Equality – for women? – of course, so long as it suits the men

Civilisation is surely marked by a country that provides a reasonable level of public services? Eg the odd library, art gallery, museum, sports centre?

But no!!!

If you want those you must pay for them yourself.

Education? Unemployment benefit? Affordable housing? A state pension?

No, you should work for all those too. With any luck you will drop dead trying to pay your taxes and fund your life.

Which may or may not include health care.

The big one

Let me be frank. Even more than normal.

I have no time for insurance-based health care. The concept of insurance companies making money out of ill people leaves me, well, sick.

Restrictions on care. Only this service or that. And only three appointments a month. Some time I spent on American forums left me cringing at the limitations on their care. Brits moan about access to cancer drugs, I read about an American woman dying of lung cancer struggling to get any drugs.

No-one, but no-one, should be entitled to make money out of someone’s ill health.

‘Hey roughseas, broke your ankle? Tough shit. Give me ten grand.’ Or whatever.

‘Want a smear? Need one every year mind.’ (And no you do NOT). ‘Oh, but not on this plan.’

‘Mental health appointments? Not included on your plan sweetheart.’

‘No more cancer drugs for you darling, drop dead sooner rather than later.’

With the exception of the first hypothetical scenario, the others are true. And a little internet research shows that my accident would be minimum twenty odd thousand dollars. And then physio?

My internet friends tell me that the concept of universal health care isn’t popular. Why should you pay for my broken ankle? Why should I pay for your kids’ education?

A communal society means we all put in and don’t necessarily take out. Sometimes we do. Maybe disproportionately to our contribution.

But there is something there to help us all. Whether it is affordable housing, unemployment benefits, free education, free parks, libraries, museums, sports centres, and free health care. If you are lucky, maybe a state pension.

The reason for this post however is, a judgement made by the American Supreme Court. Called SCOTUS. A bit like their president is called POTUS. Why do they need to add US on the end?

Anyway, the crux is, because America has the most stupid health care system in the world, some bleaty-arsed firm has objected to providing certain contraception as part of its employee health insurance programme on religious grounds because it is tantamount to abortion.

And the supreme court, upheld the case. Crazy crazy crazy.

Because, if the employer, providing insurance-based health care, doesn’t agree with something on religious grounds, they can default.

Many others have made the arguments about refusing blood transfusions, vaccinations, transplants, using pig derivatives, anything that might be contrary to religious beliefs may follow next.

Or will they?

This is nothing more than a despicable, disgraceful, disgusting attack on women’s rights.

Is there one good reason why a woman shouldn’t use contraception? Oh yes, of course.

Her role in society is to drop kids, left, right and centre and wear herself out and die early in the process.

Who has the right to mandate what a woman should do with her body?

Because, I’m up for mandating what men should do with theirs.

You keep your hands off my body. I’ll leave yours alone. Assuming I even want it. Unlikely.


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45 Responses to Equality – for women? – of course, so long as it suits the men

  1. makagutu says:

    some of the things that come out of the states leave me wondering if they went bonkers a while back as people watched. A real real crazy people.


    • I’d say that, but then they all get really really upset. Can we not accept our county is not perfect? Especially when based on religion.


      • makagutu says:

        I really wouldn’t want to annoy the delicate sensibilities of our American friends, but this looks to me to be the definition of a state at war with itself.


        • Nor would I, but the American dream is not helping anyone. And that is what many buy into. The influence the US has in the rest of the world, whether based on religion or greed for oil is harmful.

          Come on, weapons of mass destruction? I didn’t believe the US and I didn’t believe my government. But it’s still a dangerous world power, and increasingly so with the religious drivel.


  2. pinkagendist says:

    That’s the bad side- but keep in mind that wackadoodle anti-contraception people are actually a minority. They’re even a minority on the right. The ACA law has, in practice, more than quadrupled the amount of women with access to “free” contraception in America:
    “the number of women who filed prescriptions for oral contraceptives with no co-pays increased from 1.2 million in 2012 to an estimated 5 million in 2013” Washington Post
    The Supreme Court is a political machine- but even they won’t be able to stand in the way of progress. We’re at a crossroads and this new generation is going to wipe out this rubbish. Mark my words.


