I don’t believe in God. Never have, doubt I ever will.

I did go to sleep as a child, saying ‘Gentle Jesus meek and mild, look upon this little child blah blah, and god bless mummy and daddy and Good Dog Tarquin’. Tarquin, being the most important one out of the lot I might add.

I sit on the middle of the agnostic fence, although mostly I jump down to the atheist side.

Many of my blog readers are religious. Fortunately every single post they write is not full of ‘Blessings!’ or ‘Go with Christ’ or some similar reference to ‘My Lord.’

If any of my beliefs switch people off, religion on other posts really does it with me.

I spent three years at university studying Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology, of which a large part was religion. And what did religion achieve? Nothing. Just endless power-grabbing wars.

I just can not hack that there is some supreme (fatherly) god in the sky looking down on us and protecting us. Seriously. This is Hans Christian Anderson with bells on.

Today I read yet another tedious WordPress Freshly Pressed post that was about someone who died from whatever. The author’s ex-husband. A third of the paragraphs mentioned God. That just does not resonate with me.


Oh, lots of sucky comments on there too saying what a wonderful post it is 🙂

Nearly ten years ago my father died (from cancer). We didn’t have conversations about God. He did want Eternal Father (naval) at his funeral. My mother wanted an amazingly complicated CoE funeral service for him, ie the book of common prayer full service job. The locum vicar came to talk to us and told us that my father had been called by Jesus. Um, I doubt that one very much. (Jesus wants me for a sunbeam?) Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam is actually well worth a listen.

I even went to a Sunday service at the invitation of the locum where all the congregation, at least 12 of them, who didn’t know my father from Adam, expressed their grief at his passing. Someone came up to me afterwards and said I could always talk to her. I don’t think so, thank you very much.

God does not run my life. I have no idea who these gods are that everyone worships but they play no part in my life.

Religious people in America seem to think women shouldn’t have control of their own bodies. No abortions, you heathen, you. And actually, no contraception, because you are going against the word of the Lord. Or some such similar.

All the gods do is cause friction. They always did, even in Roman or Greek or Nordic mythology. They don’t do any different these days.

Life would be a lot better without the Big Three – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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33 Responses to God

  1. chicagoja says:

    I can certainly appreciate why you feel the way that you do. Someone as intelligent as yourself who also happens to be a free thinker will not usually embrace religion. However, a belief/faith in God and a belief/faith in a religion are two totally separate things. God doesn’t need religion to exist and no doubt doesn’t need people to worship him either. However, God does exist. You just have to come to a better understanding of what God is, which is certainly not the God of the Bible.


    • Thanks for your comment. If I went for any religion it would be Buddhism. But I don’t. Nor do I need to come to a better understanding of some mythical deity. Because until someone can seriously show me a sensible egalitarian god/dess, I’ll have to continue on my atheist way.


      • Vicky says:

        I agree with you there. If we HAD to chose a religion, I’d go for Buddhism too.


        • I think it’s the fact that it seems more respectful and you don’t see a lot of wars being caused in the name of Buddha. But I may be wrong, and if I am no doubt someone will inform me 🙂 Regardless, I have my own values in life and don’t need to follow some doctrine or have someone else tell me what is right or wrong. It’s not exactly difficult.


  2. pinkagendist says:

    Tedious AND Freshly Pressed? That cannot be…
    I went for the selfish child’s prayer:
    “…and if I die before I wake
    I pray the lord my toys to break” (so my brother can’t have them)


    • I daren’t write another scathing criticism on the latest ‘why this post is so shit hot that we freshly pressed it’ on the daily post. I have slagged off every single one they have mentioned, including being asked for my extremely important opinion via email 😀

      Well, have you ever read a decent freshly pressed post? Intelligent? Thinking? Contemporaneous (too long a word)? Original (having a laugh)? Remotely over the age of 16?

      I think I have heard the one about – if I die before I wake – but I don’t think it had your ending. How terrible not to be an only child. I thought you were by your wonderful attitude 😀


  3. Vicky says:

    I’m slightly more stuck on the agnostic fence, I don’t believe in god, and I totally agree with you regarding religion and wars, I hate the way folk are brainwashed by their religious beliefs that their actions will please or anger their god.
    I do think there is/was something though. The book Chariot of the Gods, that I read in my youth planted plenty of seeds in my mind, that to this day still remain.
    The vastness of space, unexplained psychic happenings, are we in a parallel universe?
    That could explain some of the unexplained.


    • I’ve never read chariots of the gods. Should have done I guess although doubt it would change my point of view.
      The only thing that is unexplained to me is why people are so arsey towards each other and lack respect.
      I’d like to believe in a parallel universe, but truth is, I don’t see it. The only faith I take is, that there are a few nice people around. Occasionally.


      • Vicky says:

        If you want to read it and can’t find a copy, you can borrow mine. I found a copy in a shop about three years ago and snapped it up after losing my first one.
        I’ve had a few unexplained happenings, it would be interesting to get another view on them. Will mail you if you’re interested.


