More super shopping

Shopping never fails to amaze me. Not that I do it very often, and try my best to palm off that tedious task onto Partner. Even doing the washing up or mopping the floors is a worthwhile trade.

As my dear readers know, I am vegetarian. Most of my readers are not. I say, most, because I can think of two self-confessed vegetarians who comment on here.

But the majority of you are not. Which is probably a reasonable representation of society.

So what surprises me, is the way the vegetarian shelves in the supermarket empty faster than any others. The organic veg also disappear as soon as they are stocked up.

Either there are one hell of a lot of vegetarians in Gibraltar and AndalucΓ­a, or sneaky carnivores are stealing our food.

Cauldron sausages (tofu-based), are the worst, ie they are no sooner on the shelf than they are gone. Pesky Morrisons has not stocked them for months. What they do have is some vile rubber Quorn ones, which naturally everyone leaves. In the absence of the Cauldron ones, everybody then makes do with the Linda McCartney ones. Needless to state those then disappear.

The latest in the list of disappearing foods is Kallo organic, low salt, vegetarian stock cubes.

Would you buy those? Of course not. You would buy Knorr chicken stock cubes, or Oxo, or something tasty.

However, I have this on good third-hand authority that these are the most popular stock cubes in Morrisons. I joke not.

Approaching the desirable stock cube shelf, my partner found it depleted. Luckily there was a member of staff doing stock (cube) control or whatever they do.

He asked about the lack of organic, low salt, vegetarian stock cubes. They were coming in on Saturday, as she had already ordered them. She then proceeded to tell him that they were always the ones that went the fastest. I know that. Pretty obvious from the fact that when you go to buy some, the shelf is empty. Why don’t they just buy more? Hardly takes Einstein to work that one out.

I have to confess, we do buy three packs at a time. Not only do I use them in cooking, but the dog gets them with his biscuits. In spite of all the veterinarian and nutritional advice in the world about feeding dogs dry food, mine gets his biscuits with stock cube gravy. After all, Pedigree Chum and Pal and every other tinned dog food are mostly water, so where’s the difference?

We don’t empty the shelf though. So who are these mysterious people who also buy my favourite stock cubes?

Only the other day, the stockist cubist spotted my partner. This is not difficult at the moment, as owing to non-stop rain, he is currently disguised as an orange condom wearing extremely bright rubber waterproofs.

She apologised about the stock cubes, and apparently, they weren’t coming in on Saturday (today). The manufacturer was out of stock!! Either they were changing the packet, or the ingredients (again), or something.

I must get myself down to Holland and Barratt, a shop I dislike intensely I might add, (it’s newish in Gib), but I did notice they had some of the elusive stock cubes. Before I know it, everyone will have cleaned out their supply too.

So please people, if you are not vegetarian, don’t follow a low-salt diet, don’t read product labels and check out ingredients, or don’t eat organic food – leave my stock cubes alone.

Go and buy some nice salty beefy or chickeny ones full of junk, sugar, E numbers and all the rest of it.

But those Kallo cubes have my name on them.

PS And totally off topic.

1) I noticed WP Daily Post had an informative Kindergarten post telling us all how to comment on each other’s blogs. Read the post and the preceding comments (well that’s fine until someone has 357 comments on their blog), write something valuable, if you are going to write an essay – link to a post on your own blog etc etc. I think I have said all that and more, and probably more than once too. Naturally, I showed considerable restraint and did not comment. Although maybe I should – and link to my blog. πŸ™‚

2) A subsequent post on the DP was about a freshly pressed post written by someone who had been raped. I did comment on that. Not specifically about the post, but I did take exception to the DP writer’s comment describing other bloggers as

venturing into partisan politics or soapbox screed as lesser authors might

I don’t think you need to be raped to write about it. Just as you don’t need to suffer violence, discrimination, or any type of abuse, to consider it wrong and want to write about it to try and change opinions. We can all write personal experience posts. But there is also a need for an analytical and objective discussion too. To describe someone as a lesser author, or deriding them as someone who writes ‘soapbox screed’ is insulting. Do I need to be starving in Africa to write about it? Or living in a war-torn state like Palestine or Afghanistan to say this is not a good thing? I may write about controversial topics from time to time, and my style has been described as passionate. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of thought and research carried out before I have published a post.

