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Journalism (5) – career moves

One day, a colleague took me aside and confided that she was applying for a new job. In PR. ‘In PR!’ I said, horrified. ‘Whatever for? Don’t you like being a journalist?’I asked, thinking that was all anyone would ever … Continue reading

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Journalism (4) – politics and Thatcher

Ah. Margaret. How many lives did she influence back then? Or even end? But let’s start at the beginning. Sitting in chemistry class at my private all-girls school. We adored our teacher. Slim, attractive, slick dyed hair, make-up, smart suits, … Continue reading

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Journalism (3) – the paper chase

The biggest moment in those early days for any apprentice is signing your indentures. Without that, you aren’t going anywhere. By signing those indentures, your employer is bound to keep you, put you through college, abide by all the terms … Continue reading

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Journalism (2) – give us a clue?

So, having secured your prized job as a tea maker and trainee journalist, what does the training involve? In the UK, you could (at the time) enter journalism through a number of routes: direct entry onto a newspaper with, usually, … Continue reading

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On journalism (1) – it’s all in the name

Journalism, as everyone knows, is the most exciting, well-paid and rewarding job any ambitious graduate who thinks they can write, can aspire to. Including those who end their sentences with prepositions. And start them with conjunctions. But back in olden … Continue reading

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The other day, I noticed the person belonging to one of Pippa’s dogpals had landed an interesting blog/position. I checked it out, and it seemed quite demanding, you had to write two or three posts a week, be an absolute … Continue reading

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