Well, roll me over.

Couldn’t pass this one by.

The land of the free and that great dream.

Also known as the land of sexist misogynist bastards who want to control women.

Oh, I’m busy doing other things right now rather than blogging, [inserts excuse for not being around] but this one deserves a tiny post.

The races. The candidates. The issues. From zero to savvy in under 6 seconds.

Kansas governor signs another abortion bill
May 14
Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill into law that would allow pharmacists to refuse to provide drugs they believe might cause an abortion.
Called the Heath Care Rights of Conscience Act, the new law would bar anyone from being required to prescribe or administer a drug they “reasonably believe” might result in the termination of a pregnancy.
Critics believe the law will open the door for a pharmacist to refuse a request for something like the “morning-after” pill, which the Mayo Clinic says can prevent or delay ovulation, block fertilization or keep a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.
They argued that the bill puts pharmacists and physicians in a position to refuse birth control.

Read more here: http://midwestdemocracy.com/articles/kansas-governor-signs-another-abortion-bill/#storylink=cpy

American Republicans. You are a load of arseholes. Unless there are any out there who can convince me otherwise. Just one, would be interesting. Seriously.

That is a shit-smart clever idea. I get a prescription for the morningafterpill, and you, pharmacist, don’t like it, so you tear it up. For whatever reason, some woman, has sex without contraception, and you have the right to judge? Because that is what this is about, total judgement and power over women.

Let’s have a bit of criticism of the men for once. You have sex with someone without contraception, you get forcibly sterilised, for example. How about that? What’s the difference? Politicians, you, are messing with people’s lives. Shame you aren’t sorting some out. Like poverty and starvation instead of focusing so much on this issue. Or maybe corporate bankers?

Run by me again (doncha love the jargon) why the US criticises Islamic countries for subjugating women? And what might this be?

Denying a woman her right to control her body is exactly that, and you are one seriously screwed-up religious fanatical country to support this. By which I mean the USA. Gosh! Does that bear parallels with other countries?

is a good post on the same topic from a different perspective.

There are a number of ways of looking at this.

1) You are a woman and you had sex with a man without contraception. You might get pregnant.

2) You are a man and you had sex with a woman without contraception. You won’t get pregnant. It’s not your responsibility after all.

3) You are religious and you think it is your business to interfere in someone else’s life. We all make mistakes. I thought Jesus (and others) preached forgiveness?

4) You are just a republican/right-wing person who thinks a) women are stupid b) medics/pharmacists know best c) you know best d) who gives a shit about women and e) we really need to go and invade those bad Islamic countries who don’t treat women equally.

5) You let people make their own decisions in life. We only have one life. Apart from the glorious multitudes who go to the whereeverafter.

But some of us would really appreciate some arsehole in power not legislating against a very personal choice.

If you wish to reply about your glorious principles from a wonderful position fine, and I’ll reply with a load of statistics about teenage pregnancies, peer group pressure, and people who actually just don’t want to have children.

A foetus is not a person.

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29 Responses to Well, roll me over.

  1. Kyanite Blue says:

    GOD FEARING AMERICA’s anti abortionists / pro life attitude grates on me big time. I see red. Like you, a foetus is not baby to me.
    Mistakes happen re sex – you can’t condemn the mother for wanting rid of it as I did, as an unwanted baby, is an unloved baby – this comes from one who knows too well re this [ me again re my father].
    But personal issues aside, the morning after pill & an abortion should be available to all, as should the contraceptive pill be free & freely available to all and it’s use promoted in 3rd world countries.


    • Cheers D, for that. Really racks me off that other people think it is their decision to make.

      By which I mean, ignorant (as in un-knowing persons) and uh, well men generally.

      Who cares about some pregnant woman – and if I am responsible. I’m not. She is.


  2. Vicky says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I really do think that the majority of the worlds’ contraception/abortion problems are deep seated in religion though, starting with the story that Eve was made from Adams rib, which makes women appear the lesser person…………..now who the F*** wrote that!
    I agree with KB above as regards promoting birth control in third world countries too.


  3. Thanks V for your comment too.

    The state of American politics worries me because it influences the rest of the world. America does it, therefore it is right.

    Where are those dogs. Walt?


  4. EllaDee says:

    Yes, emotive topic and difficult to pass by without having opinions & feelings , and oughtn’t be controlled, prescribed, circumscribed but encompass any individuals’ own rights to beliefs & choices, as you say somewhat more succinctly in 5).


    • As KB eloquently said, mistakes do happen re sex. Mistakes happen regarding everything in life, but should people really carry mistakes forever? We hopefully learn lessons and try to do better next time, because that’s life, it’s a total learning thing. (I was going to say curve or experience but settled for thing!)

      What is griping about this whole issue is American, Republican, male politicians deciding what a woman can do with her body. Simple really. This totally puts the onus and blame on women without letting them have responsibility. Seriously bad. Next they will be saying women taking date rape drugs are doing that consensually too.

      I have met some stupid men in my time. With nothing, but absolutely nothing (apart from maybe testosterone and beer) between their ears. There is no way that I accept men have any – God given or otherwise – right to dictate what I do with my life, or what any other woman does with hers.

      And I will continue to write about these horrific decisions and laws made in the USA because it IS important for the rest of the English-speaking world. Sadly.


  5. free penny press says:

    The pill kept me from having children I either had not planned on nor wanted.. This is a personal choice and has no place in the hands of any one except the woman.
    You say a fetus is not a person? I disagree..


