Give me that old time religion

I blame The Ark, the scourge of Christianity, for introducing me to barking evangelical blogs.

Seriously, these people have not just one screw missing, they haven’t got a screw at all in them.

Or sixpence short of a shilling. Forget that, eleven pence and three farthings short. And that’s generous.

So there I am, conducting a civil conversation on one blog of a rather fundagelical, and some twerp jumps in. No problem with someone jumping in. But wholesale abuse and jumping to conclusions is a bit unreasonable.





Describing atheism as religion

Wanting to teach Christianity as fact not religion

Etc etc

Here you go, word for word:

What do you think you atheists are doing???
You most certainly are “inflicting your views” about abortion, homosexuality, feminism, and every other form of evil your kind worships! You are such hypocrites, but you don’t even see the forest through the trees! You are against Christians teaching our kids our beliefs, yet you want to cram every unGodly evil belief down the throats of everyone???
You are so blinded by the feminist agenda that you wouldn’t know the truth about Christianity if it was in front of your face. The Only thing about the Christian religion you GUYS want to see is the lies & twisted facts that suppress the TRUTH of how much of a POSITIVE influence it has had on Society!!! You go ahead and believe the lies, you will see the truth one day! I pray for you, because you might not be such a bad guy, but you are certainly deceived by the forces of darkness & evil!!! Feminists like you will most likely grow old and be alone, miserable, & lonely. Because you killed your own children in abortion mills, and no guy in his right mind will want an old, shriveled up woman like you….But hey, Congratulations, You are independant…….Please repent of your evil ways! (OK, blast away, I can almost predict your response. It will NOT be original, it will be the same old stuff….Have a nice life…….

And, from me:

Dear sailordale

Thank you for your less than polite comment about mine.

Here is my unoriginal predictable response.

1) ‘You atheists’ implies there is some sort of grouping. There isn’t. I don’t go to the atheist church.

2) Inflicting my views? Well, yes, I think it’s fair to say that everyone deserves equal treatment under the law. I’m neither opposing the law, trying to change it, or saying it is wrong.

3) Obviously, being an evil atheist, I don’t worship anything.

4) Why am I hypocritical? And please stop lumping me with a group of people. I am my own person.

5) I think all religions and beliefs should be taught to children so they are aware of the differences and the many types of faith. I don’t think any religion should be taught as fact. What’s wrong with that?

6) I’ll admit I’m short-sighted but it’s hardly due to feminism. More likely due to reading too many books. My ‘feminist agenda’ as you call it, started after I thought the Christian religion was a load of bunkum.

7) I have a degree in Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology. BA Hons. What I learned from that was how much evil was caused by Christianity.

8) I may well grow old and alone if my husband dies before me. I’m unlikely to be miserable and lonely. And it beats the hell out of some sanctimonious prat preaching at me.

9) I have had no abortions, not that it is any of your ****ing business.

10) Your comment about an ‘old shriveled up woman’ is gross and insulting, as are you. As this is Wally’s blog, with whom I have had a respectful engagement, I won’t reply in like tone. Should Wally give me permission to do so, however …

Your comment is also ageist, as well as sexist. I don’t think you are a very good example of your religion. Again, thank you for your, rude, abusive and unwarranted response.

Was that suitably predictable?

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So there we go. A great advert for Christianity.

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62 Responses to Give me that old time religion

  1. Shon says:

    Your post just popped up on my wordpress app. I think you’re right, you were blasted by a person who did a beautiful job of reflecting the One they claim they follow. Yes, I almost thought it was Jesus you were quoting for a second. So meek. So humble.

    I’m sorry that person spewed all over you. I get blasted by Christians all the time. And we’re supposedly on the same team.


    • Thanks for your comment.msorry, you popped into the spam bin, but I’ve hauled you safely out.

      It’s not an issue for me. I highlighted it because, well, it’s not exactly the best advert for christianity is it? Why would anyone want to join a group of people who behave like that?


  2. john zande says:

    Nicely played. That was quite a tirade for an introduction.


    • Thank you John. I wonder how Mr Dale would react to you and your specific historical/archaeological references that refute biblical ‘facts’? Have you had anything to do with him? Perhaps his god hadn’t been particularly kind when he spewed out his comment.


      • john zande says:

        Never seen him. Does he have a blog?


        • Yeah. Ark’s already been there 😀

          Sailordale should find you it, I think. I haven’t followed it. Nice profile. Ex-mil, right-wing, fundy. Just up your street.