    • I hope you’re right. However that doesn’t alter the fact that this was a retrograde judgement based on neither logic nor reasoning. Did you read the link to The Arborist’s piece on Dead Wild Roses? She included two articulate comments expressing why this decision was wrong, totally flawed in terms of both law and science. Said it far better than I could especially as I neither work in law or obs/gynae.


      • pinkagendist says:

        Have you ever read about Dred Scott vs. Sandford:
        “People of African descent imported into the United States and held as slaves, or their descendants — whether or not they were slaves — were not protected by the Constitution and could never be citizens of the United States.”


  3. Kev says:

    Oh dear! Here we go. First of all, Brits are spoiled. NHS and all that. Some never work a day in their lives and yet expect everything handed to them on a platter. I have mixed feelings about this. People coming over to England and getting free health care. I have a problem with that.

    The American system. They do have a medicaid system for the poor… have had for decades. Insurance? Depends on the company. The more you pay, the better it is. I’m glad my son was in America when he died and got resuscitated.

    I honestly do not trust the NHS enough to have saved his life and given him all the treatment he needed and still needs. I may be wrong about the NHS, but I know that Charles got the best treatment available.

    At the same time, I see your perspective on Insurance companies making money on illnesses. I never thought of it that way, to be honest. However, it is no different than the pharmaceutical companies dictating what is available to the NHS and what isn’t due to the prices they charge.

    They are worse than the insurance companies. They have drugs that can save/extend life, but refuse to lower their prices for the sake of humanity. Sorry, It is they that hold things back and determine costs, not the insurance companies.

    I fail to see where this is about equality. But I’m sure you have valid points for thinking it as such.


    • I think Brits abuse the NHS and yes they are spoiled going to the medic for every sniffle under the sun. But, part of that is employment related. Eg, I sprain something, as I often do. It takes time to recover. I need to have medical intervention – whether or not it needs it – to prove it is genuine to get a sick note, or I am sacked. Damn nuisance. There is a difference between accidents, emergencies and sniffles. Most UK health care is the first and the third.

      I have a problem with that too. Particularly as having lived abroad for so long I apparently wouldn’t qualify. Hey, remember me? I paid top whack NI and 40% taxes. And I don’t get to use anything provided by the state? Why not?

      You know more about it than me. I’m saying what I’ve read on private forums and it wasn’t good. Also that as with ins, Medicaid was limited.

      If you had enough money to pay top whack, that’s great. But not everyone does. And I don’t see why they should. I hate insurance at the best of times. It’s one thing taking a risk with house insurance ie if you don’t have a mortgage where you need it, another with vehicles (illegal not to have it) and a basic human right such as health care.

      My point is not about the quality of care in either the USA or the UK, but about the level, availability and access. I’ve been in and out of hospitals on both sides of the bed. I know the good and bad as a patient, and the same as a manager. I can write reams about the problems within the NHS believe me! There is good quality care there, especially in the top teaching hospitals. I’ve worked with good staff. How do I know? Audit results apart from anything else.

      What lets it down is the typical British perception that we should only spend on doctors and nurses not good managers. I would say that. People who manage to make things happen, improve services, get govt funding, and get different disciplines to sit down together. Sadly, we do need lots of meetings in the NHS. Not all of them, but when it comes to improving patient care they are essential. You need a lot of brass neck to walk into a room full of consultants and specialist nurses and tell persuade them what to do.

      I agree about pharma. Their problem is, they have a short timescale once a drug has been approved, in which to recoup their research and development costs before everyone else jumps in and can make generic brands. Look at the lip herpes one. Zovirax is branded and costs around seven quid. Morrisons sells a generic one for half the price. Exactly the same make-up, active ingredient acyclovir. I spent some time working on generic prescribing issues, so don’t start me off!

      It’s about equality from two perspectives. Did you read the bottom linky pingback? Summed it up well.

      1) Primarily the Scotus judgement is discriminating against a woman’s choice of contraception via her workplace health care insurance cover based on the religious beliefs of her employer. That discriminates against women per se in that they can’t choose what they want and against women who don’t share the religious beliefs of the employer.

