Whacky week on WordPress

Flitting around earlier, as you do, when there are more important things that needed doing, I came upon one of my pet hates.

One of those requests that you head over to some site or other to vote for the blogger who has entered a competition for most wonderful post/photo/blog of the month/year/decade/century/ever etc

Apart from the fact that I didn’t think it was the most wonderful whatever post, that sort of request inspires the naughty person inside me to go and vote for someone else. Well, it would if I could be bothered.

Where is the value in pestering your regular readers to go and vote for you to win a meaningless award? Surely the whole point is that people are reading and commenting on your blog anyway. Is that not enough satisfaction?

Why do people want these prizes that can be so easily manipulated? What is the value in that?

Apart from the fact that I am too British to even considering asking, how would one word it? ‘Excuse me please, I don’t want to bother you, and you really don’t have to, but if you don’t mind, I would very much appreciate it if you could possibly pop over to Vote For The Best Blog Post Ever. And could you vote for me when you do. Thank you so much.’

I couldn’t do that in a million years. And yet, I read blogs where people shout AT THEIR READERS – GO AND VOTE NOW. FOR ME!

Have these people no shame. Sin verguenza in fact. (One of my favourite Spanish phrases).

Now, if anyone thinks they have identified the blog in question, it’s OK, because the author doesn’t read my blogs. So we can all rest happily.

Next, I read on The Daily Post, always a good source of blogging material, that there is a competition on BlogHer.

This is the same sort of thing, you nominate a blog post, either one of yours, or someone else’s. These days, it seems everyone is all about ME, so it’s unlikely that anyone else’s will get nominated unless of course, you put out a plea on your blog – yes – please nominate me etc etc blah blah.

I was on BlogHer with roughseas’ predecessor, itchyfeetatforty. I never did anything with it to be honest, but was mildly gratified to see my gazpacho soup recipe featured at one point. Did I get any extra readers from that? What do you think? Which probably explains why I did stuff all with BlogHer.

Turns out that you can’t actually urge your fans and lovers to vote for you though. That is down to a select group of people. Somewhat like Freshly Pressed. I mean, why are there no criteria for these sort of silly media awards? Mine of course, would be short paragraphs.

I read a new blog today that said the author only had one follower and how did they get more. I popped over for a look. There were no paragraphs, let alone short ones. It was a mummy blog. An anti-feminist, anti-abortion, I believe in the sky fairy sort-of blog. I figured I couldn’t add any value with my advice about how to blog.

There seem to be a lot of anti-feminist blogs around at the moment. Why do women feel the need to say they are not a feminist? That is the default anyway. Most women are not feminists, and even half (at least) of the ones who think they are, have no conception of feminism.

Clare and Pink both highlighted some religious nut from Australia who drones on about the evils of homosexuality, and feminism. RN from Aus thinks all women should wear high heels, look pretty, need a man to protect them and tell them what to do. Sadly for RN from Aus, I know more than a few men who don’t think like that and don’t want to spend their life wiping their heels, high or low regardless, on a mindless doormat.

And how is this for a generalisation according to RN from A?

Left wing people favour:

• death
• the opposite of procreation
• abortions
• euthanasia
• divorce
• drugs
• making marriage about sexual attraction and personal pleasure
• stifling enterprise
• welfare

and they are not fond of economic growth.

It’s probably fair to say that my views are left-wing, broadly speaking. Do I favour death? No I would like to prolong my life as long as possible.

People can have as many kids as they want (and can afford) but I just don’t want them. And for women who didn’t intend to get pregnant and for whatever reason did, I maintain they have the right to choose an abortion.

I don’t have a strong view about euthanasia. It’s really suicide by another name. I don’t think someone else (eg GPs) should decide it, eg Shipman, Moore (UK). Perhaps I might have a definite view when I’m facing death.

I don’t like divorce, I didn’t give my word to get married some 28 years ago not to mean it. If things don’t work out, we’d more likely separate than divorce.

I’ve never done drugs.

Yup, I like the idea of marriage being about sexual attraction, personal pleasure, and a lifelong friend and lover. I have no interest in kids and I would be a crap mother. The same could be said for my partner. What on earth would be the point of us having children? None.

Enterprise is great. So is hard work if it pays well. When there isn’t any, welfare is rather helpful. So is the NHS. Economic growth is ok when it benefits everyone and not just bankers, shareholders and greedy bastards.

Does that make me a typical lefty?

Meanwhile, Pink attracted an even bigger RN and they had a long, very long, debate on abortion. Idiot me, decided to look on EBRN’s blog and cringed.

