Travel theme: animals

I thought I would do a challenge for once. Aw, some cute animal photos?

It’s from ‘Where’s my backpack?’ who, like half the blogging world, does a weekly challenge theme.

The current one is animals, to celebrate World Animal Day on 4 October, and it is a week-long celebration so I am within the timescale.

It doesn’t have to be about wildlife; you can write an ode to your neighbour’s moggy if you like! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

That’s good isn’t it 🙂 And I’ve also covered lots of countries with the stories I have featured.

Rhinos, badgers, foxes, and dogs. Stories were taken at random, but sadly ‘Man’s Best Friend’ features all too frequently and dog abuse stories by far outnumber the rest.

Because photos of cute animals are lovely. Let’s just forget about the horrific abuse, torture, poaching, you name it that people inflict on animals. Who just want to get on with a life of their own. Like the rest of us.

So here is my contribution courtesy of Precious Jules at Stop Animal Abuse. All pix are ok apart from the last one, – there is a sensitivity warning for that one if you are extremely sensitive about seeing the cruelty inflicted upon animals by people. It’s not a nice picture but this goes on all the time. Please don’t bury your head in the sand. If there is any way you can help stop animal cruelty, that would be excellent.

All text/photos from Precious Jules and original blog authors.

39 Rhinos Killed During 10 Months In Kaziranga

Reblogged from Ann Novek–With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors:

The Times of India

GUWAHATI: The death of 39 rhinos in and around the world-famous Kaziranga National Park in less than 10 months has brought to the fore the threat faced by the endangered animal. The threat comes from poachers, who kill the rare one-horned rhinoceros for its prized horn whose price in the international market varies from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 90 lakh, and flood which is an annual occurrence in…

Man sentenced for instigating animal cruelty

“This has got to be worth posting as its the first time a Greek court handed down a guilty sentence regards animals.”

An Athens court handed a one-year suspended prison term sentence for animal cruelty to the owner of a dog.

The court ruled that the man had instigated a vicious attack on the dog and also ordered him to pay a 5,000 euro fine.

According to Skai, the incident took place last week, when the man ordered an employee to tie the dog to the back of a car and drag it along Souliou Avenue in Marathonas, western Attica.

The dog’s ordeal came to an end when drivers who witnessed the scene blocked the car.

The dog’s owner reportedly claimed that the animal had caused damage to his garden.

The case marked the first time a Greek court handed a guilty sentence over instigating animal cruelty charges.

News Link:-

Police Rescue A Puppy Found Buried Alive

“OMG…what sort of evil, sadistic, mind, could bury a puppy; barely a few days old? Was this the last of a litter that couldn’t be sold, or were they all buried individually? What is wrong with people… is it just that more abuse is being reported, or is society churning out more evil little shit’s from school; who grow up to be malicious, uncaring knob heads? I’m glad I am of an age where I will no longer bring children into this world!”

Police officers in Williston, Florida were disposing of evidence per a court order on Thursday when they heard a whimpering noise coming from underground.

Officers located the origin of the whimpering and dug out a one-week-old puppy that was head-first in an eight-inch hole.

Luckily the dirt had not been packed down and the puppy managed to create an air pocket below the surface. Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow said, “It did not appear to me that the dog was very long in the hole, less than an hour would be my guess.”

The puppy is so young he can’t even open his eyes yet, because of this the clinic believes him to be around 7-days-old. Caretakers at Levy Animal Clinic have been bottle-feeding the puppy that they have named Tucker. One of the veterinarian technicians at the clinic has already adopted Tucker.

Officer Strow checked in on Tucker the morning after they found him and is pleased to report that Tucker is doing well. He is still disturbed by the find though, “What’s disturbing is that when you look at this fellow you ask, how can he be threatening to anyone?”

The police are still looking for the person who buried Tucker and Strow is determined to find them.

“Somebody knows who did this. I guarantee we’re going to follow this one and prosecute whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law,” said Strow.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Williston Police Department at (352)528-4991.

News Link:-

Former huntmaster vows to fight Hunting Act charges

Jonathon Seed

Five members of the Avon Vale Hunt, including a Wiltshire councillor, have appeared in court charged with breaching the Hunting Act 2004.

Joshua Charlesworth, 18, from East Tytherton; Benjamin Pethers, 28, from Hoopers Pool, Southwick; Stuart Radbourne, 28, from The Common, Bromham; Paul Tylee-Hinder, 58, of Quemerford, Calne and Jonathon Seed, 54, of Chittoe Heath, Bromham all denied the breach when they appeared before magistrates in Chippenham on Tuesday.

