly snooty that they think they are better than anyone else, pretty much blind that they are ignorant, totally self centered, and pretty much useless. If daddy didn’t own that company and they had to work for real, they wouldn’t last a minute. (but it’s outsiders that area all wrong, not them…ask them.) Spooky like a cult.
    But as you say what people want to do in their own homes/lives really is none of my business – until it impacts my business – which it does. And in the national picture they are making demands of others that they have no right to do. Go back to your caves, pleeeease. (Sorry about the rant, but tired of the whole “I’m special, you’re not” groups trying to force everyone to change to suit them.)


    • I am pleased to say American politics continue to baffle me.

      Christian/Mormon colleges are weird. Some screwed-up thinking going on there. Or rather not much thinking allowed at all.

      Religion is a bad force. Whether in America or the middle east. Critical thinking, independence, and initiative are a lost cause. Us dinosaurs will peaceably die out.

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      • Mom made us go to church but quite frequently Dad would snort at some pulpit rant/nonsense and dad you pull us out and say things like “God is probably really annoyed at fools and idiots and what they do with their religions saying it’s in his name and book. We’ll be back when they come to their senses. Meanwhile, we’re going to the country.”
        Fanatics are weird and dangerous. And so loud.
        Politicians? They say whatever they think appeals to the audience in front of them…and change for the next group. (And think no one notices – Wait. Some don’t. Shiver. Our bottomed out education system has helped birth this situation). Dangerous as no one knows what politicians really think or plan to do. Few are honorable and plan on keeping their word.
        Many are noting Hillary Clinton’s changing her accent to parody of the locals’ Now gosh darn, that’s double the irritation.
        I’m for heading to the hills for peace and quiet. Dad was right.


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