If you haven’t read the post about being raped in Rome, it is an interesting read. And, just as interestingly, it received very few comments on the DP blog post although the comments on the actual post are over the three hundred mark (qv my above comment above, who can be bothered to read through all those).

Ironically, I too went on a night trip in Rome with an Italian to see the city at night from the hills. It was with someone I had met earlier that year on a French working holiday. He was a nice lad, called Giancarlo. And – nothing happened to us. I did wonder, on reading the rape post, how many people would have read it and come out with the same old line of ‘she was asking for it by jumping on the back of a motorbike with an Italian man she had just met.’ But I didn’t notice any of that. Either I didn’t read far enough down the comments, people are more empathetic, or those sort of people don’t comment on posts like that.

It was the first thought that, came to my mind though. I may well be a radical feminist, but the fact is, men rape women. And until they stop doing that, it is not a good idea to go gadding off in the night with someone you have just met. To be clear, I don’t think anyone asks to be raped. Just, don’t jump on a bike with someone you don’t know from Adam.

The real world and the ideal world don’t co-exist.

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I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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24 Responses to More super shopping

  1. Vicky says:

    Oh dear, I hold my hand up to being a buyer of vegetarian foods, though not a vegetarian.
    I doubt my purchases in the UK will be affecting the Gib shops though, unless of course our supermarkets are allocated a larger chunk of supplies.
    Ha! Just had an idea, why not order online from the UK branch and request delivery πŸ˜‰

    I’ve just had hysterics thinking about an orange condom doing the shopping, reminded me of a you’ve been Tango’d ad many years ago on TV.

    Your comment on the WP suggestion of reading every comment in posts is exactly the reason why I keep to my select little circle of bloggers, non of whom have hundreds of inane comments to troll through, which would be totally off putting.


    • So it’s your fault that there are NO stock cubes in Gib? πŸ˜€

      There is no online and delivery shopping in Gib (there is in Spain), presumably because they would be run ragged with all us non-shoppers demanding a delivery every day.

      I’ll have to take a pic of him. They were a freebie too πŸ™‚ Free orange condoms no less πŸ˜€

      It’s self-defeating. The more commenters you get, the more you put people off. I look at some, and think, ah, no need to bother, they’ve got enough on there, and I am so not wading through more than 70 comments. Fifty is my cut off point.


  2. bluonthemove says:

    I’ve not been buying up all your vegetables honestly (not least because I haven’t been in Morrisons anywhere of late). I buy low sodium salt, in part because it is high in bio available potassium which is good if you get cramps at night time and liquid chicken/beef/fish stock which is much lower in salt than the cube alternative. I’ve never bought Cauldron products either, although the shelves here always seem full of them.

    I would imagine the Kallo stock cubes have quite a long shelf life, so really no good reason not to increase their order, its not like they’ll have to throw out excess stock in a few days. Really looking forwards to see the pic of the orange condom.


    • It’s only the organic veg, and the vegetarian products that go. Someone told me a while ago to eat more salt to avoid night-time cramps. Who knows? Cauldron is extremely good, as is Redwood.

      i don’t think stock controllers understand demand. Simple really. While vegetarians may be classified as eccentric and quirky, the truth is, we aren’t the only ones who buy veg specific products. Vicky’s comment above exemplifies that.

      I see no reason for them not to stock them. Or recycled toilet rolls and kitchen paper. But this is the store that runs out of red lentils!!