      2) Secondly, and the broader issue, is that an insurance-based, financially privileged health care system is never, ever going to be equal. It is based on money, not that every person has a right to health and a life. You said yourself, the more you pay, the better the care is.



      • Kev says:

        I think if you can prove (which is not hard) that you have paid NI contributions you should be able to access the NHS whether you live abroad or not. However, those who come over, migrate, holiday, whatever, shouldn’t get it for free. Sure have it provided in the name of humanity… but get billed for it. Just like we do when we go abroad.

        There are good and bad arguments for both cases. I think a balance needs to be created and preserved in fairness. For example, if you have the money, you pay, if you don’t it’s provided on humanitarian basis. Get rid of the insurance crap completely. They’re just middle-men or women so to speak. (some are run and owned by women)

        This is why I hate religion. I’ll say no more. It just sets me off good-style. Pisses me right off… there I go… stop it!

        Good point.


        • Well, what you think ain’t what happens. According to the Daily Wail or the Daily Sexpress or wherever I read it. There are reciprocal agreements between countries for emergencies. But people don’t get billed, nor do insurance comps, it’s govt funded.

          We are going to disagree on this one. If people have the money they should pay? Fine. Do you pay for education for your children or yourself come to that? Library services? Sports facilities? Walking in the park to feed the ducks? It doesn’t hold water. Why pick out health care?

          More to the point, why have an unfair system that is NOT equal for everyone?


          • Kev says:

            Fair enough. Let’s agree to disagree. Love your paper titles.
            We do pay for our education and that of our children…it’s not free. Why do you think we pay taxes? Same as NI for the NHS. It’s not free to those that work… so it seems the system agrees more with me. 😀 Government funding comes from taxation. Only those who work are taxed. Same goes for parks, library services ect ect. all from taxes. not free. Nothing is free unless you don’t work, never intend to work and live a life taking the piss.


          • Yes, but I pay for your children’s education, or your partner’s hip replacement, or your parent’s EPD. Probably don’t have that any more.

            Didn’t they bring in retrospective tax on benefit at one point? Can’t remember.

            Anyway, why pay taxes, that includes some services, but have to pay private health care insurance? Why not education insurance? Why not etc?

            Some people don’t get the fair deal in life. That’s why we need state systems to look after everyone. Not just the fit who get the breaks. Hmm I got the break with the ankle but not one I wanted.


          • Kev says:

            We will always have the poor and disadvantaged. I’m all for providing humanitarian aid and having things in place for them. But we can’t expect everything to be free for everyone…it simply is not tenable.

            You said yourself that the pharmaceutical companies have to recoup expenses for research etc. 🙂

            How is the ankle darling? You haven’t really mentioned it lately. Hope it’s improving. I know you’re due back soon.


          • It’s not ‘free’. It’s paid for by taxes. But give me one good reason why education is more important than health care? Why should education be funded and essential health care not? The list goes on, pensions, disability benefits, unemployment benefits.

            You know as well as anyone what an impact ill health can have on life, it shouldn’t be a cause for profit. It isn’t planned. There are things you can’t plan for, and things you can’t. Ill health isn’t one.

            It’s not humanitarian aid, health care for everyone without discrimination is a basic human right. It should not be dished out depending on money, gender, or religious beliefs.


  4. davidprosser says:

    When POTUS first put forward the idea of a Universal Healthcare System I could hear the screams from here. The ones I expected were from the Insurance Companies and I wasn’t disappointed but the ones I heard most were from the American people themselves. I was actually thrown off a forum for asking why they didn’t want it and why he was Satan to one set of Christian Churches but not the other. What I heard quite often is “We’re capitalists and don’t want something for nothing.” One of those shouts from someone who had regular appointments o have his blood cleaned. They didn’t want our rubbish system.
    Well, like you, I don’t want an Insurance company to decide when the money has run out for my treatment or when here may be a treatment they don’t want to fund. I’ll take my system any day that’s done well by me in the main.I now here that the system has been well watered down but friends tell me their premiums as decided by Government have gone up quite a lot.
    The British system is fairer towards women and doesn’t have the political dictats which decide she can/cannot have abortions, contraception etc. Much better that you don’t remain in pain because you can’t afford to go for treatment.
    xxx Hugs xxx


    • I’ve seen the ‘we’ll fund our health, but not someone else’s’ sort of comments. Why not have insurance-based education? What’s the difference? Why does health matter less? Because people HAVE to pay for it?