This is truly the stuff of religious bigotry. If I wasn’t agnostic sitting on the fence and falling over the atheist side, this would definitely convince me.

These people are worrying. Because I can’t believe in a god, oops, ‘THEIR’ god, ie God, the Christian one, I am immoral. I can’t work out for myself that it isn’t a good idea to steal, rape, murder, or commit other crimes? Am I stupid? Do I really need a little guide book to tell me how to live my life? Or maybe I need a man because I am just a thicko woman who should be staying at home breeding kids and doing what my lord and master says. When I was a kid, one of our favourite phrases for expressing exasperation was Jesus Fucking Wept. Seems appropriate in this context.

What is also worrying is the lack of tolerance. There is only one god, and all that. Well, there isn’t. There are lots of other religions, who have prophets and gods, and often more than one god within other religions.

Why the hell do these fundamentalist Christians think they are right? And moreso, why do they want to impose their asinine view on me and the rest of the world who doesn’t agree with them? Go and bible bash on your own, but leave the rest of us alone.

I don’t want your forgiveness nor that of your so-called god. I want a peaceful life without your interference. I don’t believe God created the world in seven days, or that the whale spat out Jonah, or that there was a ladder to heaven (although Jacob’s ladder was a good film), or that Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt, or that Jesus rose from the dead after a few days. So there.

Next, having abandoned religious bigots, I found a Daily Post from the past. Should people use naughty words on their blogs? Well clearly I do. But not that often. Probably more often than most other blogs I read though. Sadly comments were closed on this one as it had been posted back in October when I was in my blissful internet idyll. Apparently the f-word is the big one. By which I assume if you write fuck on your blog it is likely to turn readers off.

The author (Michelle) said that ‘cursing’ was typical New Jersey. I think cursing is so quaint and American. In English it is swearing. When I went home from university my parents moaned about my ‘university language’. My partner works in construction where everyone swears. I worked in the public sector where everyone swears. I sure as hell don’t know who all these cosseted beings are that haven’t heard swear words or don’t use them but they don’t live in my world.

But interestingly, the majority of commenters wouldn’t swear on their blog. Or would switch off from a blog that used naughty words. Oh dear. That means I’ve fucked off a few more evangelicals at a guess.

I get offended by the use of different words as readers well know. One of the RNs referred to someone in a wheelchair as wheelchair-bound. Ouch. Very big ouch. Hey arsehole, get yourself on a disability awareness course. Oh, no, you won’t do that because it is left wing and politically correct and you wouldn’t possibly want to respect people in wheelchairs who don’t want to be considered bound. Trapped. Defined by their wheelchair.

My Spanish neighbours and friends in Gib sprinkle coño into their speech all the time. In English it is cunt and fairly offensive. Not a word I use, not because I dislike it per se, but because I don’t like using words describing women or their anatomy as an offensive term. Simple eh? I try to avoid bitch for the same reason. So in the scheme of things, I think fuck is pretty all-embracing and shouldn’t really offend anyone.

Finally in my round-up of the week, I noticed one blogger had bought his domain name and upgraded and was displaying videos. I mean who really wants to see a video of someone’s car bonnet being driven around at night? No accounting for taste.

As I said, a whacky week on WordPress.

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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32 Responses to Whacky week on WordPress

  1. pinkagendist says:

    Very good real life, real person approach. It’s probably better to write about issues like this than the way I do it because people can relate better to the human aspect.
    I have no patience for women who aren’t feminists. It’s the ultimate in social sabotage.


    • Thanks. Started off as a semi-rant about the stupidity of some blog posts, and then after reading Clare’s and yours, I thought I would throw in a bit more stupidity into the mix, ie stupid blogs, stupid views. We all have different styles do we not? hence that makes life and reading interesting. But if I wrote about the same topic on roughseas, it would be in a roughseas style and not a clouds one.

      Oddly I do have patience with non-fem women, because truth is, that is most of society, men and women. You have to go out of your way to throw off how you were brought up, and for most women that is to look sexually attractive in order to get a man, preferably with as much money as possible. Social conditioning.

      But I do have a gripe with victimising gays and lesbians. That is much more simple. What is someone else’s sexual preference to do with anyone? Why hatred or discrimination? I really really don’t understand that.


  2. davidprosser says:

    Yup, it has been a week of fruitcakes and religious nutters. Like you I don’t understand why the Christian fundamentalists have to thrust their opinions down my throat having decided theirs is the only valid religion.I’m old enough and certainly ugly enough to make up my own mind thanks.
    I dislike victimisation of anyone, even those who don’t share my opinion. I wonder how many would be prepared to say things to faces instead of as vicious comments on blogs that can really hurt people. Whatever happened to tolerance and manners? Having said that, I can almost understand a lack of manners after reading some of the religious cant that’s been spouted about abortion recently.For ‘Heaven’s sake, it’s the woman’s body, allow her to decide’.
    Hoping you have a better week coming up.


