Clear white light

Or perhaps that should be titled a light bulb moment? Except I don’t like clichΓ©ed and hackneyed phrases. (Or even tautology).

Whichever tosser decreed that we can only have light bulbs of 60watts or whatever the latest lowest wattage light bulb is, seriously deserves shooting.

I am not in the habit of leaving every light on in the house. At all. I seem to remember reading that the queen went round Buckingham Palace turning off lights. Certainly my posh pal from university would leave the house and order peremptorily ‘Are all the lights turned off?’ to her husband. (This is the million pound plus house in Primrose Hill they lived in at least ten years ago).

I walk, bus or cycle before driving. I don’t have a TV on or a radio on all day. I just do not use energy.

But I really would like to see what I am doing. My eyesight is poor at the best of times but having to struggle with appalling light bulbs really, really, really, annoys the hell out of me. So, instead of using one decent bulb to see what I am doing, I now need to light up three rooms to get a remotely adequate level of lighting.

People who can’t see what they are doing are likely to have accidents. Simple as that. Whether it is cutting themselves preparing food or whatever. I am really tired of straining my eyes because of poor lighting using 60 watt bulbs. Bring back 100 watt bulbs or 120 watt say I.

Seriously, how much energy has been saved by reducing light bulb wattage?

Next, I see WordPress seems to have been fiddling yet again. How to justify your job and existence by fixing with something that ain’t broke.

In a rare fit of madness – aka I really didn’t want to do more important things so was looking around for a distraction – I clicked on freshly pressed. It too has gone the way of reader and is no longer in magazine format. It is, in fact, in two columns that take up 40% of the page (approx). Now I’m a big believer in the judicious use of white space but that is plain silly and totally un-user friendly.

It’s time WordPress got itself a nice little user group that had the guts to say when the changes are crap. In search of inspiring and intelligent posts I chanced on one offering top tips to bloggers. How to make your blog better than average, or some such title.

Always willing to learn, I clicked. After I had read through it twice, in sheer incredulity, I clicked on the about page. Seemed to be someone in ‘high’ which I thought was school – well I went to an all girls’ high school – but no, they are at university. I probably didn’t read closely enough. After seven years of blogging I’m not sure that advice from a 20-year-old who has blogged for a few months is really that helpful. It was on the level of start sentences with a capital letter. Actually, there weren’t any grammatical points, I lied. It was more on the lines of ‘write for yourself,’ ‘make sure you like the posts you write,’ sort of drivel.

Seriously, that sort of guff is not helpful advice at all. Practical advice is useful – short sentences, short pars, break up the text, a few photos, eliminate slow loading time, downsize photos etc etc. Proof-read, grammar check, add captions to photos or introduce them within the text, and all the basics, because if you don’t do any of that why are you blogging at all? But this admirable freshly pressed post didn’t contain any of that.

~ Give your blog a theme.

Wow! Thanks for that, would never have occurred to me. Because if I mix up a load of different posts on the same blog, it will look like a mish-mash. Those of you who read more than one of my blogs will know that is exactly why I have far too many blogs. If you aren’t interested in dogs/land rovers/old photos/travel photos/Gib and Spain, you don’t need to look at those blogs.

~ One shouldn’t write nasty posts criticising people. There is too much hate in the world.

Well, absolutely spot on (with regards to too much hate), but if anyone thinks I am going to sit back and say, ‘I don’t like that but I don’t want to upset anyone so I won’t write about it,’ they can think again, because people actually need to know what is going on and what is wrong.

There are some good blogs out there with excellent tips. Time Thief’s One Cool Site is the classic example. This is an extremely good site with great advice.

But to freshly press a banal and quite honestly mundane and nothing post, is truly ridiculous. I lost the will to live after that but generously thought I had clicked on the worst of the best, so tried again, only to find I hadn’t. Someone was droning on about their wonderful wooden intrays they had bought.

I mean to say, a whole post on intrays?! I might write on roughseas about the art on my walls at the finca or in Gibflat but usually as part of something else, and at least there is a story behind them. Perhaps I need to write about my Ikea intrays, black sprayed metal, bought years ago from Gateshead. A truly riveting post in the making I think. Better even than my peach chutney post of which I was extremely proud.

Have to say, I hold out no hopes of ever being Freshly Pressed, nor do I want to be. Apart from the fact that I endlessly criticise WP (someone needs to), my satisfaction in blogging comes from a) writing and b) the intelligent, sensible and thoughtful comments and discussion I receive on all my blogs.

