I have to say for once that I have little to write.

Sensitive souls may read on, this is not an animal abuse post, ie there is no vicious cruelty reported or depicted. Although, one could say that invading an animal’s small amount of space when they are penned up in a zoo is cruelty in itself. Well, I would say that.

You have to click on the linkies as there is no point reading the story otherwise, and I don’t feel like getting into copyright issues.

However, firstly we have a bizarre series of photos where lion clearly wants to eat small child wearing black and white stripes and looking exceedingly zebra-ish. Note, always sensible to be aware what you are wearing when around animals. We noticed red triggered a local dog to go absolutely ballistic whereas normally he was a nice friendly Tigre (yes he was called Tiger but only ‘cos he was stripey).

This scene is maybe ok for the child, and the parents are cool because there is some nice thick glass, but it seems to be winding the lion up no end. Scroll through to the last but one pic. Poor frustrated lion. Can’t understand what’s going on. He should be in the wild anyway.

Not good.

The next deserves total idiots of the year award. Or possibly the decade or the century. Would you pay fifty bucks to go into the lions’ den? (Technically it is fifty five as there is a five bucks entrance fee). But of course you would, these are just big cuddly cats eh?

a) they shouldn’t be in zoos anyway (well not the animals)

b) can you imagine going for a nap and some PITA coming hassling you for strokes and piccies? I know what I would be doing and it wouldn’t be snoozing peacefully away

c) Ah! penny! goes! drop! The poor dears are probably drugged off their eyeballs in the first place. Unlike the one in the first example trying to get through the plate glass. In fact I think I can see Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion in one of those pix at zoo whatsitcalled.

  • Do not support any type of zoo, please.
  • Do not support such disgusting exploitation of animals who quite frankly do not deserve to be dragged out of their environment to entertain moronic people.
  • Treat animals with respect. No, that isn’t strong enough. Stop invading and destroying their environment, stop killing them, abusing them, and stop capturing them for these degrading spectacles.

Anybody who pays 50$ for this deserves all they get. But they won’t will they?

I did a little search about drugged animals at this zoo – which claims it does not drug them (yeah right) – and found a lot of people who were slightly perturbed about visiting the zoo and wondering about the state of the animals.

1) How about you don’t go to ANY zoo in the first place


2) How about you engage a brain, if you have one. If you think that patting lions and tigers is a natural phenomenon, and they just happen to be so docile and friendly, and waiting for your loving strokes and cute photos, then quite possibly you may want to think again.

One day poor old cross-eyed Clarence may wake up out of his stupor and maul someone to death. And even though you have signed that indemnity and paid your fifty bucks, whose fault will it be? Yup. Poor old Clarence will have to bite the bullet for not being a good lion.

Credit for these sources as ever to STOP ANIMAL ABUSE


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16 Responses to Stupidity

  1. Vicky says:

    Zoos I hate, but we have the Midlands Safari Park on our doorstep,which I’ve visited several times. I can certainly vouch for the animals being undrugged and wild there.
    Driving through the African Wild Dog area, I slowed down to watch them on the nearby hillside, suddenly they all started walking towards my motor and circling it, the next minute they were hanging off my spare wheel and ripping the cover to shreds. I had to wait for the ranger for that section to drive off chucking meat off the back of his truck, which they then set of in chase of.
    The only reason I can think for the dogs action, was they’d got the scent of H (obviously not in the back at the time).


    • Was it Poppy? Thinking Red here, or Dougal? Wondering if colour rather than scent?

      It’s fairly obvious though isn’t it? They have big signs that say do not get out of your vehicle. This idea of paying to go and sit with big cuddly toys freaks me out.

      One of my old piccies on Everypic shows us walking through Woburn – the estate bit, I add with lots of deer 🙂


      • Vicky says:

        No it was dark green Dougal. I think it was definitely the scent of Harry, his muddy pawprints were all over the back door step, which must have smelt quite strong to the Wild African variety. Must agree though, there is something about the colour red.


  2. Blu says:

    Interesting comment re Red. I have a very thick warm bright red coat which I wear when its very cold (i.e. every day between mid Sept to mid May in nasty cold Britain!). One of my neighbours has a normally docile little 2 year old Westie who always watches me when I go out from his bay window, and sits looking at me wagging his tail.

    However when I have the red coat on he goes mad, barking ferociously and clawing away at the window trying to get out, and presumably attack me. Not sure I want to know what he’d do if he did get out, but I think his bark is worse than his bite.


    • I suppose you just have to think of the nasty bullfighters, and ‘seeing red’ etc etc. Red, and even bright orange are fairly obvious ones to avoid, but I thought the concept of the child looking like a baby zebra was an interesting one that certainly had never occurred to me. Not that I wear animal prints as you could probably guess.

      Test to see if animals in Argentinian zoo really are drugged: go into lions’ den wearing zebra clothes?


  3. EllaDee says:

    My sensitive soul appreciates your sensitivity 😉 I had a vision of the morning before the zoo visit… “Little Johnny won’t it be fun to wear your zebra costume to the [boring] zoo [that should liven things up]”. I agree with you about “it’s so nice to pat the wild animals” – NOT and as per my comment on RumpyDog’s Dear DeDe recent post re keeping non-domestic animals “Yep, scary weird. Wild birds & animals in cages or worse, pet shops…” Why, why, why can people not see this is all about money.


    • I know people don’t like to read endless stories about animal cruelty, I don’t, but it does happen. I thought this was an interesting twist on the ‘zoos are bad’ theme though and provided an interesting contrast between the frustrated and very active lion in the first story, and the drowsy, half asleep lions (tigers, leopards etc) in the second.

      Haha! Your little Johnny story raised a laugh or two here.

      We had a friend with some birds, can’t remember whether they were canaries or budgies or what, but mostly they just flew around the house happily! I think they only went into the cages at night to roost and go to sleep.

      People can’t see a) because they don’t want to b) because they are unthinking c) because they are both.


  4. Don’t disagree, although there is an angle you appear not to have thought of. If, instead of going to a zoo, we shipped all the people so keen to stroke the beautiful pussy to Africa …

    We would get rid of the moron’s, help to feed the beautiful cats, reduce population and ensure the continuation of endangered species. Or we could just open all the animal cages and let them select their own next meal then, when they are full and sleepy put them on a plane back to where they, or their ancestors, came from.


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