    • I have no issue with people believing in any god, just so long as they don’t want me to believe in him/her, or to impose their beliefs on me, or to restrict my freedoms according to their beliefs. That applies to any person of any religion. Like you I am old enough to make up my own mind, and it happens to go in favour of letting people make their own decisions about their own life, so long as it doesn’t negatively impact upon others. What is wrong with working to that ethical code?

      I probably would voice my opinions in person, except I would be highly unlikely to talk to the sort of vicious-minded people who want to impose their views and beliefs on me and others. I can not stand sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, for example and am the first to be a party pooper who doesn’t find rape jokes funny. Not that I go to parties these days, but I’m happy to knock it on the head both on-line and in person. Does it do more harm than good? Don’t know, but if it makes even one person think then it is worth the effort.

      It’s the weekend, so life is lazy and good. I am just reeling slightly at some of the sheer dross I have read. Sadly depressing, but hey, there is food in the fridge, my dogs have been out and the little one is playing with his toy (so to speak). And tomorrow is Sunday, so that is good too. I need hardly add I won’t be going to church 😀


  3. Hello. Sorry I’ve been away for a while but I missed your straight talking rants. I’ve also apparently missed a lot of BS posts by the look of it, thanks for the heads up. 🙂


    • Hi Jillian, hope you are well. It wasn’t meant to be a rant! It might have started off light-hearted about the silly competitions and vote-catching, but when I started readed the religious bigotry, I thought the balance needed redressing.


  4. Snorting and laughing. It is whacky world. Things seem to be going backwards. What the heck happened?
    As you say, different areas use language differently – what’s offensive to one, isn’t to another. Maybe people got along better in public when all tried to be polite, gracious, have a sense of humor, and were willing to let things go without offense …then, every thought that passed your brain did not have to come out of your mouth.
    (now with casual friends/family, a whole different situation – different standard of behavior. )
    Whacky rocks!


    • What happened was the internet, and then blogs and social media, so any half-wit can now expose their ill-thought-through views to the rest of us.

      I used rather more swearing on this blog than I normally would, but part of that was in discussion about the actual words. It was interesting that the Daily Post used f*** (or whatever they wrote to represent it) rather than spelling out the word, even some British newspapers have been known to print it full out. Usually the heavier ones, rather than the ‘pop’ lighter ones. The DP referred to it as the f-bomb I think. Never heard that before. Seems like Americans regard it as A Very Bad Word Indeed. The DP also called ‘cursing’ pottymouth language. Now I find that really insulting. The word has always annoyed me, well, since I first heard it say five or six years ago. I think it’s the combination of childish behaviour and filthy language that is meant as such a deliberate put-down.

      In person, you are probably right. Depending on the relationship you have with people, you modify your behaviour accordingly, formal, informal, casual, friendly, you know subjects and language to avoid, and also what you can use. On the internet it is very different. One forum I used to visit had a ‘no holds barred’ section. The rest of it was pretty tough, but on this section, not only did you get to swear you could happily fall out with people and insult them as much as you wanted. Amazing. Most of the people on there were American. A lot were from the genteel south 😀

      I think I’ll get on with something constructive this coming week, rather than letting myself getting sucked into browsing rubbish …


      • It was always called “swearing” when I grew up – but that’s regional I supposed.
        You are right about the internet – not only can anyone stand up and “be the expert/ignorant zealot”, it makes it easier for them to get together and spread their distorted views.
        There seem to be pockets all over including the SW( which is TX) and west. The latest bonker’s group is from Waco – mad at the Girl Scouts because the group sent list of notable women article from “liberal” (meaning different from the way they think) Huffington Post. They are handing out hateful flyers to little girls coming to their doors trying to sell people, pick on someone your own size. Is your own life/children/house/neighborhood/church totally in order – or could you spend some energy there? Mind your own business. Some attacked the GS last year for something – probably sex ed?
        Part of this may be those who grew up with pats on the head for breathing and “everyone is a winner” and are now adult going through blanket approval and adoration withdrawal.
        My husband says, if you look there is some weak ugly little man behind it.
        Anyway, little minds talk about little things….(ooops, better stop now! It sure is easy to get sucked into time and energy drain with browsing.)
        Rain again here. The German said no to snow and voted to stay here for Super Bowl weekend…she probably thought it was supper bowl weekend…there’s that, too. Paw waves to Snowy and Pippa!