None of you need trite advice. Many of you have theme-specific blogs. Some of you have at least two blogs, others have three and probably more.

Seems to me WP is not taking one step forward and one backwards, it’s no steps forwards and ten backwards. I can’t honestly think of a single change that has been made in the last 12 months that I would consider an improvement.

I had another rant to add but two will do for today (actually I’ve forgotten what the other one was).

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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36 Responses to Clear white light

  1. magentalemon says:


    Thanks for your posting.

    I believe that one of the first light-bulbs is still working at a fire-station in San Francisco. I don’t even imagine the watts it produces, but in any case not having to replace it for over 100 years also represents a great deal in environmental terms. So not wanting to spoil the party, to me what is important is energy consumption, durability and price. And light-bulb companies have sold us the first whilst cheating on the other two.

    I have mixed feelings over blogs having to be polite and not criticise. If one feels the need to express some frustration, not to vent, but to inform, share and see if others feel the same, I think that within the realms of good writing, it should be done. Just like your rant over wordpress.

    Take care


    • I think there is a somewhat stupid correlation between low energy consumption of new goods = less energy than conserving older products, eg vehicles.

      Exactly like your light bulb comment. And I totally agree with your points about consumption, durability and price. But perhaps we have cheated on ourselves by believing or at least, not questioning what is going on?

      One of the reasons I have a number of blogs is to have a different place for different discussions. This is the more outspoken one. I do rant over wordpress from time to time because I think people should complain. Doesn’t make much difference over on the forums, so I do it on this blog.

      Thank you for your visit and your comment.



  2. prosemachine says:

    Hey, stranger. It’s nice to finally get another post from you πŸ™‚


    • I’ve been around and about. Sometimes on this blog, sometimes on my others. Depends what I have to say. Um, your blog is yet another that really motivates me to reactivate my fiction blogs though πŸ˜€


      • prosemachine says:

        Oh hey you weren’t kidding about being on your other blogs. Is managing multiple blogs just as enjoyable now as it’s always been for you?

        Please, please, please seriously consider that reactivation. I was super nervous to begin publishing fiction on my blog since I never thought I’d write fiction until it just kind of chose me. I’m in my early stages but eager to grow and improve nonetheless. I would love to be around for that reactivation!


        • Actually it was a quasi romance blog so I prob need to move on. Not remotely horror! Eeek!

          And yes, I prefer multiple blogs. Avoids confusion – in my head – which is confused enough. πŸ˜€


  3. bluonthemove says:

    I think I now have 8 watt and 11 watt energy saving bulbs; actually light saving bulbs since I always seem to be sitting in near darkness.

    Saw some LED bulbs the other day in Tesco, they cost Β£10 each (had to pick myself up from the floor when I saw that) but apparently are much brighter than the standard energy saver whilst using less energy. Might try one here in the office where I find the lack of light the greatest issue.


  4. cobbies69 says:

    When I was a very young and innocent child, I could not go to sleep at night without a night light. My mother had a bulb that had flicker of light inside it’s clear glass globe.. This bulb was in the family for many years, and although I do not know what happened to it, I was told by mother it was a good thirty years old at the time, my childhood period of use at approx age from 5-12 years old. But I know I had it for another few after but not sure as to it’s end.
    WP yes there is something about their so called improvements, Well I certainly agree with you..But as I use a free version I cannot moan too much,, it is however the best of others I have and still use. It is a shame that they do not admit that some things do work or are wanted.. nice read roughseas again.. thank you..;)


    • I used to have one too, it was a little family of gnomes or elves sitting inside their mushroom house πŸ˜€ Or toadstool I suppose.

      We actually have a couple of nightlights in Spain, in case one of us wants a drink of water or to go to the bathroom – or both!

      I think part of the problem with WP changes – shan’t call them improvements – is that they are decided by designers/happiness engineers. And while some of them may hav blogs (I think most do), they aren’t coming at it from the same perspective as the rest of us. That’s why I think they should have a user group and either ask their opinion about proposed changes, or rely on feedback from people about changes they want to see. They remind me of when I used to work with graphic designers who always wanted to use small fonts, that have the world couldn’t read even with a magnifying glass, just because they thought the design looked better 😦

      I don’t care whether it is free or not, I will criticise silly and undesirable changes, just as I did on blogger – to the extent of moving across to WP.


