Trans beta readers

Can’t move on the internet for trans. Fall over them everywhere.

There I was browsing a book forum when I noticed a request for a trans woman or trans girl beta reader. (Beta reader: someone who reads a manuscript pre-publication to suggest changes, point out errors.)

The story is about ‘F/F aka lesbian romance’.

Because the author is not trans, they wants trans input so they don’t write anything ignorant or offensive.

That’s fair enough. But you knows, I have me an awful sneaking feeling that lesbians who are women, rather than men who want to be women and have sex with women, might have a view too. They might be slightly offended or worse. Because a lot of lesbians don’t want to have sex with men purporting to be women. At all. Two sides of the coin you know.

But whatever. The trans movement rolls on and pushes us all out of the way.

Now, if only someone wanted a radfem beta reader. Or possibly an evil terf.

Not a novel I’d want to be writing anyway.

Perhaps it’s the next Crying Game. Instead of having men being duped by transgender people, now we have women being duped.

Crazy world.

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I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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17 Responses to Trans beta readers

  1. Miep says:

    That’s infuriating. Make sure men edit your lesbian novel in case it was inadvertently actually about lesbians. We couldn’t have that, who knows what might happen?

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    • I shouldn’t but I had to laugh at that succinct summary. But, is it not a great example of the trans creep? We don’t need a real life actual woman lesbian to comment. We need a man. Who wants to be a woman. Or thinks he is one. With a female penis presumably etc.
      If this is a book about lesbians surely a lesbian perspective is slightly valid?
      If it’s about trans, then ok, but maybe not all lesbians want to have sex with trans? So, inject a sense of reality, because like you, I read a fair few lesbian blogs and the authors do not want sex with trans people.


  2. tildeb says:

    Was the book forum you were browsing titled Theater of the Absurd? Although you know we disagree sometimes, I do love reading you. You craft your words so well I am thoroughly jealous.


  3. Lol. I like the absurd actually. Well, not this absurd.

    As you say, disagreement is healthy. Sort of.

    But I like your compliment. Thank you. Wanna beta read about trans … ?


  4. EllaDee says:

    So many things I’m not across… I’d really have to Google to get all the nuances. But, I do wonder why someone would write a novel about something they need input from someone else who is versed in the topic, when they could write about something they are. And why would people want to read it if they knew this.

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    • Who knows? Not me. Trying to cash in on the ever-growing transactivism? The latest new fad to take over from vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and BDSM? A lesbian who fantasises about sex with a trans person? Someone who wants to be trans? No idea. The options are endless.
      The issue for me however, is that a lot of lesbians aren’t happy with MtFs calling themselves lesbian (complete with a female penis, natch) and wanting to have sex with lesbians. So, our author is concerned that s/he maybe being ignorant or offensive to trans people but what about the same concern being extended to lesbians? Even the description ‘F/F aka lesbian romance’ would have lesbians tearing out their hair.
      Big issue.
      But there again there are some good blog posts at the moment about a MtF trans person who fathered three (?) kids and now describes itself as their mother. Hmm. Orwellian at its best.

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  5. As Alice said “Curiouser and curiouser”.
    People should write what they know about. That used to be recommended for a successful book


    • I think there is something to be said on both sides. Yes to writing about what we know, but good research and a vivid imagination leads to hitorical novels and futuristic ones.
      I can’t imagine writing about being a parent, lesbian or trans. But that’s just me.

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      • Wise to seek expert advice in uncharted waters – whether in writing on a topic or classifying rocks. (Unless you’ve got a lot of confidence, a big reputation established, or very clear that it is all wild fiction with no basis in reality? 🙂 (Finally a north wind, clear skies – and we are ready to romp …Octoberfest starts this weekend at local breweries…and I’ve got some flat soled shoes HA HA. Molly back in her fields and running off summer pounds.)


        • I could write about world travel and dogs and … well dogs. Oktoberfest? In Texas!!
          Girl and boy back to Spain soon for walkies.


          • Well, that’s quite a bit…(don’t forget the hospital and medical topics from several viewpoints)
            Tejas was heavily German from early years. MAny of the churches did services in German well into the 60’s – schools also taught in German for a long time. There’s a unique German dialect that was spoken around central TX is being “saved” by historians and linguist. We are really mutt city here.
            Nice time of year for a trip here, hope yours is pleasant.


          • Ah. I forgot that. Silly me. Only took up ten years and half a dozen ops.
            I’m still on zwei beiren, wo ist der rathaus etc.
            Nowhere is more mutt than Gib!
            Still warm, warm, mozzie cockie weather.

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          • For such a litle bit of land, Gib has seen a huge amount of history and people wandering through. Part of what makes it interesting. (that and polka dotted dresses…)
            This month we also have the Korean Festival, Italian Festival, Egyptian, Dia de los muertos, a couple of outdoor art festivals, and the state fair (which we avoid – too crowded and the smell of that food in hot weather…).
            Once the heat breaks, we finally can get out and enjoy life. More than ready for cool.


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