      Our system isn’t free anyway. Sure free at point of service, but we do pay NI. In fact an insurance system. Just not a private one with an intermediary creaming off the profits. I haven’t visited a hospital in 37 years until this year, and my rare GP visits were sick notes. But do I mind paying in? Of course not. It contributes to a fair and equal society for everyone. What is wrong with that?

      The only inequality in the UK was around rationing, postcode prescribing, and state-funded long-term care. Largely a result of Thatcher who so wanted to scrap the NHS. Funding the NHS has always been and will be a problem. But, I agree, it is fair, certainly not swayed by religious beliefs, and doesn’t discriminate. And, I think my care under the Gib system has been pretty good overall. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to pay twenty grand for surgery.

      The tramp on the street should get the same emergency care as me. Do we really lack so much compassion? Probably.


      • National Insurance doesn’t pay for the Health Service. When it was introduced this was a wonderful concept but now it is just a separate underhand and misleading stream of income tax revenue for the Government. It isn’t ring fenced for health care any more than vehicle licence duty pays for road maintenance. The UK tax system is an impenetrable labyrinth and that is exactly the way all governments like it. The less we understand the less likely we are to challenge!


        • Of course it doesn’t. Nor did I say it did. I said we contributed via NI. Just as rates never paid for all local government, I think the figures for that were something around 60:40 although can’t remember which way, and it changed at some point too. I agree it is misleading, but imagine scrapping it and putting up taxation?! Plus there is employers NI to take into account too.

          It’s irrelevant that it’s not ring fenced because it wouldn’t be enough anyway. Let alone UB, or whatsit allowance, plus non-existent pensions.

          Anyways, we have no road tax in Gib in our happy little tax free overseas territory. As you like to point out.


          • I disagree. I think it is important that we understand our revenue and expenditure streams. I don’t put my income in a tin and just take it out to pay for things in an uncontrolled way without some sort of budget and I doubt that you do either. If we don’t understand how much things cost then we will never know the value of them!


          • Disagree with what? I didn’t say we shouldn’t understand revenue streams. I said it was irrelevant that it’s not ring-fenced, thereby proving that I do understand govt funding. So there.

            I don’t think either yours or my household expenditure is comparable to running the country or we would all be Chancellor of the Exchequer. I’ve heard this comparison before and it is silly. Of course I don’t go into debt, save for unplanned emergencies, and spend within my means. But that’s hardly on the scale of committing to war in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever. Or needing to fund newly proven drugs that can help with Alzheimer’s. Or factoring in unplanned terrorist attacks. Etc etc


          • OK, I realise that you find it impossible to concede a point so I’ll give in and go to bed!


          • And I realise you love to argue, but I’ll agree it’s time for bed.


          • I prefer to think of it as challenge! I remember a Professor at University (S B Chrimes) telling us to never believe a word you read and always challenge. Funny how some things just stick in your mind, I don’t remember a single other thing he said.


          • I don’t remember being taught that explicitly, but I do it anyway. It’s a historian’s job. Or maybe a journalist’s. Or maybe both. Where’s the evidence, what’s the source, etc


  5. EllaDee says:

    Excellent post – Clouds gold. “The concept of insurance companies making money out of ill people leaves me, well, sick”. The politicization and corporatization of every possible aspect of our lives by people with self-interested agendas, including the “wackadoodles” (love that word) religious and/or gun-toting or otherwise, who have a presence in every camp, wielding their money and power so they can procure more at the expense of those who have not.
    I don’t believe in private health insurance for all the reasons you say… it’s a crock; what they care about is the wellbeing of corporate profits, share price and dividends. Some offer basic incentives promoting prevention & good health; basically marketing balm. To put in blandly, they just want our money. They don’t care.
    As for women’s reproduction or health, it’s not something that should be dictated by any other person, religious-corporate-government entity. Financially & politically in bed together, contraception is a big deal for the Government and Big Pharma – “among President Obama’s biggest financial backers are precisely the Big Pharma companies who benefit from the mandate” but it’s a continuation of historical collaboration regardless of affiliation, including, the long controversial stance of the FDA who is responsible for approving among others, contraceptive drugs that have the potential to undermine women’s health (which is a personal trigger pint for me as the effects are ongoing). Once again these drugs are produced primarily for profit not for health. If there was no money it in it wouldn’t exist.
    The issue of entitlement – free of any constraint – to contraception is just the tip of the iceberg, symptomatic of the lack of true egalitarianism not just in the U.S. but globally. It’s not a level playing field, the rules aren’t fair when it comes to money and power – I think the world’s current level of civilisation in its true sense is over-rated.


