Saving Sergeant Rex.

I think this blog by Phil, Mouse of the Hedge, says it all.

I am not into internet petitions, or any petitions, as I think they rarely work. But I have signed this one, and I would encourage anyone else to do so too. You don’t have to be in America – if I can sign from Gib, I reckon the rest of you can too.

Read the full post, and check out the comments.

[Oh, I meant to announce my new reblog series.. but that can wait, just get on and try and save Rex. Who looks remarkably like, Rex, the different police officer in the Austrian TV series.]

If you scroll down the comments you will see this update:

1) Help Save Sergeant Rex Petition drive at
2) Those in UK who are interested in helping: Please contact
Ambassador Louis B. Susman 24 Grosvenor Square London, W1A 1AE 020 7499-9000 This can be done Semper Fidelus.
3) another article with more info about Rex (who is ill) – and pictures:

If any UK people find an email contact for Amb Susman, could you post it here?

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

He’s done his part. Hunting IED’s keeping the others in his group safe in Iraq. Wounded in action. Braved blazing sun, mind dulling heat, and freezing temperature. All without complaint. Got up every morning and did it again.

Now they are done with him.

No pension, though.

He’s 10 years old.

Sergeant Rex, a German Shepherd military dog, faces death from the very ones he’s devoted his life to protecting. The Marines decided to “put him down” because of his age and he “can no longer serve”

But not without a fight from a devoted friend.

Former Corporal Megan Leavey, of Rockland County, wants to give Rex a forever home and let him enjoy the rest of his life in comfort and peace among friends. Together the two soldiers hunted for IEDs during two tours of duty. Both were severely injured in Iraq when an IED exploded near them. The Marines…

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