  5. Vicky says:

    When energy bulbs first came out, and a tungsten one blew, I replaced it with an energy one, but I’m now doing that in reverse, and gradually returning to the old tungsten bulbs.
    I hate the energy bulbs, they’re dim, they take ages to ‘warm up’ and on top of that, they have to be disposed of carefully as they are dangerous to the environment!

    As for blog posts, I write (more photos though) for myself, if others enjoy it, it’s a bonus, but as you say, we don’t need a jumped up know it all kid telling us what is right or wrong.
    Probably even more annoying for you with your qualifications.


    • We have energy bulbs in the finca and they are ok. Well I think we do πŸ˜€ Def got one in the chicken shed. These are just bog standard light bulbs. And they are NOT bright enough. I don’t see why I should have to buy loads of separate lighting to see to do something, insert downlighters, or whatever else when one flipping decent 100watt bulb would serve the purpose. Stupid rules and regulations.

      Actually it’s not (for once) about my qualies. It’s just irritating to see banal drivel that has been said a thousand times before, by me and plenty of others, getting the so-called freshly pressed accolade for saying nothing new, nothing original, and not even outstandingly well written.

      I always used to think old people were such a pain when they had that bored expression of been there, done that, and now I know why! WP should have a youth section for bright-eyed bushy tailed naive young new bloggers and a nice grumpy old person section for know-it-all cynics like me πŸ˜€

      And although some of the time, they highlight busy and active blogs, I wonder if part of their ‘strategy’ (I’m not sure I would give it such a grandiose or purposeful title) is to help new and quiet blogs gain more readers? It doesn’t work of course which is the joke. The popular blogs have their regular readers anyway, and the ones with few readers rarely maintain a hike in readership as they receive lots of comments on the one featured freshly pressed post and then these transient visitors (probably selling coaching or motivational courses) disappear off to find a new freshly pressed post for their self-publicity programme.


  6. I loathe the new light bulbs because they are too dim to enable me to read.
    Luckily I can still buy the old variety…until the President next visits Europe and comes back with a new stupid way of buggering up things that work perfectly well…i.e. luxury tax on aubergines as mentioned in another place…

    I don’t have any ambition to be Freshly Presssed…I’m choosy as to my company.


    • I’ve got a halogen standard lamp which is now the only decent lighting in the whole flat. I can manage to read in poor light and as I’m so shortsighted I doubt my eyesight can deteriorate further, although who knows? It’s doing things that annoys me, food prep, sewing, fiddly things where you need decent light. Even looking for things in a dark cupboard where you have to get everything out because the lighting is so poor. Sheer stupidity.

      Yes, I read better blogs that aren’t FP, and I have a similar view to yours. It’s a sort of reverse view to Groucho Marx’s club membership quote. In this case, I wouldn’t be remotely impressed to be invited to join a club of also-rans and mediocrity. (For want of a snottier and more arrogant description). I do however find it an entertaining and total time waste to click on random FPs from time to time, and gazing at ‘best blogs’ open-mouthed.

      Yesterday’s gem I found was about catering for lots of people. Make a shopping list, go to supermarket, and when unloading car, put food away. Class!! I may yet write a skit about it. The one featured on the Daily Post was about detail (or something) – it was insufferably boring. Too boring to poke fun at. I don’t know if you read the actual blog, if you didn’t, don’t bother. Oh, and the sycophantic comments are unbelievable are they not? I’m always surprised when someone else is somewhat critical, as I tend to think I am a lone voice, hence not commenting very often. 200 comments saying ‘super information’ and ‘thanks for featuring this great blog’ are just superfluous. I better draft a blog post.


  7. angryricky says:

    In the US there’s a government mandate for compact fluorescents, so incandescent bulbs that require sixty watts are unavailable. You can get the same amount of light for only thirteen watts of power. On the other hand, fluorescent lights induce hyperactivity in fourth graders, so I’m not sure they’re a good solution. LED light bulbs are even more efficient, but are cost-prohibitive at this stage of things.

    I got Freshly Pressed once. I was pretty thrilled, because I hadn’t bothered to read what else had been. The post was kind of atypical, about loving trees. As you’ve noticed, I don’t have a theme to my singular blog–memories of Georgia get tangled up with cooking instructions and pictures of camping in Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t seem to bother my friends, though that number stays fairly small.