          I don’t follow any religious blogs, although some of the bloggers I follow are religious. They just don’t ram it down everyone’s throat and manage to write about dogs, food, houses, world peace – the important things in life.

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  3. EllaDee says:

    Let me see, the gist of the short, politer version of sailordale’s diatribe reaction to your comment I’m getting the feeling of is “if you’re not for me then you’re against me…” If that’s the case, well, then you’re not alone in your stance. And despite it not being easy to respond to such, you’ve done admirably but I’d guess it won’t make any difference at all, as I would imagine there’s only a narrow scope for acceptable point of view. While many of us enjoy encounters with different beliefs, lifestyles, opinions the blogging world offers it seems there are some who see it as a challenge/threat/forum for spouting what they deem to be absolute, which is truly an unrealistic ambition. To do it so rudely and clumsily is an embarrassment.


    • I think you have done equally admirably well to work out what he was saying. All I got out of it was, ‘I hate atheists, I hate feminists, you all have abortions and no man will want to have sex with you’. I’ve not usually had that problem in life. And certainly when I was looking after baby Snowy at the finca on my own I had two pretty serious suitors despite my age and shrivelled state. I think being asked back to someone’s place for coffee/wine/beer isn’t just an offer to talk about the weather.

      Another (religious) commenter went out of her way to disassociate herself from his tirade and called on him to apologise. Which he hadn’t done last time I looked.


  4. davidprosser says:

    My o My. his grasp on reality is thin isn’t it. Well done on such self control, such a shame he couldn’t have displayed some and at least argued some of his facts instead of resorting to out and out rudeness and ignorance.If that’s the best the Christians can do then they must be worried.
    Sending Massive Hugs xxx


    • He’s a fundamentalist, ergo his grasp on reality is going to be thin isn’t it? Not much self-control, it was crying out for a calm response in contrast to such a silly outburst. Normally I’d have left it, on the grounds it wasn’t worth replying to,mbutbi felt like a little light entertainment.

      To be fair to the blog owner, he had left it up, which as you suggest, doesn’t exactly show fundamental Christians in a good light. And, as I said to EllaDee, it was thoughtful of another commenter to step in and say he’d totally crossed the line.


  5. makagutu says:

    don’t follow Ark and John, they will invite you to very funny places where only mad people reside

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  6. cobbies69 says:

    Great response and I love the tune to sum up…brill’


    • Aw thanks Gerry. I do like gospel music, produced some cracking singers and beautiful sounds. But there again I like religious art and architecture (all religions), just don’t like the loopy beliefs.


  7. This sailordale person sounds like he must be fun at parties. He’s so angry. While his diatribe is depressing, I am not surprised that he’s on Wally’s site. He’s the kind of Christian that is useful because he unashamedly embraces the logical extensions of the faith.

    I love this post, and it just gave me the idea for a new one.


  8. Ruth says:

    Don’t you just love it when these fundagelicals read a comment or two and decide they know all about you just from that?!? Nice rebuttal.

    Ugh! Haven’t visited there. I’ve been taking the same road Mak is on. These people are looney tunes. Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs! Mad(not just angry)! And to think…I used to be one. Now when I read this stuff I just think how terribly effing crazy they are!


    • Hiya Ruth 🙂
      I’m happy to say I’m atheist and feminist and all my other ists 😀
      But that doesn’t mean I’m going round trying to enforce everyone else to think the same way, or abusing them if they don’t. So be it.
      I was feeling self-indulgent, normally I would have let it go, but the temptation to reply in a totally different manner got the better of me 😀

      yeah, Mak was right, although sometimes the debates are interesting for a short while.


      • Ruth says:

        I liked your reply! Debate can be interesting if you fall in with with someone who doesn’t resort to building scare crows and then lighting them on fire. He’s built a straw man and doesn’t even care that he has. I have little patience for people who are intentionally misinformed these days.


        • Thank you. Debate can be ok, up to a point, but truth is, I’m not going to change my point of view and neither are they. Who knows what other readers will think though, as you and many others have pointed out. So, yes, I felt inclined to reply moderately. I can pursue that road as long as everyone else when I choose.


  9. violetwisp says:

    Wow, I’ll have to go lurk round that post and see what elicited such moronic vitriol. I take it he apologised after your civil response?


    • Of course. Not. Or not the last time I checked.

      It was a general discussion between the blog host and me, where I helpfully raised abortion, gay marriage and can’t remember the other. However, our discussion was civil. And, big and, I have not been banned from there unlike certain nameless stone gods. In fact, I have been told I am always welcome. Self-satisfied smirk.