  3. Great commentary regarding the rape post. Somehow we seem to have evolved little when it comes to attitudes like, “she must have been asking for it”
    It is absurd.
    It is imperative women self advocate for their own safety. Jumping in a car,, on a bike. going home with…

    All perfect set ups for being unnecessarily vulnerable.


    • Thanks. To be fair I didn’t read that comment anywhere, but it was the one that came to mind because so many people would say that.

      As you gathered, my criticism is not of the woman who takes someone on face value to enjoy the city, rather with the arsehole who chooses to rape her.


      • I would never have think you to be someone who would ever see a woman living her life with freedoms that both genders should enjoy as critical. From what I read and share with you I would know that could not be a possibility of your own scruples and morals.

        It is this very mentality that keeps some of the male gender still tied to the idea that a woman has asked to be raped. It is an absurd notion. I like that what you did was make it a discussion here at WP.

        I simply applaud & thank you roughseas~


        • Thank you BB. My problem is that I have too much to write (!!) so this, as with other posts often end up containing totally different topics. I didn’t want to leave the WP/DP discussion any later hence it ended up on here. From shopping to rape in one quick press of the key. But that’s not too different from dinner to rape in Rome is it?

          I liked your comment about advocating for safety – and avoiding vulnerability. Not judgemental, but – sadly – practical and realistic


          • No friend, not judgement and not seen as such. I do know enough to know that we all have the right to make our own mistakes. i would never take that away in the name of safety for women.

            Sadly for many women they will never be able to self advocate in any way It takes some sense of worth to feel that being protected and protecting your self is a deserved thing. Sadly many who are putting themselves in harms way do not have the sensibilities to keep themselves safe.


          • It’s such an emotive issue. I wish we didn’t have to think about our safety. But life is not an ideal world. As I said to EllaDee below I’ll write one of my stories up – not about rape, but about not being in the best of situations late at night.


  4. EllaDee says:

    The second part of your post brings to mind a recent high profile Australian case, that I can barely think or comment about… Glancing at the Australian Women’s Weekly while in the supermarket queue, I read part of a [contoversial] article about the accused which exposed horrible, specific details about his other crimes, for which in my opinion he was vastly undersentenced and under-served… He re-offended again soon after release with terrible consequences. It brings me to ask, are ‘justice systems’ ever going to be held accountable for the wrongs & injustices they perpertrate?


    • What an extremely sad case. I thought it was going to be a rape story, so was even more horrified to read she was murdered. Don’t all women have a subconscious fear of rape/murder at night if we are on our own?

      I’m not sure if I have written about walking through Liverpool (UK) in one of the roughest parts of the city on my own in the early hours. I’ll either find the link or write it up. It wasn’t through choice.

      I like to scan the magazines at the check-out too πŸ˜€ The first time I was doing it my partner looked horrified and thought I was going to buy one.

      If the accused has already been sentenced then they would come out as TICs, but as you are calling him accused, I’m guessing it hasn’t come to court yet, apart from the initial hearing.

      The injustice system works both ways doesn’t it? People let out too soon, receiving short sentences, people going unconvicted due to lack of evidence, and police setting people up leading to wrongful convictions. I read a very inaccurate wiki post recently about a prominent police officer (his daughter went to my school) so I may post about that at some point.


      • EllaDee says:

        I’m not sure the injustice system ‘works’ as in usual understanding of the words ‘justice’ and ‘works’. The accused was convicted, and sentenced in 2002 to 11 years for 16 counts of vicious and prolonged rapes of 5 female prostitutes. He got out in April 2012. Regardless of what he is accused of going on to do, WTF kind of sentencing is that? No matter I look at it, he isn’t the only person responsible for what happened to Jillian Meagher, and the people who love her, who she leaves behind.


        • Being obsessed with statistics that works out at a theoretical ‘price’ of eight months per rape, but in actual terms, with the reduced sentence it works out at slightly more than seven months. I don’t think I need to add any more.