  4. Kyanite Blue says:

    Am too tired to coherantly respond fully tonite but have to say something upon reading this as am with you 100% as one of your non-religious friends / readers. Will be back AM to say more!


    • Am on the point of hitting the sack aka the camping mats on the floor too, but people keep commenting 😀

      On a totally different subject, I have run out of half price extremely good Chilean chardonnay so another reason to go to sleep 😀


  5. free penny press says:

    While I am not religious, I am spiritual but it by no means follows any doctrinated order. I completely understand this post and respect you for writing it. These closed-minded people that want Govt to rule their bodies have no clue what being a woman entails. they wait for their God to solve all of the issues.. I better stop because I could rant on these woman to no end..


    • Sorry, didn’t meant to stir up any angst 😦 I can understand spiritualism, or paganism, or communing with nature. I just don’t get this silly indoctrination, which is what you say, I think. Especially when it demeans women. Hello! we are people too!!


      • free penny press says:

        Oh no angst here.. I personally think about 2/3 of the country needs their brains cleared out and let us start over. No religion, just compassion, respect and dignity as humans.


        • I take it you mean your country? 😀 But you could probably apply those figures to any country that has a majority religion, especially a monotheistic one. Your last sentence is excellent. Why is it so difficult?


  6. Iquitoz says:

    Well said. Spot on. Buddhism is also the organized path I would follow if I needed “help”. Like you I believe religion has done more harm than good. Religion continues to make amends with one hand while creating strife with the other. It has an image problem when lying cheating politicians use it to attract votes. If I believe in anything it is the spirit of living entities and the Force. (Did I earlier say “organized”? That is the problem with religion. Man organizes. Religion is man-made. A problem. Has man done anything that has not had adverse effects?) May the Force be with you.


    • Thanks Iquitoz. ‘Help’ is an interesting word is it not? I would probably have said ‘a crutch’. So many people seem to turn to religion because life in all its many guises is sometimes just too difficult to manage. It’s a bit like politicians concentrating on appointing dog wardens when the national debt needs sorting. Escapism.

      I like what little I know of Buddhism, but I also like the Hindu gods, and if you read my roughseas post about art, the Chinese ones are interesting too.

      My big gripe about – as you say – organised religion is the insistence that ‘MY’ religion is the one true path to follow. How on earth can someone say that? Who can logically argue that their belief in a large fairy in the sky is better than someone else’s different fairy (ies) in the sky? And Father Christmas comes down the chimney even when you don’t have a single fireplace in the house …


  7. I ran into that post, too, wondering if it was just me who felt a bit put off by it, maybe because I’m sleepy and my brain isn’t working so well. I have nothing against that woman’s views and I think her post was actually written better than a lot of the ones ‘they’ usually choose. But it didn’t say anything new and definitely didn’t speak to me.

    If Jesus (whose life interests me, but who I don’t think of as a deity) wanted me to believe that he ‘called my mother home’ (that’s what a lot of the relatives said), I would need him to explain his reasoning. I don’t take nonsensical things on faith. Why did he want her company, and why did he only want it after she suffered so much for years and spread a different kind of suffering to my daughter and me simply because we were here trying to help her? I have the same question for God, but neither of them talk to me. That’s actually a good thing, considering what I hear so often from believers.

    I have a post that I wrote and saved on WordPress on a particularly awful afternoon, but I don’t press publish because it’s a downer and a lot of people are put off by honesty about certain kinds of death. People want the pain to be like that woman wrote in her post, not about how it feels to be left behind by a parent who hurts you on purpose and doesn’t care how you’ll feel after they’re gone. My daughter and I had to bow our heads at the funeral so the others wouldn’t notice that we were not only tearless, but waiting on pins and needles until we could get out of there and run free.

    And I so agree about religious people trying to rule women’s bodies. I left a polite comment (so I’d at least be heard a little) on a Freshly Pressed blog a couple days ago, on another of the author’s posts about how pro-choice people need to compromise with ‘moral’ anti-abortionists. I told him that no woman should have to compromise on decisions about her own body. That’s called domination. He didn’t buy my suggestion that contraception information would lessen abortions, lamenting all the sex unmarried people might have if contraception was widely available. Sometimes it’s like banging your head against a wall.

    I’m sorry this was so long. These subjects hit a nerve with me. I hope you’ll just delete it if it’s too much.


    • It’s an excellent comment Sparks. I have no intention of deleting it 😀 I thought the post was a bit like a soap opera or a pot-boiler novel. First sentence for impact, although ex-husband detracted slightly from the emotion because they’d obviously split up. Then we chucked in cancer, alcoholism, and the three kids around the bedside. Oh, plus we dearly loved the current girlfriend. I was nearly gagging by the time I finished the post – good thing it wasn’t long.

      With the exception of my father’s death, it is an extremely long time since anyone has talked to me about religion. Fortunately. And as I get older, (and don’t think there is a life ever after), if anyone did mention it to me, they would get extremely short shrift on the lines of ‘I don’t believe in that nonsense.’ I am not interested in suffering to make me a better person, thank you very much, I am far more interested in enjoying what little time I have while I am alive, not leaving damage and hurt behind me, and if I am really lucky, doing a little good somewhere. But I don’t need some fable to tell me that, I can work it out all for myself.