Four of them denied an additional charge of intefering with a badger sett, though Mr Radbourne, one of the joint hunt masters, indicated a guilty plea to that charge.

The case has been brought by the RSPCA and refers to incidents alleged to have taken place on March 6 this year at Stockley Hollow, near Calne.

The bench heard that the case could not proceed on Tuesday so it has been adjourned until November 9 when a date for the trial will be set. The five all appeared on summons so the question of bail did not arise.

Mr Seed, Wiltshire councillor for Summerham and Seend and a former hunt master, said he intended to fight the allegation against him.

In a statement outside court he said: “This is a private prosecution by the RSPCA and I believe that is has been commenced for political reasons as their stance against hunting is well known and it is of great significance that Wiltshire Police, after advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, declined to take this case forward.

“In my opinion these proceedings are an abuse of the private prosecution system which needs to be addressed in due course. I totally deny the allegations of any offence against the Hunting Act and there is simply no evidence of either myself or any of the other defendants or anyone else being involved in any illegal hunting on the day in question.”

News Link:-

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES – Rescued Dog, Kenneth – With Half His Face Sliced Off

” Just when I think I have seen the worst, along comes another….& of course…this heinous trauma was caused by the hands of a human. I am at a loss for any words to write, can’t see through the tears!!. I just hope whoever it was, are found quickly & dealt with the severity it deserves.

“I am posting this horrific news, as this little dog needs all the help he can get. I can’t rest knowing I have done nothing to help. So I am hoping by spreading this story, people will come forward with offers of help; like prayers…they cost nothing, this little guy needs all the prayers he can get; to overcome the surgeries to repair the damage to his face!

“Any offers of help, if people live around that area, contact those looking after Kenneth to see what you can do to help, it doesn’t always have to be about money. I’m sure there are small items like dog treats or toys for Kenneth to play with when he is better. And of course donations will be a big help, doesn’t have to be much, if everyone donated £1, it will soon add up! Using the ChipIn is very easy, I have just donated via the link below, using my Paypal account, not much, but every penny is needed for Kenneth surgeries & after care! I will try to keep you updated with news on how Kenneth is coming along! As always, anything I have to say will be in blue, the rest is from the Face Book page, link at the bottom of this page!”

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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25 Responses to Travel theme: animals

  1. Vicky says:

    At a total loss for words 😥


    • Tell me V, just tell me. I’m afraid something called World Animal Day and just taking fluffy pix got right up my nose. If anything it should be about preventing this sort of horrific and barbaric cruelty. They are hoping to operate on the dog in the last story. Really hope they manage to help him.

      I know people don’t like to know this goes on. But it does. It doesn’t matter where in the world – Greece, Philippines, UK, America, or India. I specifically posted a UK one (badger and fox hunting) to show that animal cruelty is everywhere. (I could have posted loads more UK ones I have to say).

      Anyways, if you want to cheer yourself up I have finally posted the TD5 oil change 😀


  2. EllaDee says:

    See, this is what you give… bravery and guts far more than I will ever have. I can’t even look at those photos let alone post about them, no matter how much that it happens distresses me. I never thought I’d be thankful to move onto a TD5 oil change post…


    • Actually the first photos are OK, some alive rhinos, a dog looking fine, a tiny puppy (who will also be ok), an obscene fat git in a red coat on a horse about to go Tally Ho and hunt foxes – it is only the last pic which is shocking – hence the warnings.

      There is no way I like it either. And while I appreciate you saying I have bravery and guts, I don’t. This is the woman who cries going round rescue shelters looking for a dog because she can’t home them all. The woman who cries when she reads of the death of a dog whose blog she has followed for a long time. I even cry at happy ending animal stories because sometimes they seem few and far between.

      I didn’t expect to get any comments on this post because I know people like to pretend this doesn’t exist, or they know it does so don’t want to be reminded of it, or …or …. the trouble is, these are not one-off incidents. The blog I follow, has regular stories from all over the world, often more than one a day. Even I try and scan down and avoid the pix. But I can’t really call myself a supporter of animal rights if I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like being anti-vivsection, or the slaughter industry, or the dairy industry, or battery chickens etc.

      I don’t make a habit of these posts because I know people don’t want to read them.

      Anyway, as you and Vicky have had the guts to comment, I’ll post a fluffy animal pic somewhere, maybe on EveryPic – and not Pippa for once!