    • Well, thank you, but I suppose it depends on your point of view.

      We had health cover in Aus, not that we ever used it. Went to visit a mate in hospital, really impressed with his care, the high standards, cleanliness etc. very good. I went on a study tour to look at health in NZ and that was fascinating.

      The bigger point about limiting access to women’s health care, is about dictating to women. Their health, their life. Why not pick on other allegedly offensive practices to *some* religions? Why pick on contraception? Because it’s the only one that focuses totally on women.

      I’ll be more interested when we hear restrictions for sildenafil, brachytherapy and penile implants approved by Scotus.

      Health care is big money. Not everyone has big money to pay for it.


  6. The United Health Group in the US has a Board of Directors of 11, 9 men and 2 women and a Senior Management Team of 15, 11 men and 4 women. (Company Annual Report 2013).


    • Women?! Not ladies?!

      But why does that ratio not surprise me?


      • It didn’t surprise me either. Secretly I was hoping that there might me more women than men or at least a 50:50ish ratio so that I could have challenged your post but of course I wasn’t surprised and I can’t. The Chief Executive is a man of course.


        • Haha. Me working in health service. Chair (Tory) was woman.

          Requirement to have an equal gender board. Oh, but we don’t need that as I am the chair. Groan.

          Years later, exec directors, chief exec, finance, performance, public health, all men. Women who appeared occasionally were token gestures. Yeah, equality exists.


  7. cobbies69 says:

    Insurances companies, always worry me,, paying them so much money and getting nowt in return. Always finding reasons not to pay up, if your ankle was ten grand I wonder what mine would have cost,, my death probably, and I am a man.. I think womens issues should be dealt with by women, it is after all them who knows best…. 🙂 oops a smilie..


    • Yes, totally agree. Anyway, googled cost was twenty grand for surgery alone !!!! My ten was an inaccurate guess and I thought that was dear.

      Your health care, mine, are exactly why I think a state health system is the only fair system for everyone. Hey Gerry, your care doesn’t cover … Oops sorry mate, bye bye. It freaks me out.

      No-ones health issues should be determined by religious or any other bigoted beliefs. Eg, you smoke/smoked, you can’t have cardio thoracic surgery. It’s not difficult, we need to provide care for people and not be judgemental based on personal beliefs.


      • cobbies69 says:

        That was one question I was regularly asked did I smoke, have I ever smoked. I did ask what the differences would have been… However they did keep emphasizing the dangers it might incur, like me a collapsed lung and air pockets… oops sorry i cannot reply to this I am extinguished…. As for religious beliefs unless it was them that caused the need for surgery, then it should be looked at, questioned,, terrorism I mean..but generally it should make no difference. There could be one problem where Jehovah’s refuse blood.. …


        • Nobody ever asked me if I smoked, yet they spoke to other patients about it. Maybe I don’t look like one? Or wasn’t showing withdrawal symptoms, demanding to go outside for a fag?

