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Consumerism (4) – all I need is a pound a day

THOUGHT OF GIVING IT ALL AWAY TO A REGISTERED CHARITY, ALL I NEED IS A PINT POUND A DAY. (thanks paul for that one – ETA Band On The Run, suddenly realised people may not know that) Apparently that is … Continue reading

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Some thoughts. A week later.

It’s a week since International Women’s Day so no doubt everyone has forgotten about women and the odd few problems we have so we can all get back to normal. You know, the odd bit of DV, aka either assaulting … Continue reading

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Commonwealth day, colonialism, and imperialism

So, what does Commonwealth Day mean to anyone British? If you even know when it is (helpful hint – today). Is Commonwealth Day a remnant of colonialism? Doubt it. Doesn’t seem like anything in particular at all. Back in school, … Continue reading

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Does your vote count?

Well, not much of a surprise but Spain seems to have gone for another right-wing government, yet again the Partido Popular (PP) is in power. When we first moved to Spain, the PP was in charge under Jose Maria Aznar. … Continue reading

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Tick tock the clock goes back

And about time too. I am not a lover of summertime at all. I see no reason for people to faff around with hours – so that there is an extra hour of daylight in the evening or some garbage … Continue reading

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Moving on

We all need to move on of course. Don’t we? From our memories, from things that didn’t go right, from things that we couldn’t influence. There is a fine line between commemorating the past and dwelling in it. Since my … Continue reading

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Why don’t things work out like we want?

Comments and conversations on Facebook are often quite inspirational and thoughtful. Over the weekend I have read a couple of quotes that people have posted – they could be about anything, but mainly about life, I guess. And as I … Continue reading

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Those who don’t know history…..

…. are destined to repeat it. (Edmund Burke 1729-1797) This quote often gets confused with the later one by Santayana: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ But as Santayana came a good hundred years after … Continue reading

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Easter eggs

Just in case anyone thinks I have stopped marvelling at the incredulous activities of Pope Ben….. I see he has sent chocolate Easter eggs to victims of the Italian earthquake. That is so kind and thoughtful. If I had lost … Continue reading

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What rescue dog?

Well done Obama, you fucking hypocrite. You have just done jack shit nada for promoting the attractions of rescuing dogs from shelters. Despite the much-publicised comments from the family during the presidential campaign that they wanted a rescue dog – … Continue reading

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A newspaper round-up

Sitting in the bus station the other day I picked up a Spanish paper, and as usual depressed myself. It seems young people in Spain, ie those under 30, have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, 30.4% compared … Continue reading

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Whatever next? How can the control of sandwich content and their sales affect someone’s overall diet? Uh? Story here There is more to what anyone eats in their daily life than a sad-looking sandwich bought out of desperation from a … Continue reading

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Condoms? Work of the devil…..

Words fail me. They really do. Well, almost. While travelling around Africa, it seems the epitomy of white, male, monied, powerful, European, misogynistic, conservative, academic, religious privilege has loftily reminded his flock that they should not be using condoms. Pope … Continue reading

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Princess Anne visits Gib – Spain sulks

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. A former Crown Colony. Ceded to Britain in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht. The Catholic King does hereby, for himself, his heirs and successors, yield to the Crown of Great Britain the full … Continue reading

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Where are the women……. (2)

Thanks to one of my American internet friends who alerted me to Obama’s reversal of the so-called Mexico City Policy – or the Global Gag Rule. This, for anyone who didn’t know (like me), was a particularly insidious piece of … Continue reading

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Where are the women – in American politics?

I’ve read lots of enthusiasm and warmth and excitedness about the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president of America. (Some) People are genuinely relieved to see the end of the Bush regime, and hope that this new Democrat … Continue reading

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Online gaming – and those all-American values

Well, I knew stuff all about gaming companies as I’m not the world’s biggest gambler. My experience of gambling/gaming has been: 1) Paying £1 a week into a lottery syndicate at work – it was more of an insurance policy … Continue reading

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Politics – and the right to vote

So what to say about politics – about the right to vote, for whom to vote, and how much does it really matter? In no particular order – apart from the first one….. The right to vote was hard-earned a) … Continue reading

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You don’t come from round here

I was brought up to be inherently racist. Black – or coloured people (as I think they were called at the time, and most of them were from the Indian sub-continent) – were dirty. So said my dad. One day … Continue reading

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