        • That’s interesting, I’ve never heard, ie read on the internet, anyone in USA talking about swearing. As well as cursing, there is cussing which is even more quaint if that is possible. It’s as though it’s a sin to even say the word cursing!

          The internet does encourage pack mentality. And not the right packs. Does Waco just attract whackies? I went through a competitive school education. It isn’t nice not winning all the time – but who wins all the time in life?

          A little light diversion is fine from time to time, but I don’t want to read an endless stream of drivel.

          A little rain here too. Pippa avoided it, and so long as it is light, Snowy is fine in it. Must get him a coat though. I keep saying that. Paw waves back from both boys to both girls.


          • (taken me a bit to get back to this)
            Waco is waaaaaaay out there location wise. When I was in High school, parents who were trying to get their wild daughters out of college before getting pregnant would sent then to Baylor U. – a strict religious Baptist college there. No dancing, no drinking in Waco (then) and the dorm curfews where early and strict. It’s a big university and things are less rigid there now, but it’s still so far from anywhere.
            I think being in isolated communities and closed communities where ideas get inbred and people are not encourage to strike out for new thoughts or grounds may tend to make people easily led and not question the logic of others?


          • Taken me longer ..

            Thought the whole point of going away from home was to drink, dance and learn how to balance that with studies, meeting people and growing up.

            But, while I like the country, I’m a city woman from birth and childhood so I’m at home in those big closed-in spaces.


          • I like being on the city’s edge – quick to go either way…especially if one way is to water or mountains.
            I think keeping young minds in sheltered/isolation hampers them = just for the reasons you say. Besides if you only meet people who think and act like you, you don’t grow…if you can’t logically discuss, exchange, defend ideas, you probably don’t understand the ideas to start with – merely parrot them childlike.
            Darn it’s clouding up again with cold descending …one dog walk over but afternoon looks iffy. UGH.


          • I like being in the city – where there is water, mountains, sea, beach, and everything within ten mins walk. MY definition of paradise. (by the dashboard light)

            You don’t realise when and how you are growing up. Parents’ responsibility to let you do that.

            Here, blue skies, nothing but blue skies so we will be out soon again. Eight feet are trotting already.


  5. Now I should tell you that we here in my part of the world, being hearty seafaring people have made something of an art form out of colorful language and make a good distinction between cursing and swearing.
    Cursing (imparting a curse using the local deity) “The curse of the Lard Dyne __(insert deity name here)__ on you, you little Jeezler. I wish you and your whole fam damnily would rot in hades after that!”
    Swearing (again with reference to a holy being of note) “By the sweet lamp lightin’ joe aunty __(insert deity name here)___ If you come over the fence to take any more of my cabbages I’ll shove one of them right up in your GD arse.”
    See, there’s a difference. 🙂
    Now, as for other somewhat rude words, it seems like the drunker one gets, the more frequently one of them is substituted for adjectives/adverbs and since the same word may be used repeatedly one generally has to divine the meaning from the tone of voice–another art form.

    Oh, and as for the “vote for me” crap, I couldn’t agree more. Narcissistic bullshit.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word cursing used in the UK. Although taking the Lord’s name in vain might have been mentioned when I was a child. I don’t know why. The other one is bad language of course, which to me means faulty grammar and using words like ‘awesome’ when you aren’t a teenage American. Yes, the use of cursing in the UK, to me at any rate, is literally to put a curse on someone, eg a gypsy curse.

      I don’t think drinking alters my language as it is pretty strong anyway. But I try and keep it to home or people I know well enough.


      • Meant to answer the last bit first, and forgot I hadn’t done that! Suggests an inferiority complex to me, not confident enough. Either that or wanting to win all the prizes for being the most popular person in school (i’ve seen it from both genders, so winning the beauty parade wouldn’t be the correct description). Or maybe just wanting to make a few bucks out of it? Look at me, I have X hundred followers, won this that and the other, and have a stringful of meaningless awards. Please pay me to write for you. Yes, I suspect that is it.


  6. For regular amusement I now read the help forum, it can be really funny to read the dumb things people raise there.
    People asking for your votes – do you vote in general elections because that seems fairly similar to me. I haven’t ever voted for anyone on WP and not in a general or a local election since as long as I can remember.
    I think the occasional swear word is ok if it is used to make impact but not gratuitously. Like your parents my dad didn’t like swearing he always said that it demonstrated a lack of vocabulary. Instead of fuck he would say blimey or crikey and instead of “shut the fuck up” he would say “can it!”. I never heard him say anything stronger than that.


