Children, prime ministers, and PR

How many men say they are better qualified to be a price, oops, prime, minister because they have children?

Dear me.

On a side note, Eagle, Leadsom, May, are little Thatchers. The Thatcher revivalist movement.

And what is with the religion?

Candidates espousing their godworthiness? Crabb, May, Leadsom.

Keep your religion to yourselves.

Next we’ll be having the NRA fixing British elections. Bankers are more than enough.

For those of you outside the UK, Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the tory party leadership race.

She needs a new PR advisor.

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4 Responses to Children, prime ministers, and PR

  1. makagutu says:

    If the majority of your voters are religious, then you may just pander to a god you don’t believe in, especially if one is a politician


  2. Very few I would guess, how many men could do a full time job of any sort as well as run a home and look after children?


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