    • I loathe fluorescents (so much so that I struggle to spell the word) – especially after working for the UK Health and Safety Executive and learning about dioxins. Plus, the flickering when they start to wane is seriously stressful. Which I think is your point about hyperactivity.

      I don’t want fluorescent, I just want decent lighting, and here and now 60 watt bulbs do not do it. Simple. I’m not up on light bulbs. I want good light. If it’s energy efficient that’s a bonus. If it’s energy efficient and crap light, that’s stupid.

      I didn’t know you had been, although I enjoy your posts. Maybe I did read the tree thing though, it rings a vague bell. Rick’s Cafe Arabienne may not yet have been freshly pressed but you got the dubious benefit of making it onto my new page of blogs to visit over on roughseas. I really think your insight into an American teaching English in Saudi is so interesting. Does this comment mean you are back on-line?


  8. Well, I do declare. How dare you write words of complaint concerning our wonderful power source, WordPress? I jest here, I hope you caught that at the beginning. I have complained about WP in some of my comments and maybe a short blog- not sure. I think the same as you. Fiddle around with something so that it looks as if you are doing your job. WP has not improved. I find some things are just plain stupid for this is one ignorant person that does not understand computer language. Can’t these people write so that anyone such as a dummy can understand what the h— the instructions mean? I think that WP is trying to be highbrow. Once again I have to agree with you. What is this freshly pressed thing anyhow? I have read some of the ironed posts and it seems the writing is lacking a certain amount of starch. But don’t worry. What kind of weight does Freshy Ironed pull anyway? All I have ever seen in that department is nonsensical ramblings.

    I liked your post a lot.

    If you see typos or misspelled words and my comment looks shoddy, feel free to correct.


    • Someone has to complain so it might as well be me πŸ™‚ I don’t care if it is free, that doesn’t mean it gets away with riding roughshod over people or shutting me up. (As if).

      i understand how to turn on my Hal (Mac computer) and type on the keyboard, so I figure that should be enough to be able to use different blogging platforms. But WP is not clear in instructions, you are right about that, I’ve just never bothered moaning about that. I tend to moan about visuals. Because the people implementing the changes are not primarily visual, they are behind the scenes and that is the problem.

      However, ma’am, I beg to disagree in that the changes I have seen are not highbrow at all. Rather more lowbrow. Somewhat like the starchless pressed highlighted posts. [Neat analogy there]. I have seen two or three reasonable reads. But mostly I look at them for entertainment value, in as much as I can’t believe anyone can seriously consider them to be ‘the best’ blogs out there. They also seem to go through phases of what they choose to ‘press’. Cookery and travel were popular at one time, but they seem to have veered off into another direction. Not sure where they are going however.

      I too am now rambling nonsensically. But should you choose to read further ramblings, do click on the peach chutney post above, inspired by the glut of cookery freshly pressed posts. And if you like peaches you may even wish to make some.

      I usually correct some literals (spelling errors) if they are glaring, as it saves people coming back and leaving a note asking me to do so, and then me writing yes, I’ll do that, and then me having to delete that exchange, so take it as read. Anyway I couldn’t see any.


      • Thanks for the reply. And for suggested post to read. I am mostly vegetarian and do very little actual cooking except to make a quick goulash out of several raw veggies, tomato paste, and tofu cut into small chunks that I have simmered sort of in olive oil. To that I add, garlic, onion, bay leaf, black pepper, fresh red pepper, a dash of red pepper flakes, water, corn, black and pinto beans. All of that goes in one large pot and cooked for a bit on medium heat and then simmered for bit until veggies are still crisp. I make enough to last several days. Store all of this assortment in glass jars in fridge.

        I don’t use sugar but sweeten with honey so desserts are limited. My oven is broken and I see no need to get a new one.

        Back to WP. I am sure you have much more computer knowledge than I. I have never been taught computer lingo and I am slow on the uptake. Really! So that is the reason I was calling the instructions highbrow. I did not make it exactly clear but I was referring to all of the fiddling one does to improve the looks of their blog. I still can not set the time and there are other things wrong with my blog.

        This has gotten way off course so I’ll stop while I might be “ahead.” Thanks again for the long reply.


        • I do a goulash too but tend to use seitan, and don’t add beans or corn. I do like it. I did notice about your food on your about page. I have written a few posts about vegetarians/vegans and pescetarians on here, you can find them under the vegetarian category, surprisingly.

