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Babies, kids and all that crap

Some of my dear friends may already be aware that the maternal instinct thing fortunately passed me by. That’s if you even subscribe to the theory of maternal instincts as opposed to cultural gender indoctrination. Which, put simply, means women … Continue reading

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My mother-in-law

Mothers in law occasionally (!!) comes up as a topic of coversation among some of my friends. It is beyond me why male comedians seem to poke fun at their wife’s mother, ie their mother-in-law. I think my women friends, … Continue reading

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Facebook – Now you see me ..

Now you don’t. For those of you who don’t know, I have deactivated my Facebook account for a while, to take a break from my busy round of internet social networking. There are a number of reasons for this so … Continue reading

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Dogs bite……

Overheard walking up the high street. ‘Now you mustn’t touch dogs again, because they bite strangers…..’ Well that’s a great way to instill fear of dogs into a child. Not for a minute do I agree with some nervous noisy … Continue reading

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Seems there is nothing more guaranteed to set feminists against each other than the subject of animal rights – in whatever form. For no particular reason, I want to say, for possibly the millionth time, that I do not agree … Continue reading

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On going out

I am not a big fan of social engagements. It’s ironic because in my younger days I would love to have led an exciting life full of nights out and partying-on. Every night spent in alone felt like I was … Continue reading

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What rescue dog?

Well done Obama, you fucking hypocrite. You have just done jack shit nada for promoting the attractions of rescuing dogs from shelters. Despite the much-publicised comments from the family during the presidential campaign that they wanted a rescue dog – … Continue reading

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Giving to charity

I do not like being TOLD to give money to charity or being manipulated into feeling embarrassed if I choose not to give. Standing at the supermarket check-out I noticed a bucket with not very much change in it. On … Continue reading

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We’ve had four dogs in around 20 years. The first three came from rescue homes in the UK, the last one found us on the street in Spain. We were both brought up with dogs, so once we got our … Continue reading

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