      No, but seriously, it was totally unwarranted. I didn’t know this jerk from Adam. I shall probably draft up a similar response in like vein, and post it on here however.


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  11. Wally Fry says:


    Hi and fancy meeting you here lol.

    Just a brief comment then back to work.

    What sailor dale did is atrocious. Had you done that I would have said the same to you as I did to him. I don’t ban anyone. ..even the egyptian guy. He was being moderated…but hasnt been for a while actually.

    I want civil engagement…from all

    Peace out


    • Hi Wally,

      Thanks for the visit. But you didn’t say it was atrocious did you? You told him his contribution was always valued.

      Was that really a valuable contribution from him? Would you have told me you valued my contribution, ie the next mock reply on from this on my blog? The one where I reply in like style. Have you read that?

      Of course I value your input much as well Brother. Thank you for it.

      So, if I were to post my reply, which personally I think is gross and offensive and insulting, you would say, ‘I value your input much as well Sister. Thank you for it’?

      … but let’s play nicely and make amends. Has he? I mean where is his fucking apology?

      This, to remind you, is my blog, so it’s my rules and I get to swear.

      Mad and Naomi have both commented on yours, and where is sailor dog? Well?

      No one, well, at least not me, is asking you to ban sailordale or delete him. However, your gentle rap on the values knuckles left a bit to be desired.

      The Egyptian one can be a pain and I’m the first to tell him so. He has never been so offensive as your Christian brother. Smacks to me of double standards 😦

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      • Wally Fry says:

        Yes… I would have said exactly the same thing. Your input overall would be valued…but not the specific comment.


        • Where, is the value in a personal abusive attack?

          Shall I copy and post my mock reply on your blog for you to tell me it is valued? Because I now expect that. And let’s be honest, you didn’t ‘value’ my contribution in the first place did you?

          I even got told ‘play nice too’.

          Like when did I not?

          No, Wally. Your christian standards fall well below mine. I don’t let people be insulted on my blog like that.

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          • Wally Fry says:

            I do value your input and have said as much. As well I have given some people. substantial leeway. I actually do hate that that comment was made. I didn’t make it….nor would I have. I can’t undo what another has done. I can only keep myself in line. At any rate I am sorry you were treated that way.


          • Thanks Wally. I think it’s interesting that you leave up abusive/insulting comments. I’m not knocking you for that, as it just makes the original commenter look, well, not someone you’d want to meet in a hurry. Your blog, your choice. And in this case, it did him, and christianity, few favours.

            I had an interesting exchange with Sirius (siriusbuziness, interesting and thoughtful blog) about deleting comments. SoM, who you must have encountered, came out with the most appalling and insulting rascist comment, that basically said all black people were stupid. So Sirius deleted it because he doesn’t want discriminatory language on his blog. An equally valid point of view. I don’t think there is a right answer on this one, we all make our own rules, which is good.

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          • Wally Fry says:

            Its a tough decision. As far as that comment making the commenter look bad…that’s not my monkey and not my circus..he said it, he can live with it. I’m all for people living with what they do. I agree totally that Christians were not presented very well..ugh.

            I can deal with what you said Sirius said. Yep, we own our blogs, we can do with them what we wish.


          • Damn! Not a thing to argue with there! Atheist and evangelical Christian in agreement. Ssssh. Don’t tell anyone.

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  12. Jon R. says:

    Ugh, I just can’t stand those type of religious people. Your number “7” is the first thing I kept thinking. So much DEATH has become of religion and it’s the number one cause of fighting and killing on this ENTIRE planet! Way too often religious people are incapable of seeing beyond their 3 foot shell. At least acknowledge the faults (the very MANY and awful faults) both current and past but they never do. So many of them, like that person, act like everything around and against them is evil. Bravo on your response.


    • I find them annoying because they write in a tirade. There is no logic, thought or sense involved. Just absolute brainwashed garbage. If you read the following post, you’d see where I drafted a post to reply in a similar style. It was actually difficult, to try and emulate the irrational rhetoric. Last time I looked, he hadn’t replied. He had written about the EVILS of feminism on his own blog. Apparently the main purpose of feminism is to turn people from christianity. I must have been reading the wrong books.

      I think money and power are the other major causes, depends whether you consider religion causes that or is the convenient excuse …

      Thank you 🙂

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  13. Sonel says:

    I nearly said something I shouldn’t say and it has something to do with screws. Well said Kate! Love your reply. 😀


  14. disperser says:

    You might enjoy this song:


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