    • We’re coming from very different perspectives and experiences here. I neither wanted nor had children, you have done. If I had done maybe I would regard a foetus/embryo differently. Or maybe not. We gloss it up with scientific jargon, and put timescales on when it suddenly becomes ‘alive’ – for what reason? To salve consciences? At the end of the day, you are right, the decision is personal, and belongs to one person only.


  6. bluonthemove says:

    I saw a poster the other day on FB. “Religious wars are basically people killing each other over who has the the better imaginary friend”.

    The American constitution guarantees the right to “practice” your religion, it does not confer the right to ram your religion down other people’s throats. What goes on within a person’s body (male or female) is their decision, no one elses. I do not believe a foetus has any rights until it is old enough to be viable outside of the mother’s body, which variously seems to be about 28 to 30 weeks.

    It is a woman’s right to use any form of contraception or abortion that she wishes up to that time. Its nothing to do with fathers, we really are a very small part of the equation.



    • Ha! FB is such a pain but there were a few odd gems on it. That is a great one. I used to have a lot of imaginary friends 🙂 they were wonderful and so supportive. Now why didn’t I set up a new religion?

      How many times have so-called superior white nations (for want of a better description) rammed their religion down someone else’s throat? Not content with doing it in other countries, it seems it is now the done thing to do it in the home country. Ban religion, I say, never mind banning contraception/abortion rights.

      I probably take a similar view to you, although mine would be less techy. More if it’s born it has rights, if it hasn’t it doesn’t.

      Well, the only thing – prospective/potential – fathers could do is consider using contraception as a matter of course. In my limited experience, I never came across a great deal of men who seemed to consider it their responsibility to do so.


    • Vicky says:

      Blu, I definitely agree with you regarding a foetus. If it is not capable of life outside the mothers body, how can it be called a life!


      • You’ve got a pretty informed perspective V, so thanks for that. But the dilemma comes about deciding when it is capable of life. Both my partner and his brother were well premature, I think at the time (late 50s) they were allegedly the youngest premature babes of the time, or so they like to claim, certainly around the six months mark. They were obviously shovelled into incubators of course, and clearly survived. But presumably they were wanted (after a fashion) – what is the point, in an over-populated world, of forcing a woman to have a child she doesn’t want? Apart from religious and controlling reasons?


        • Vicky says:

          The cut off point for abortions is twenty four weeks in the UK, surely this is ample time for the mother to decide if she wants it or not, and yes it SHOULD be the mothers decision. An unwanted child is going to bear the brunt of the mothers anger all it’s life.
          A premature, but wanted baby is a totally different scenario, and as we have the technology to aid their survival, it should be offered to the mother, providing she wants it.


  7. Well … perhaps the pharmacists need this power to compete with the God complex of (some?) doctors. Of course the God complex doesn’t stop there. I am a little surprised to read this though. Obviously the neanderthal minds haven’t quite worked this through. A man has unprotected sex. He may become a father. He can run but he can’t hide. The CSA will find him and make him pay (quite right I say). Perhaps the politico’s want more babies to join their armies (no other jobs) so they can go and die for the glorification of those who make the law. Or is it more fundamental. Lip service has been paid to ‘giving’ (god complex again) equal rights. There are now, maybe not enough but many more women coming through the system and the old boys don’t like the reality. I have posted elsewhere about any given woman has to be at least 25% better than any given man to stand an almost even chance. They think by preventing contraception of this kind the ‘little woman’ will be forced to stay at home and not trouble the balding belching fat cats.


    • I would say the God complex extends to most men. I don’t know if they have a CSA in America. But men do run and can hide. I know plenty of men who have run and not paid, and women whose partners can’t be found.

      It isn’t about who should pay though. That’s like saying someone can be bought off. The far bigger issue is about depriving a woman of control as though she has no rights of her own. Oh wait! That maybe the intention.

      It probably is a shock for some men to realise that women aren’t stupid and are just as, and more capable, than mediocre tossers.

      I don’t take kindly to being regarded as stupid and I certainly don’t take kindly to being told what to do by people I do regard as intellectually challenged, and even worse, in the name of a religion in which I have no interest. Y’all go take your crazy attitudes to church and lock them in. But don’t bring them out into the big bad wide world. Some of us have our lives to live without your interference.

      [When I say y’all, I don’t mean you personally, but you probably worked that out]


  8. prosemachine says:

    I really, really love your writing style. I just found your blog and plan to stay tuned so keep us all posted 🙂


    • Thank you very much, although I’m not always as blunt. I attempt subtlety on occasion although it invariably turns out as sarcasm. I visited your blog – and left a comment – I do hope you aren’t planning to write as many posts every day in future!!


      • prosemachine says:

        I appreciate the response. And it’s funny you mention the number of posts. I actually would like to stick to a schedule involving at least one per day and not posting on the weekends. I happened to have a surge of posts on those particular days because I’m new to WordPress and was ecstatic to finally have an environment in which I could express myself while also being under the eye of the internet.


        • Seriously, one a day is plenty. Depending on the readership you build up, not everyone has time to read every day, or comment every day, so people will miss your posts if you write too often. I have five main blogs, and try and write on one of them a day, but not all of them every day. Time off gives people a chance to catch up, so if you want to leave the weekends free that is probably a good idea. And – good luck 🙂


          • prosemachine says:

            I hope you’re well aware that you’re an extremely wonderful person. I’m still in the process of figuring out what type of readership I’m going to build up or which theme I’m going to stick with. Do you have any personal firsthand advice you could spare me? 🙂


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