          It’s not just blood transfusions, vaccinations are an issue, anything derived from pigs, there is quite a long list …


  8. Always more interesting here than the news these days: Some basketball guy trying to decide if being offered $88 million dollars over 4 years is enough….The Administration/ DC offices/White House paying women less for the same job – and given women much lower bonuses (although why any of them are getting bonuses is beyond me – a business run as poorly would be out of business in short time. Bunch of juveniles. (Hate all the initials instead of nouns – darling invention of the press and feds recently – once again juvenile)
    Insurance companies have always been horrid – and are much worse now under the new “improved’ healthcare law ( under another president, universal healthcare might have been done appropriately…but these guys were in a rush and sloppy – seems no one read anything, realized the holes in it, realized the power it was giving insurance companies) What a mess. That’s why the anger and distrust.
    Medicaid and Medicare are totally different – one if for those with no income of any age, one for elderly and retired. Now even if you are working and want to buy your own insurance, once over 65 you are forced on Medicare. Medicare is not free – the elderly must pay – and those costs have skyrocketed – over double the cost of private insurance from 2 years ago. This doesn’t seem right…forces many to keep working to pay for gov. medicare.
    The insurance companies can no longer shun those with pre-existiing conditions (good…realistically every one has something- and the insurance companies were using all of it to refuse). Now they have a new tactic. Insurance companies all offer their list of drugs the agree to covered – and many do not approach the drug companies to be supplied with cancer drugs (all approved procedures under new healthcare law). Don’t offer the drug – and the individual leaves trying to find a company that does offer what they need, win for them! Insurance companies also contract with specific hospital and hospital corporations (who employ/pay the docs and staff). Most insurance companies are avoiding the research/teaching hospitals, and the big (well know for their specialties) hospitals like the heart institutes(St Lukes), cancer centers (like MD Andersen). So if you doc or hospital isn’t connected with your insurance company – tough. If you get sick, and need the experts – out of network. Sorry. So the insurance companies have managed -by helping to write the healthcare law – to lower their risks and increase their profit. Great.That wasn’t what were were told when it passed. It wasn’t supposed to be this.
    My daughter works in the big Med center downtown. Her insurance plan says if she gets pregnant, she can’t go across the street to Women’s or to any of the big major hospitals there – she must drive 45-50 miles one way in traffic (about 2 hrs one way) to the in network hospital – and prenatal care. Great. So happy. But she’s covered! (except the insurance company keeps wanting to change the “covered” brand of birth control every month – even the though the doc write it has to be this specific one…insurance companies are now trying to override Docs and tell you what drug they want you to take…without a medical degree…a person would get thrown in jail for that- but a company….)
    We have multiple cancer patients – and elder elderly in the family. We know the problems.
    It is now taking 3 months to get my yearly check up appt ( 3-4 weeks was considered long wait 2 years ago)
    Everyone was surprised by the court’s ruling. But they are supposed to rule by letter of the law and not on emotion. – the constitutional law here says can’t infringe on religion or personal beliefs. You can’t make stores open on Sunday or Saturday. You can’t make Jewish or Muslim groceries make or sell certain products.
    No one forces anyone (yet) to work where they don’t like the benefits – and no one is forced( yet) to shop there. In the past, voting with the wallet has produced results. There are other ways to skin a cat…tantrums are generally a waste of energy. Laws can be written differently and carefully so it’s better. Here, birth control is free/$16.00 a month at free clinics, colleges, Planned Parenthood – not like it’s unavailable meanwhile. Life goes on. (and here in TX kids have always had free state insurance)
    We’ll see what the next chapter is. People here pretty are tired of being tricked and lied to.
    No one is letting this slide
    (the religion thing in a post in progress…a bit of hypocritical going on…they can’t have it both ways – religion isn’t a marketing tool for the feds to use when they want something. Totally nuts)
    Hey – why aren’t you exercising? Don’t blame it on the dogs….(we have those stretchy bands here…they really should be used as directed, I keep saying!) Paw waves to pups!


  9. No news here. Just opinion. But hey? Isn’t that news these days? No facts, no straight unbiased reporting.

    Must be difficult. $22 a year. Would that keep the pups in dog biscuits. Got to get priorities right.

    Great insight into US health care, thanks for that. It never fails to leave me baffled.

    As both a manager in state-funded health care, and a reluctant current user, I am so pleased it exists. The day the UK brought in the NHS, cradle to grave and all that, was a moment of beautiful politics. Doesn’t happen these days.

    I will always support state-funded health care. Sure we pay into it, via contributions, but it isn’t restricted to this or that depending on an insurance plan. I’ve had problems in the past as a patient, I still support it. My partner wouldn’t be alive without it (premature).

