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Simple sexism

The Ark and I are not best pals at the moment. Not that we ever were, but anyway, our recent exchanges give some good examples of sexism. Firstly, we have, him telling me how to exercise following my broken ankle. … Continue reading

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I told you so

So don’t say I didn’t. All you religious fruitcakes, who think making abortion difficult to get/illegal etc, are responsible for the situation in Tennessee where a woman stuck a coathanger up herself in the bath to try and carry out … Continue reading

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Abortion – some facts and history

Abortion became legal in the UK when I was a child – 1967. I grew up with tales of knitting needles, bottles of gin, and hot baths. The amateur method of choice for pregnant women who didn’t want to give … Continue reading

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Whacky week on WordPress

Flitting around earlier, as you do, when there are more important things that needed doing, I came upon one of my pet hates. One of those requests that you head over to some site or other to vote for the … Continue reading

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So sad me

For those of you wishing for a very Cloudy Rough Seas Extremely Turbulent blog post, I thought I would sneak in a quick one. Discretion applies. A new person commenting on roughseas in fact. On my International Women’s Day post. … Continue reading

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Well, roll me over.

Couldn’t pass this one by. The land of the free and that great dream. Also known as the land of sexist misogynist bastards who want to control women. Oh, I’m busy doing other things right now rather than blogging, [inserts … Continue reading

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