    • I used to read the forums. But I got fed up when they chucked the two most interesting ones, and the stupid moronic questions on the help one left me tearing my hair, eg how do I upload a photo? Or more likely, how do I write a blog post?

      Yup, I do vote in elections. Choice of candidates is less than desirable, so it’s a damage limitation exercise. So-called democracy is fragile at best, and not using the vote strikes me as willingness to accept a dictatorship in name (rather than by default).

      My parents used bloody and bugger so they were more raunchy than yours. I got the lack of knowledge of English line as well. Did you not swear at university? All my friends did, hence my parents’ comment. I don’t like it every other word, and I don’t like to read it every other word on blogs or in books. Read a blog the other day and it just came across as too, I don’t know, too crude. I’ve not heard can it until recently. Belt up in my part of the world.

      The best story was when my dad, who was more daring than my mother told me a joke about a teenager masturbating. I can’t remember the joke, but the punchline according to my dad was, he was playing with himself and shot the flipping cat.

      My mother rolled her eyes, and opened her mouth. ‘No, he was having a wank and shot the fucking cat.’ I nearly fell off my kitchen chair. I also nearly fell off laughing. Never before or after did I ever hear her use the same words. Her other favourite was someone who said ‘I’m a country member,’ (referring to a country club), and the person he was talking to, said I remember.


      • Good on you for voting, I cannot muster any enthusiasm for what is essentially a complete charade. Both sides produce a pointless manifesto which they instantly ditch as soon as they get the keys to Downing Street and they all spend taxpayers money without asking as though it were there own.
        Voltaire allegedly said “The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.” although the same quote is also attributed to several others.
        Nice story about your parents. My mum said bugger and bloody but dad always disapproved!


        • Yeah , manifestos are what they are. You just have to read between the lines and still vote for the least worst. Didn’t even get one from each party last time here 😦 I do like to read what drivel they are churning out.

          I could live with a tyranny that kept people in work, fitted with all my ideals, didn’t victimise me, provided a good health service, affordable accommodation for people who genuinely couldn’t buy it blah blah. I don’t think there is one like that, but neither is there a democracy. I did think Zapatero started off well and he fell victim to the world recession and Spain’s particular one.

          I suspect having kids has something to do with the swearing thing though. My university friends suddenly stopped on the arrival of little ones, and some friends of Partner’s fell out with his sister and b-i-l over swearing in front of someone’s kids. We all learn it soon enough anyway. I went home with a posh private school accent at a very young age and said, ‘Mummy, what is shit?’

          So did you swear at university or not?


          • I don’t think I swore as much at University as I did when I worked around the depots in waste management. I try not to now because of my grandchildren but I enjoy the occasional satisfying blasphemous moment! Watching the crap on TV or driving usually.
            Coincidentally Michael Portillo is on at the moment on one of his European railway journeys and he is due in Gibraltar in about twenty minutes time!


          • You mustn’t have mixed in the elite professional undergrad circle that I did then! (Architects, medics, vets, lawyers).

            I knew it would be a kid thing.

            Don’t know how Portillo is getting to Gib by train. Do tell.


          • Well, he drove the last bit.


          • Could have got the bus, idle git.


  7. EllaDee says:

    The Voltaire attributed quote “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. ” has a lot to answer for. Sometimes I just can’t bear to listen.
    PS – upside to being soooo far behind on checking out your posts, I get to read all the excellent comments 🙂


    • My dad used to like that quote. To be fair to both Voltaire and dad, I suspect they were both talking primarily about political perspectives and the right to free speech not censorship (qv my other posts) rather than generally insulting people either by intent or otherwise.

      Haha. I always read interesting comments, although 50 or 60 good posts, nice photos, thanks for sharing leave me pretty cold. No point in reading those, but on interesting blogs, the discussions can be good and sometimes funny too.


  8. Kev says:

    I’ve some religious nutters following me. I pretty much ignore most of what they have to say, like I’m an EX-christian and I don’t think they catch-on. Not the smartest bunch, I have to say. I’m trying to be more honest with people, but in a nice way…doesn’t always work so I think sometime soon I may have to take what I’m considering may be the best approach and just say, fuck-off! I’ll have to try it.


    • People can be religious all they like if that’s their choice – just don’t tell me about it, because I am not interested, and I have my own code of ethics that I have worked out all by my little self, and make my own choices in life, be they wrong or right, they are my responsibility.

      Ah, honesty? Careful there. A very easy way to lose friends 😦


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