Eating vegetarian and vegan at Pizza Hut in Gib …

I found this great sheet from Gib’s Pizza Hut about food allergens info.

It includes whether or not food is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and details whether food contains gluten, soya, nuts, lupin, sesame, celery, mustard, you name it.

I read excitedly down.


At this point I should add that I don’t use Pizza Hut, but I’m interested in what appears to be very good practice.

Firstly looking at the bases they are all suitable for vegetarians. But not vegans because they have mozzarella cheese.

Examining more closely, I’m wondering why ‘garlic sprinke’ (sic) contains milk products yet garlic butter spray doesn’t.

But moving onto page two and toppings.

Both mozzarella cheese and string cheese are suitable for vegetarians, which is credible as mozzarella is often vegetarian. No idea what string cheese is. Comes on a ball to unwind maybe?

Meat toppings

Well, while chicken and ham aren’t suitable for vegans, they are suitable for vegetarians. Uh? Are they using pretend ham and chicken perhaps?

But look, even more adventurous, peperoni, bacon, beef and pork are all suitable for both veggies and vegans. Wow! Well done Pizza Hut. Where have you sourced those from? I do hope the carnivores appreciate they aren’t eating real meat.



Anchovies and tuna are of course, suitable for vegetarians, because we all know vegetarians eat fish, although vegans don’t get to eat these. That’s because our (fake?) fish contains milk. Uh?

And then I looked back, and discovered that the reason chicken and ham aren’t suitable for vegans is because they contain milk too. Ah. That explains it of course.

Vegetables and fruit

Well, it’s news to me, but apparently mixed peppers, jalapeno and pineapple contain … yes, milk. Luckily mushrooms, red onion, sweetcorn, sliced chilli, black olives and tomatoes don’t. Red onion and pineapple also contain soya.

I tell you. I have learned so much from Pizza Hut.


These are all made by Heinz. Just. LOL.


None of these are suitable for vegans as they all contain eggs and milk. The only pasta that doesn’t is risotto (?) but that was fish-based anyway.

And my favourite: melanzane alla parmigiana. Suitable for vegetarians. Oh. No. It. Isn’t.

Do I have to mount a crusade to tell every single Italian restaurant that Parmesan is NOT vegetarian?


Get the small print. The yes/no for the vegan/veg info is based on info provided by the product manufacturer.

And: ‘please ask your server for details’. Really? Details of the vegan beef and the vegetarian chicken? If they are reciting from this sheet of shit I wouldn’t get much sense out of them.

Amazing. Just amazing.

Should I contact them? Maybe I’ll get a free vegetarian chicken, ham, bacon, pepperoni, beef, pork pizza? :)🍕

This is on a par with La Sala at the Sunborn.


And in the UK? …

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27 Responses to Eating vegetarian and vegan at Pizza Hut in Gib …

  1. makagutu says:

    This is stranger than fiction.


  2. I’m pretty sure Pizza Hut pioneered that map in the States. Companies here have been lying about animal products in allegedly vegetarian and vegan safe foods since the terms became popular. Truth in advertising regulations have only made companies become more confusing in an attempt to hide what’s in their food.

    It would be nice if companies could be trusted to market things clearly instead of trying to trick people into thinking they care.

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  3. Hariod Brawn says:

    Neoliberal corporate responsibility exemplified – utter any bullshit so long as it sounds right to a deaf man walking by.

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  4. @RSithM

    Just leaving this here.


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  5. Hahahahaha, wow, they couldn’t make much more of a hash of it could they? I know over here vegans can have the bases at Pizza Hut, and they’ll do you a tomato and vegetable topping that is also vegan, and you can take your own cheese in too, but for almost a tenner, I’d rather go for a nice Chinese. *nods*. Plus, as you have so keenly shown, I trust them as far as I can spit them (as they ain’t likely to be vegan either).

    – esme shaking her head upon the Cloud

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    • Well the UK website is very different. In fact it was my thinking partner who suggested I look to compare the two. However, it’s a good indicator of the state of veg*n food in Gib 😦
      When we bought pizzas I would always pick the cheese off anyway and feed it to dogs/partner. Which didn’t leave much to eat.
      At least making pizza at home I can do half with for him and half without for me. The cheese is vegetarian mozzarella and doesn’t have that horrid claggy taste if I mistakenly eat ‘his’ pizza.
      And it doesn’t cost £1 extra for every portion of olives, chilli, garlic, capers.
      Chinese. Hmm. Do you have MSG-free ones? The nightmares of eating out.


  6. Arkenaten says:

    This is like reading one of those video manuals written in Korean and translated into English by a Chinese person and proof read by a partially sighted Russian.

    Hilarious!Only ever ate at Pizza Hut once in my life – in Chester – and didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

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    • That’s a very apt and accurate comparison my dear. But in essence it seems they were so hung up on eggs and dairy that they totally forgot about dead animals …


      • Arkenaten says:

        Well, I had to laugh at the vegetarian chicken topping!
        Perhaps they thought as the birds were grain fed this would swing it for us ”lettuce nibblers”.


        • I had to laugh at all of it. Just. Weird. I know people aren’t good on veg definitions but this takes the vegan biscuit. Reminds me of an appalling holiday we went on with the Ramblers Association (cross country skiing) in France where we were assured we could be catered for. When the peas turned up with bits of bacon/ham it was suggested we could pick them out. We suggested otherwise.

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  7. EllaDee says:

    It’s not amazing… at least not it a good way. It’s bloody hopeless. They’d be better off providing no info than wrong info. But then you might just possibly be the first person outside the company who’s ever bothered to read it.


    • It’s strange. Over on my Sunborn post Jenny mentioned how even GCSE students are taught about veg*n requirements at school so what’s with a franchised international pizza place getting it so wrong? Defies belief.


  8. Sonel says:

    LOL! This was quite funny! Now you can eat everything and still be Vegan Kate! I wonder if they put this crap on their pizza’s as well. 😀


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