    Within Gib’s limited means, I consider I have had very good care. Cost has not come into it. People have, in the words of the ambulance man, wanted to make me fit. It’s not about profit, it’s about an ethos. That’s also why I worked until after midnight (salaried, no overtime) to do a good job. Health is precious. No price should be put upon it.

    Got to exercise when Pod is asleep or out or he wants to join in. Not that he needs it.


    • Just a quick update. There’s a bill in progress the senate and a companion bill in the House that addresses the birth control issue and health care. (This is what the justices in the Supreme Court said would have to be done. With the current Health care law, they could only rule as they did because of the wording. It was a poorly written, badly worded bill in so many ways, but if you noticed and said anything people just screamed you were horrid…well, now the chickens have come home to roost and clean up will be messy. It will be done.)
      There’s also a women’s march being planned for Sept in DC. (My only hope is that it stays focused on a march for women – and avoids becoming a political party march. What slowed women’s rights movement here is that one party (or the men in it) decided this was their voting block to command and got very exclusive about who was allowed to speak and participate…When I raised the question as to why women of the other political party and independents like myself were not included, the women leaders looked blank and said “why this is a liberal’s issue and why would the others be interested?” DUH – it’s a women’s issue, fools, think. As you can see progress is difficult when sheep are shoved along by others.)
      About the insurance stupidity….all the policies are no mandated with the same coverage – but the companies are free to make deals and contracts with whom they please. It takes study and careful reading to find the right fit for you. Most didn’t realize or think when signing up. It shouldn’t be this way. Oddly the government plan is more costly to individuals than the insurance company plans. – which shocked many. A large number of people filled out the paper work ( to show feds they have insurance coverage as mandated) but never sent a check – so actually they don’t have insurance. But the costs per individual are horribly costly and I can see why many don’t follow through – especially the younger healthy one ( there’s always emergency/free clinic care available for all). It would help if all docs, medicines, hospitals had to be covered by all plans. It would help if you could choose a higher deductible for a policy and have/ officially document you had a special medical savings account for emergency use to pay that deductible if necessary (would lower monthly costs). But all I can do is contact those who pass the laws and keep fingers crossed.
      This didn’t have to be this difficult if only a little more time and care had been taken to write the darn thing properly
      Off to boring stuff – more cat to skin and chase (like why would the feds want to house vulnerable stressed immigrant kids in an old school building closed 14 yrs ago because it was unfit for occupancy for kids then? (closed, buildings with leaky roofs here get toxic mold..then there’s the asbestos)
      And then there’s the idiotic idea of putting a shelter/processing center in a flood zone and a mandatory hurricane evacuation area with a too small road (made even smaller by ongoing construction) that is the only route to safety? (and there are already 3 full shelters in Galaveston and Brazoria county – both of which are known to flood.)
      Totally nuts – asking for trouble when you’ve got enough already…


      • Again, your health care leaves me totally bemused. It is so simple to pay compulsory state contributions and receive care, the same care as everyone else? Why is that difficult? What is difficult, is the funding, priorities and pressures behind the scenes, but for the patient in the street, that isn’t their issue.

        People only ever fix the little things. The big ones are too difficult. Oh, biscuits to eat and toys to destroy … Hey Molly, come help? Please?


        • The problem is too few are working. Too many have found working a little means cuts or elimination of food stamps, and welfare checks. So they decide to just sit. Some unemployed just keep having more babies so they get more money per child. (Seriously you can’t feed the ones you have, so stop already.) The middle class is struggling and being saddled with most of the costs for everyone – the ultra rich are really happy to give other people’s money aways, and retain their own. At this point soon there will be only 2 classes: serfs and ultra rich/politicans/sports stars. Not much of an exaggeration. I can afford myself and mine and that’s about it – I’m not willing to be a burden to others or rely on kindness of others considering how things are going here. No easy fixes for sure. Part of the problem is the federal government has shown it is incapable of managing money or running a healthcare system. The Veteran’s Administration scandal /dysfunction is exactly what will happen here if we are all forced into one system. There’s a lot online about it if you aren’t familiar with the mess – it’s horrid – men who fought and trusted the government would keep it’s word…well, they are dying from mismanagement and lack of concern. In the US nothing is getting fixed….but where to go now?


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