          We do have an oven here which I am quite in love with. We don’t have a freezer though as it packed up. The fridge still works so I refuse to throw it out just to buy a new freezer which really only got used for bread and urgent chilling of beer.

          There are no desserts here as we don’t like them. I’ve never bought sugar in my life, and a jar of honey lasts for years. The peach chutney is savoury to go with curries and works particularly well imo.

          I don’t think I have ever been taught the lingo, that my ancient brain remembers anyway. Although I did teach myself HTML and some CSS at one point. When I was on blogger I did actually fiddle quite a bit with the template to change column widths, colours, fonts etc, and was quite happy with the result. But then blogger started fiddling with templates without asking my permission and I couldn’t retrieve my previous look. One of the reasons I am over here, as I was so annoyed with them.

          As for time. Click on the name of your blog on the top left. Click on the dashboard. Scroll right down to settings. Click on that. Then choose general and click on that.

          You then have site title, tagline, email address and timezone. This is the one you need and you need to find/choose a city with the same time zone as you. Enter that in the box. Underneath that you have time and date format. There are a few choices for each or you can set your own preferred layout under custom, which needless to state is what I do.

          Then the important thing is to click on save changes in the blue box, bottom left. Et voilΓ‘. It should work.


          • I am in a bit of a rush today and intend to get back to you about the info you have sent me. I don’t when I will have the time today. Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to help.

            This morning I have been to Social Security office on behalf of my daughter who is too sick to go herself. So “they” kindly gave me an appointment time of my choosing and “they” will interview her via phone from her home in Austin. It’s to apply for disability. It is one complicated and exhausting trial by fire, literally.

            I had a web guy move my blog from my daughter’s blog (from WP) but some of the of the photos moved and other did not. I was blogging about animal stuff on my daughter’s web site/blog site/ whatever it should be called.

            I paid for a domain but I am afraid to mess with it for fear that I will create a huge problem. I think I might want to pay for a custom theme but I need to find the time for all of that.

            I have lots to do with my animals. I have one man that helps me as much as 5 days a week or less. I am trying to do most work myself so that I can save money, I usually hire him for 2-3 days a week and every Monday he is always here.

            I’ll answer you about other things later today. Still have to eat my breakfast and it is now 11: 26am.



          • Busy day here too, so no worries. Feel for you about her disability app. Have a UK friend recently diagnosed with epilepsy who has had to go through similar procedures 😦

            Don’t pay for anything if you can do it for free. Or with help from others πŸ™‚

            Sometimes our animals are our salvation. Keep us calm and serene.


          • Thanks for the reply. Yes, some days I don’t know if I am coming or going. I have to stop my mind from reeling and tell myself to slow down. I’ve had more problems result from being in too much of a hurry.

            It’s great that you can sew. I hate to sew and do not have a machine. I don’t even like to sew on buttons.

            I must tell you something that is of interest – at least to me. The bloggers that have given me the most advice and have been the friendliest or helpful all are from Great Britain. Some are now living elsewhere but none the less are still British. One American had offered to help that lives on the Texas coast but is not a native Texan. The people who have offered their help are also the best repliers to my comments. Have you noticed any correlation yourself? I don’t imagine you need any help but I have been astonished at the offers of support.

            Now about your friend with epilepsy. There are now service dogs that can detect an impending seizure. I have no idea how many of these dogs are “churned out” each year but some people’s own dogs have picked up on the scent. It seems that the body undergoes metabolic changes that emits some kind of odor or (scent) if you prefer and the dog then alerts their human to sit down or stop whatever they happen to be doing.
            I hope that at some point your friend will be able to achieve some reasonable stability of health.

            I saw lots of typos in one or all of the comments I have made. If you like you can correct them or just leave as is. πŸ™‚


          • Yes, you are right, the most friendly and thoughtful people I have met on the internet have been British. I thought it was just a mutual nationality thing though. Probably followed by Canadian and Australian. The most unfriendly have been Americans πŸ˜€

            you’ve reminded me about the epilepsy dogs, I must remember to mention that to them, although they are more cat people. They do like animals though and have gone on protest marches about animal cruelty.

            I’ll check through the previous comments and tidy up later. Had a busy couple of days and I’m not really awake yet!