      I think your WP post would be interesting. I don’t think enough people express their opinions about what they do or don’t believe in because conventional religion is so rammed down peoples’ throats and it is the norm to be expected to believe. Sometimes people do want to read something different. This post hasn’t been up 12 hours and people are happy to comment on it.

      Why should pro-choice people compromise with anti-abortionists? What sort of compromise can there be? I thought unmarried people did have sex. Or put it this way, I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t had sex before she married (if she ever did). If you are banging your head against a brick wall, he had his head stuck in the sand. Or elsewhere. Some religious bloke telling ME what I can or can’t do with MY body because he believes in fiction sends me into orbit. Good thing I didn’t see that post.

      I think sometimes we all don’t speak out enough. That’s partly the point of this blog. To air views that aren’t the conventional norm.


  8. EllaDee says:

    I echo free penny press’ comment. I believe in God, the Universe, Higher/Collective Consciousness, Gaia, the whole spiritual fruit bowl 😉 I don’t believe in religion myself even though courtesy of my upbringing I’m comfortable in a church and its rites but not so with overtly religious people. I couldn’t get through Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. My attention wandered and I had a laugh at the comment below it “I thought it was “Jesus wants me for a sundae”. (I don’t know what flavor.)” and Googled up Nirvana/The Vaselines’ Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a79t3s5yig8, which made me feel better. I respect others’ belief in religion because for some it gets them through the day and life, but the dark side of the perpetrators of religion is most ungodly. Lending itself to agreement with your last sentence… a cost benefit analysis certainly wouldn’t bear up.


    • I mentioned to Iquitoz about that I like some of the Eastern religions (not that I would believe in them) but I think they are interesting and just as valid as any other supreme deity. I forgot Paganism and Gaia, both of which are also equally as sensible, moreso in a lot of ways are they are more focused on natural life.

      I don’t mind going to church, and will certainly go to respect other people’s views (eg funerals as I get older and know more people whose partner dies), but that’s also as FPP said, respect, dignity and compassion for each other.

      Jesus wants me is so awful I like it! Well, sort of. It’s really singy alongy 😀 I think my father learned it at Methodist Sunday School, and my mother was Church of England, so it was a bit of sore point between them when he would sing it (he wasn’t religious that I know of). Both allegedly Christian and they couldn’t even agree over a kid’s hymn – that just exemplifies the problems and dissension religion causes. I daren’t try the other song while Partner is having his 6am coffee and is starting on cooking his breakfast, so that will be for later.

      I don’t mind other people believing in whatever they find helpful – just don’t let it impact on my life, or anyone else’s. And that is the big problem with religion.


  9. Iquitoz says:

    I used “crutch” in a tweet several weeks ago in reference to religion. At one time I thought that Pantheism might be a belief system I could feel comfortable with. Belief that plants, animals all have spirits that you should respect. Similar to Eastern “religions”? There are so many definitions of Pantheism. “Religion” is a personal issue and should remain so. It is between you and whatever deity you choose. The “church” is wherever you choose to commune with that something. Forcing one’s beliefs on others is not acceptable. My thoughts anyway. Nice discussion.


    • Oh you are still tweeting? I have never got my head around it. Probably because you can only write 140 characters per tweet or whatever it is and that is NOT enough for me.

      Pantheism is fine too, I think. For me personally, I’ve never needed a religion to support me. Maybe one day I will, who knows? Your definitions are great. The problem with religion is when it is no longer personal. I loathe the concept of missionaries, they might as well be selling double-glazing. Trying to palm something off to someone who doesn’t need it and is perfectly happy with what they have – and at a vast cost.

      The trouble with the discussion is that everyone agrees with me!! But they are unlikely to be reading Clouds if they are right-wing republican evangelists. I commented on someone’s blog a while back and disagreed with their post (I think I wrote about it on here but would have to look it up) – it was about how Americans saved the Brits in WW2. I was told I might as well clear off because I wouldn’t enjoy reading her posts.

      I’m happy with people disagreeing with my posts. But I do expect some degree of rationale included. And fatherly figures in the sky don’t do it too well for me.

      Thanks J.


  10. bluonthemove says:

    I think there is a typo in the bible; God didn’t make Man in his own image, Man made God in his own image.

    and what an unpleasant image it largely is. It is medieval, resistant to change and misogynst as well as being frankly psycopathic when it touches on the havoc that will be wreaked across the planet if one ceases to worship and obey.

    As one might guess I don’t subscribe to any organised religion, I don’t see any need for them. As for a God, put me with the undecideds.


    • That’s not a typo. That’s a seriously flawed assumption.

      I do appreciate there are a few people out there that consider it (ie any of the religion of the Big Three) to be an unpleasant entity.


  11. But if people find comfort in it or it enriches or improves their lives that’s ok isn’t it?


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