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Or rather, Attaboys. Worthy of a Sun headline perhaps? On the lines of Gotcha. (A reference to the sinking of the ARA Belgrano by the RN in 1982.) Readers will know I’m among the first to denounce endless unnecessary military … Continue reading

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The right to free speech or the right to freely offend and insult?

While I am busy bemoaning the use of sexist language that derides women, (see previous post) the rest of the world is busy working itself into a frenzy following Penguin Books India’s decision to recall Wendy Doniger’s book ‘The Hindus: … Continue reading

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The blogging circuit – and rape

I never fail to be surprised by two anomalies in the blogging world. Maybe anomalies is the wrong word, contradictions may be better. On the one hand, there is the six degrees of separation theory, ie that people can connect … Continue reading

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