          I lie. I will. I saw a shop manager sentenced to two years for theft, because she was in a position of trust. What society considers theft from an employer – ok not good – to be more punishable than raping women?

          It’s not only the injustice system that lets us down. As a society we let ourselves down.


          • EllaDee says:

            I know. You’re on my side. I’m so pissed off about it, I just can’t deal with it.


          • I had better write a different post to distract you then. Interestingly one of the good things about Gib is the low rate of violent crime. We also have a high per capita ratio of police officers, but I think the fact that there is a physical border with Spain is a big part of the deterrent. Both in Gib and in our Spanish pueblo I have no fear about walking round late at night/early morning. Not that I do it often these days, but I would sometimes take the dogs for a walk past midnight in Spain. I’ve also got up for a walk in Gib at 3 or 4am. I wouldn’t do either in the UK.


          • EllaDee says:

            That would be good πŸ™‚ I don’t feel it’s about me. I agree, you need to be able to feel safe to do what you do. I’ve walked home, barefoot, worse for wear down Lawson St at Redfern at 3am, after “the riots”… One, or more, ‘incidents’ won’t change that, but we’ve never experienced all the things that get reported in the papers… and it’s the things that don’t get reported that worry me. I don’t know that anyone expected the AWW to report the details they did… Thanks. I feel better.


          • eeek! I would have worried walking around Redfern in daylight before the riots!! Not helped by my partner sharing a flat with a couple of junkies, so did colour my view of the place somewhat.

            I’ll write up my – not barefoot – tale now πŸ™‚


          • EllaDee says:

            My late night walk was not as dangerous as it sounds… during the festive season, as it was, there were plenty of people around. I also selectively catch cabs or have the G.O. meet me depending on the circumstances. Jillian Meagher should have been safe, and the press went to great lengths to say it was an ‘opportunistic crime’… even now, I believe the AWW article has been suppressed in Victoria I assume for legal reasons… you get my frustration. I’m looking forward to your post πŸ™‚


          • I’m pleased for you that there were people. Lonely empty streets can be frightening. ‘Opportunistic crime’??? Oh, there is a woman on her own so I’ll kill her. I wonder how many months in jail that is worth?


          • EllaDee says:

            We’ll see. I will let you know what eventuates…


          • Ty and let’s hope it is more than seven.


  5. Jean says:

    So is there much local produce grown on the island for market/sale? As for the writing on topics which one hasn’t experienced certain things:

    Yes, there are certain crimes that one can /should have an opinion and clear one too. To change attitudes, etc. However I guess for myself, there is a fine line how far I would try to “right” wrong in certain areas: for instance I’ve never been a parent and it might be a bit unfair for me to get pissed off at kids who have tantrums in public. I’m not experiencing the frustration of the parent trying to discipline the child nor have to deal with the process of teaching the child repeatedly not to be so overtly loud in a negative way in public. I only have the experience as an aunt who has been an occasional caregiver and as an eldest child looking after several younger siblings.

    Sometimes the best thing is be a good listener..and help tell someone else’s story if they ie. lack literacy skills in English, etc.. offer solutions that they suggest plus your own.


    • Not an island, although it looks like it, we’re attached to Spain by a narrow strip of land. But mostly there is water around us. I should scan in a postcard of an aerial shot I guess.

      Apparently there is some produce grown here, either that or the supermarket is not complying with trade descriptions. Raspberries, lemons and grapefruit are sometimes described as Gib produce. I’ve no idea where they are grown though, so I’m suspicious about that claim !

      I think there is a difference between writing about issues you feel strongly about as I do, and actually intervening somewhere. I’ll add a comment about that on a post soon, with an example. I wouldn’t interfere with a screaming kid either, because it’s not my business. I might write about it on here though πŸ˜€ I guess it depends on upbringing and mine was pretty strict with regards to behaviour in public (and at home and school).

      Listening and being an advocate is good, but I would say that because in a lot of my experience as a journalist that was what we did. Not so sure about nowadays.


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