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What do you do when faced with a dilemma involving your principles? Choose one principle above another? Or try and find that compromise in the middle, that isn’t one or the other? Life is made up of compromises of so … Continue reading

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Oh those ragged trousers!

Will they ever go away? Doubt it somehow. It is more than 100 years since Robert Noonan Tressell died (1911), and nearly 100 since his famous book was published in 1914. The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists is a unique book. And sadly … Continue reading

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Consumerism (7) – it doesn’t matter to me

The much-heralded post and the final one in the series. Perhaps the most important one too. Oh. Why? Because it is the one where you can make a difference. I was going to insert a terribly clever digression here to … Continue reading

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Consumerism (4) – all I need is a pound a day

THOUGHT OF GIVING IT ALL AWAY TO A REGISTERED CHARITY, ALL I NEED IS A PINT POUND A DAY. (thanks paul for that one – ETA Band On The Run, suddenly realised people may not know that) Apparently that is … Continue reading

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Happy World Sleep Day

Honestly I despair. I have read on a couple of blogs that it is World Cancer Day so I looked it up. Apparently 4 February is World Cancer Day as designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). So what’s with … Continue reading

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I rest my case. Comment from the archives here. Even techier details here. Nothing new, incidentally, but y’all enjoy your steak and chips 🙂

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Saving Sergeant Rex.

I think this blog by Phil, Mouse of the Hedge, says it all. I am not into internet petitions, or any petitions, as I think they rarely work. But I have signed this one, and I would encourage anyone else … Continue reading

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No violins or flowers for these.

A disturbing post from Philosopher Mouse. Naturally, being rather naive in my 50s I had to DDG (Duck Duck Go) to discover what a rape kit was. I thought a rape kit, was, well, you can guess. Apparently not. According … Continue reading

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Paleo, paleo ….

When I first read about the paleo diet I was puzzled. In the extreme. I’d never heard of it of course. Why would I in my sheltered vegetable patch? I read these absolutely glowing evangelical reviews. This, apparently, was the … Continue reading

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So why are you vegetarian?

It always happens. The one that kills the conversation. There you are chatting away happily about nothing in particular and it suddenly comes up. Maybe you have refused the prawn vol-au-vent (yes I know I’m showing my age with that … Continue reading

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You’ve got cancer and you’re sick? Get back to work.

A good friend, who has gone through the gruelling ordeal of cancer treatment, has alerted people (on FB) to the latest really clever proposal by the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK. Apparently having cancer does not mean … Continue reading

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Breast screening – do I? don’t I?

The lovely blogger does not seem to want to let me separate my paragraphs with a gap so this post is available for viewing (complete with separated pars) on roughseas. I won’t be closing this blog down as people do … Continue reading

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Some millions of years ago I did an MBA with the Open University. It suited me at the time, work paid for the fees, and I was hungry and career motivated enough to fit it in at weekends and evenings. … Continue reading

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Paracetamol anyone?

I was idly standing in the supermarket checkout, as you do. It was fairly early in the morning, and most of the checkouts only had one person going through so I hit the nearest one that seemed to be nearly … Continue reading

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I thought a brief explanation about survival rates might be helpful. Before I started working in the health service, I had no idea what the concept meant. I figured it meant you either lived for ever or you died. But … Continue reading

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Cancer – and that time of year

Oh dear. It is that time of year where women start posting crass comments on facebook about the colour (of their bra), the state (of their hair), where they like it (left their handbag) and now the latest one, which … Continue reading

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Health service rationing

Everyone knows health care is rationed. Don’t they? Whether it is funded, or not funded, by government or insurance companies – or you pay for it privately – it is still rationed because money is finite. It is just not … Continue reading

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Generic prescribing

I spent the vast part of my life knowing nothing at all about – prescription – drugs. The nearest I got to anything remotely druggy was when I had appendicitis, or maybe it was when I had yet another fractured … Continue reading

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Public relations – in the NHS

Stress seemed like a good topic for the day – but in thinking about it, I thought I should precede it with one about public relations to give a little insight. As everyone probably doesn’t know, the average PR person … Continue reading

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Health issues – more smears ……

OK, a few stories about screening. The biggest story to hit the UK was when screening errors at Kent and Canterbury Hospital led to the deaths of eight women and 90,000 women were recalled for further tests. BBC News link … Continue reading

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