      • EllaDee says:

        It’s ok, I don’t need a fluffy naimal pic, I can get more than enough of those via Facebook 🙂 I looked at all the pictures except the last. One of the benefits of having terrible eyesight is I can be selective when I want. Ok, so I’ll qualify it by saying you are braver and gutsier than me (not hard), and I cry at anything as well, but I don’t have the resilience to expose myself to the gut wrenching stuff (I refuse even to watch Red Dog again). I own that I would like to be more fervent and walk the walk but I don’t, so I like to give credit to those who are and do.


        • My fluffy donkey is very nice and I want to post him anyway 😀

          Actually I’ve just remembered I drafted a post about animals recently and havent posted it. Perhaps I will do a textual post on here after all (and include the lovely donkey).

          I have the same advantage with the eyesight. And I also tend to do page down on this post now to avoid seeing the dog with the sliced face. I think this is only the second X-rated photo I have ever posted. The other was over on roughseas with Juan Carlos of Spain proudly showing off his hunting skills in Africa.

          Thanks for the credit. Other people do far more than me, actually other people DO things. I couldn’t volunteer at a rescue centre for example. And I would actually get annoyed that I was giving up my time to help abandoned animals because of someone else’s thoughtless and selfish attitude.

          Which brings me back to the point of the post. It’s no good looking at animals as cute and fluffy. They are part of an ecosystem, and as far as I am concerned, wild ones should be left alone and not interfered with, and domestic ones should be treated with compassion and responsibility.


  3. Another side pf sick sociey. Thanks for the warning roughseas, that was a decent thing to do. I’ll never understand the mentatlity of some creatures called humans. Elephants have been my totem since the age of 6 yrs old. I am 57, slaughter is still taking place. Nothing has changed except the hunters have become more adept at their crime. Pretty sad.


    • I think any sort of offensive pic deserves a warning. As does graphic text. And to be fair, the blog I took the story from also included a warning – so even if anyone forgot, there was another one further down.

      I wonder how many of us loved (and still do) elephants in our childhood? I always wanted one as we had a rather large enclosed garden – far more space than they get in zoos I must say. My desire for an elephant was so well know that some some friends of my fathers would always ask if he had bought my elephant yet. At one point I really thought I was going to get one. You know wake up at Christmas and there he is 🙂 Such simplicity eh?

      If the hunters have become more adept, the governments and business conspire together saying it is good for the economy and local environment to have ‘organised (ie extremely expensive paid-for) hunting’. That’s before you even get into the poaching. I wouldn’t suggest backhanders take place, but one does wonder.

      Thanks for commenting on such a difficult and emotive subject.


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  5. This is a great forum to air the worldwide problem of animal abuse. Hell, some humans don’t treat their own kids properly – so why are we surprised others mistreat animals for gain or convenience?


    • I don’t do post like this often, as I said above I know people don’t like it. But, as the theme said we could post we wanted, so this was my contribution.

      I’ve now posted a cute pic on one of my other blogs 😉


      • The Wanderlust Gene says:

        I just thought it was the ideal opportunity to have a bit of a rave – because you’re right, you can’t be on a soapbox too often or people will take no notice, or only come to heckle, like they do in Hyde Park … 🙂


        • Absolutely. I do rant from time to time about a variety of subjects, but not usually animal cruelty just because. People switch off, or ignore or too much becomes the norm 😦 And the photos switch people off even more – but, it happens. Just sometimes I hope it opens one single persons eyes and makes them think. If so, it’s worth it.

          Yeah, I don’t really want to be spectator sport in Hyde Park 😀

          I added you to my list of impressive women who had the guts to comment on this post over on my fluffy pic on Everypic 🙂


          • The Wanderlust Gene says:

            Hardly impressive dear, but I was glad to ‘stand up’ for your animal welfare post 🙂


          • You commented. So many people would read – or maybe not read – and just move on. You and the others took the time to say something about a difficult and emotive subject. Anyway I am going to write my other post today (the last in the series!). No graphic cruelty involved – just a look at cultural differences.


  6. Kyanite Blue says:

    Late here but shaking with horror from the pictures.
    I, I abhor all you have presented here [apart from Fox Hunting and we will agree to differ on that as friends I hope – know it is hypocritical of me but childhood memories stain my viewpoint]
    I love animals more than people, even if it came to it a fox!
    I do read your posts, but often don’t feel not wordy enough to comment – I’m happy you have found a home on WordPress with like minded souls, rather than on flippant Blogger


    • They were ok apart from the last one. And the fat ugly man fox-hunting. He was pretty obscene.

