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We loves The Menz

I write a perfectly reasonable criticism about Owen Smith, a former candidate for the leadership of the UK labour party and get told off for being sexist. Um. I was pointing out that Smith was sexist (for a number of … Continue reading

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Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr. But … no Ms?

I was filling out an online application form. First question, title. Natch, the first option was Mr. Followed by Mrs, Miss and Dr. Whoa! This is the 21st century. And if you don’t see anything wrong with that list, then … Continue reading

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Give me that old time religion

I blame The Ark, the scourge of Christianity, for introducing me to barking evangelical blogs. Seriously, these people have not just one screw missing, they haven’t got a screw at all in them. Or sixpence short of a shilling. Forget … Continue reading

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