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Apple or PC/Windows? The endless debate

I see WordPress has managed to introduce an inconvenient new feature in my absence. I can just imagine the conversation at WP HQ. ‘Hey have you noticed that cranky roughseas isn’t around at the moment?’ ‘Yeah, life’s a bit quiet … Continue reading

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In which WordPress tells you how to proofread and edit your copy

Accuracy is about more that just verifying the spelling of an email address, I rest my case, m’lud/ma’am. Sorry this would have been the genetic engineering post but I couldn’t resist this class one. Head on over to read words … Continue reading

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Saturday snippets

It’s not been a good week for Partner. Apart from the aforementioned summons, he’s not done too well on the shopping run. Who can forget my rant about the shelves being depleted of vegetarian, low salt, organic stock cubes? Well, … Continue reading

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Freshly pressed – Oh! The glory!

I have no interest in being Freshly Pressed. Fortunately. In fact I don’t even look at it, and the thought of replying to 100 or more inane comments from one-off visitors is enough to send shivers down my spine. However, … Continue reading

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Up close and personal

One of the anomalies about WordPress’s Daily Post is that it isn’t. Apparently set up to encourage people to post daily, one would have thought they could at least manage a regular post every day. In my usual helpful and … Continue reading

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Swearing (courtesy of WP and DP)

Dear dear me. I so don’t like to do this but…….. It’s not only the WordPress weekly photochallenge, it’s becoming the Daily Post challenge. For those of you who don’t read the Daily Post the latest topic is swearing. Sensitive … Continue reading

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Blogging tips and WordPress

The weekend calls for relaxation, so no hard-hitting, critical post today. Let’s have a look at WordPress first. Those of us who have persistently complained about the rather stupid introduction of a default email notification whenever you comment on another … Continue reading

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Your daily shot of inspiration

I read some shit on WordPress – The Daily Post – but really, they are plumbing the depths. After starting to write a blog post, the temptations of the internet can easily distract us from the task at hand. You’re … Continue reading

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Finding the right words

I’m a journalist. It should be water off a duck’s back, or inkless type on a computer, to find them. I can write a blog post in minutes – the time taken is faffing around with photos, and endless proof-reading … Continue reading

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Feedback and The Daily Post

The Daily Post puzzles me. For those non-WordPress readers of my blog, it is a somewhat difficult-to-find part of the WP set-up. I suppose it is a blog, and describes itself as ‘an experiment in blogging motivation from the folks … Continue reading

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Note to all bloggers

I suppose I should have called this ten top tips to successful blog posts or recommended crap like that. Or maybe ten top tips to pissing people off. That’s more like it. Anyway, back to note to all bloggers. 1) … Continue reading

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Invading your space

(potential alert if you are easily offended – about – anything really – although why you would be reading here if you were is beyond me) Browsing through the WordPress sections where they publicise latest blogs, I was looking at … Continue reading

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Why comment? Why bother?

I was happily deleting a blog from my blogroll when I successfully managed to delete the whole lot. Readers of my dog’s blog will be aware that although we (ie the dog and I) have moved our blogs over to … Continue reading

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Him, her, she, he, – or – they, their?

Browsing around WordPress.com, I happened upon The Daily Post. Which I might say, is not very easy to find, so note to WordPress, suggest you publicise it more obviously. Now, being new to WP’s latest incarnation (ie since I first … Continue reading

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