          • Thanks for the reply. You have confirmed my thoughts about the British. I don’t know why but I seem to make the connection with the British. And you are also right about the Canadians. Same experience with them.

            I tend to be candid and sometimes too outspoken. My daughter tells me that I am not tactful enough. I don’t mean to be mean. Sometimes my words over shoot the runway. I am trying to work on that. Hope never to offend anyone but I am sort of dry funny or try to be. πŸ™‚

            Americans are so spoiled and in general have no idea how blessed this country is. They complain and ridicule on the internet forums that I read now and then. I read for abut 3-5 minutes and then I just have to x out of those places. So filled with hate and ridicule toward politicians, celebrities, the rich, etc. etc.

            I better let you get on with your chores and I need to take my happy little body to bed.


            Ps Don’t worry too much about all my typos. You have a lot on your plate with the blogs, etc. It is now 11:42pm here Central Standard Time.


          • Actually I have been busy with real life rather than real blogs. Hopefully I can catch up with mine and other people’s blogs in the next couple of days. Wishful thinking.

            Old people here need there siesta in the afternoon. I am one very grumpy Gibraltarian monkey if I don’t get mine. I certainly can’t stay up until 11.42!

            My words are pretty sharp. Sometimes. But I think people should be able to get over that, and I would prefer honesty over falseness. At least we all know where we stand. There is a difference between being rude, honest, tactful and floating words in the air. And on my blog, I go for honest. Real life can be slightly different, we all need to work together.


          • I don’t mind sharp words. If you say what you mean that is much better than beating around the proverbial bush.


          • Typos and everything else edited as requested πŸ™‚


          • Thank you dear Lady. I appreciate that very much. πŸ™‚


          • Took me a while, but no problems πŸ™‚


  9. And – have you noticed how expensive energy saving light bulbs are suddenly becoming?
    I agree with everything you say about WP – surprised you slummed it down in FP!


    • Haven’t bought any for ages. Maybe they really do save energy [waits for all ESLBs to suddenly blow now]. Ordinary ones are somewhere between 50p and a quid. Depends whether the local shop feels like giving me a discount πŸ˜€

      I get some perverse satisfaction out of reading rubbish that someone else thinks is good! And I like to write about it too. WP is not having it all their own way! I’m halfway through my latest snipey post about a FP one, but have been distracted with hemming overalls, cooking, and writing papers, so no idea when it will appear on roughseas.


  10. EllaDee says:

    Your entertaining swipe at light globe manufacturers and energy corporations & regulations touched upon a guilty pleasure of mine… I love lamps and am not overly fond of overhead lighting. So we have dim room lamps, brighter reading lamps & brighter globes over the kitchen prep area… and so on. Otherwise we are a captive audience to the overhead halogens in the apartment. We have a couple of boxes of those wiggly ‘energy saver’ globes that were freebies years ago and have fitted a few in the rarely used overhead lights at TA but I also have a box of old light globes accumulated from time immemorial… am I the only person that hoards these? My shortsightedness is getting shorter, and recently I have begun positioning fine print directly under a globe or outside in daylight. I was worrying that my lack of commitment to energy saving globes combined with worsening sight might mean I’d have to grit my teeth and lighten things up but you’ve convinced me of the questionability of the energy saver globe claims… pheww.
    As always your WP swipes are well directed as well as enjoyable. Sadly, the flavour of WP reflects the flavour of the real world… there is so much new and beautiful to those born yesterday, who quite possibly do require someone to state the obvious.
    Every now and then, I’ll skim through WP’s Friday Faves or Freshly Pressed as they come up in my email notifications just to reassure myself it’s not for me, and continue to enjoy vicariously the Clouds’ anti point of view πŸ™‚


    • Ha! Lamps are so consumerist and trendy are they not? Says she with a nice halogen lamp highlighting my computer screen. I bought it in my well-off aspirational days I hasten to add.

      These days, I just wish for 100/120 watt bulbs that would serve every purpose.

      Actually I don’t mind energy saving bulbs. My gripe here is that if you can’t use an energy saving bulb you have to buy an old one but you can’t buy decent wattage.

      WP? yesterday, every time I replied to a comment on my blogs, I got a notification. WTF? I know I have just replied FFS. I don’t need to be told that.

      You must be the same as me. It’s quite entertaining to scan through drivel and open mouth and eyes wide. Then pour beer/whatever into open mouth in sheer incredulity.


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