      Sometimes childhood memories need to be just that. I’ve pretty much abandoned most of the values I was brought up with (apart from saving money and not spending on credit). I don’t understand your affection for the brutality of hunting when – apart from that – you are such an animal lover. Is it some social class thing or aspirational desire? Anyway, if you are happy with a fox being torn from limb to limb, the tail being chopped off and chucked to whoever, that’s your choice.

      I do think I have met some wonderful people on WordPress although I have no idea how! They are much more friendly and comment far more. It really makes it feel much more worthwhile blogging. I was lucky to get into double figures on ItchyFeet, these days I expect to make double figures on RoughSeas, and on Clouds too.

      I’m pleased I changed, although I do have numerous complaints about WordPress 😀

      Your comments are always welcome D.

      Oh and as with The Wanderlust Gene above, I edited my post on EveryPic to add your name, because I really appreciated those of you who have taken the time and effort to comment on such a difficult post. Thanks again.


      • Kyanite Blue says:

        TY for accepting if not agreeing with my view point.
        Yes I’ve been to a fox hunt, been ‘blooded’ re a kill too as a follower, but my lasting memory is loosing my hens with chicks to a fox who killed for pleasure too.
        But it is the only animal cull I condone.

        Moving on … no idea why but can’t get into post on roughseasinthemed @ the mo!
        Keep trying but joy.
        So here … thought your two posts on Spanish life, contrasting families but still helping each other fascinating. If only we were more like them.


        • Most people who comment on my blogs don’t share my views. Maybe some share one or two points of view, but certainly not all of them. Acceptance is a strong word, acknowledge is more appropriate I think. I loathe fox hunting and we regularly contributed to hunt sabs. I think it is barbaric, pretentious and obnoxious.

          Pippa nearly killed one of our chickens, am I going to kill him? But our chicks were neither killed by dogs nor foxes, either rats or cats got them. That’s life – and death.

          How do you know the fox killed for pleasure? Maybe it wanted food?

          To me, any sort of animal cruelty is wrong.

          Thanks for your comments about the posts on roughseas. Probably the wordpress v blogger syndrome yet again.


  7. ailsapm says:

    Holy hell. It’s sickening what inhumanity people are capable of. I had a chance to visit Best Friend’s animal sanctuary in Utah recently and while it was heartening to see such a fantastic organization at work, it was distressing to see the number of animal cruelty cases they had to deal with every year.


    • On my previous blog (ie the one before rough seas) and on the dog’s previous blog (both on blogspot at the time) one of our regular commenters was a real Best Friends supporter. She posted some amazing photos of a week she spent there on holiday. Only a genuine animal person would go somewhere like that for a holiday. She also fosters and rehomes endlessly. What a person, there is no way I could do that.

      My contribution – apart from homing rescue dogs – is to try and occasionally raise some awareness via my writing. That’s why I chose to interpret your travel theme in a number of different ways. Thanks for the chance.


      • ailsapm says:

        Very glad to meet a fellow animal advocate. If you’re ever in the Utah area, go and visit Best Friends in Kanab. The work they do there is truly inspiring. I’ll be writing about my visit there in a future post…if I ever get caught up. So much to write, there are too few hours in the day!


        • America is not on my top ten places to visit! so I doubt I will get there, and it would only distress me. I’m the one who cries going around rescue homes trying to find a dog and wanting to take them all home.

          Look forward to your BF post though. Marianne did a few great posts about her time there.

          I’m not sure I’m an advocate or not. I just don’t understand why they should receive cruelty, abuse or be killed for no reason.


  8. Rebekah says:

    Oh my, what a great post! Heart-breaking … I can’t really get any words on my feelings on this subject. I can only say that it brings out the worst in me, and if I could get ahold of one of these abusers, I’d probably be capable of things I would never had imagined.
    Not long ago, something similar to the puppies, happened here in our little city. I have the Animal Rescue League on my Facebook, so I read about what’s going on, and the wonderful work they do, with little to no money. People volunteer there, but I just couldn’t do it as I would fall apart emotionally. I support them in whatever little way I can, and look at little McDuff here, who gets his meals served and is loved to pieces…


    • Thanks Reb. Missed this in the notifications 😦
      Yes, I think some of us non-violent people could lose our passiveness when it comes to animals. If you read the later post you would read about my partner seriously offering to hit someone for abusing a dying horse.
      I’m like you. I’m not strong enough to deal with abandoned animals day in, day out and I have to be upfront and admit that. I will home rescue dogs and not buy them, I will give money to animal charities, and I will read blogs (eg the one I got this material from) because I think it is important to be aware of what is happening. We all do what we can in our own way. Meanwhile my street dog now has his own sofa 🙂


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