Finding the right words

I’m a journalist. It should be water off a duck’s back, or inkless type on a computer, to find them.

I can write a blog post in minutes – the time taken is faffing around with photos, and endless proof-reading and changing the odd comma.

But when it comes to commenting on other blogs, I often leave it for hours. Why?

To start with, I only comment when I have something to say. Those of you who have been on the dogblog circuit will be all too aware of the ‘Just popping by to say hi’ syndrome.

This, when you have just announced your partner has run off with your best friend, your house has fallen down, and your dog is infested with cat fleas – and so are you.

Surely we all like to think someone has actually read our post, and made a relevant and personalised comment instead of just ‘popping by’ ?

I like to read and re-read posts on blogs that I regularly visit. Sometimes my first thoughts are fine, and sometimes, I think of something different to say later.

Often I say something flippant, and then wonder if the blog owner realised I wasn’t serious. Mostly I think – hope – people do.

I like the discussion aspect of wordpress – it gives people chance to laugh and reply. And clarify.

But I wonder, if people are put off, when they read chatty and friendly comments, and if it sounds all too cliquey? I do hope not. Sometimes though, it’s hard to pitch into a new blog that you find, and comment, when everyone seems to have been to school together (more or less). Even worse, when everyone else’s playground comment is replied to and yours is ignored 😦

There are some blogs I visit where I comment on virtually every post. I leave the odd one alone out of politeness. Put simply though, I comment because I enjoy reading their blogs.

One blogger has a great prompt on the lines of ‘All comments welcome.’ I don’t think I could manage that. I would have to qualify it with ‘so long as you have read the post and you aren’t abusive and you don’t disagree with me’ etc etc.

Truth is too, that I also switch off if I read a blog that has 90 comments, of which, naturally 45 come from the blog owner. Can I add any value? Is another ‘Gorgeous photo’ ‘Super recipe’ a good use of my time, or anyone else’s? I think not.

When I flick on a blog with those sort of comments, I wonder what is happening. I have an eclectic mix of blogs that I regularly visit, that in my opinion are well written and post good piccies (apols to all photogs out there but it is a journo term). They don’t get hundreds of dahling comments although they do deserve them. I’m glad they don’t or I would lose interest ploughing through the superficiality.

And that is probably it. So many blogs are superficial. Like society. Like life.

With which I shall leave you all and wish you buenas noches.

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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8 Responses to Finding the right words

  1. Vicky says:

    You’ve made some good points there. I am also turned off by the ones with masses of comments, I’d rather go down the route of less is more, for some reason I find them far more personal to read. I guess the same applies to the amount of blogs I’m following, not many of them, but all quality reads/views.


    • I do keep following more I have to be honest. But, I comment on the ones that inspire me to comment, or as you say, perhaps the ones that are more personal. I still don’t understand what there is to say about a nice photo apart from ‘nice photo’ 😀 A bit like some of the recipe blogs where you get fifty people saying, gosh adding beetroot to a cheese sandwich is such a brilliant idea that I would never have thought of…


      • Vicky says:

        Some photos really make me feel I could actually be there and I can feel the atmosphere, your little Spanish finca one did that, that type are so easy to comment on.
        Beetroot, urgh! Ive been put off that since school when it was presented on top of mash potatoes.


        • Yeah but when it’s just a photo blog with no, or little caption, there are only so many times you can say the same thing. One of the ones I follow keeps posting pix of old doors and sheds and stuff. They are good – but ‘great old wooden door/shed’ sums it up really.

          Beetroot at school was vile. I don’t know why. You’re right too, it did seem to be with mashed potatoes 😀 Anyway, we love it here. Although not with mashed potatoes.


  2. Flipant and superficial I know but I have to comment on a blog that includes one of my favourite words – eclectic!
    Seriously though, how many of us could have imagined reaching such a diverse world wide readership and even if they skip read and ‘like’ I think that is truly awesome. When I was a kid the cutting edge of communication was two baked bean cans and a tight piece of string, now I can talk to anyone that will listen and get a response.
    I enjoy your thoughtful blog – keep posting!


    • I guess that’s true. It is quite nice having readers around the world, and I particularly like ‘visiting’ ones that have photos of places of their own homes, whether it’s places I have visited or not. My only gripe about the ‘like’ thing is when it is used as a commercial ‘like’ – it’s a soft form of spam really – but I can live with it.


  3. free penny press says:

    I’ve been a blogger for years, but have only been on WP a week or so.. Right now I’m just scouting out the neighborhood, but I agree with much you say..I doubt I will ever hist 90 comments (with even 1/2 mine) because my blog is just a little place for me to write freely and whatever the hell I am thinking that day…
    think I’ll tag along here..


    • Hi FPP
      Thanks for your comment. I tried to visit you back but my browser took a hissy fit in its head and kept crashing. I shall have to try a different browser. WP is an interesting change to blogger I think. I’m still getting used to it too.


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