Leap year

Half an hour to get a post in before midnight – before I can do it for the next four years.

That’s not very long to construct a long whinge.

Surely I should have some moans and groans that I can draw on immediately? Umm, seems not.

Still, as I’ve posted on four out of five blogs so far (six actually as one is duplicated) I’m feeling more than smug.

I so want to write a grumpy person post, but I don’t even feel grumpy today. Still, tomorrow…

With which, hope you have all enjoyed the extra day in the year. A bit like when the clocks go backwards and we all get an extra hour’s sleep. Delicious. A day should be even better, if I only I could have spent it in bed.

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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7 Responses to Leap year

  1. Vicky says:

    My oh my you’re up late tonight!, getting the full 24 hours from your extra day eh? 🙂
    I never realised you’re an hour ahead of UK, though if I actually put my brain into gear, I ought to have :-/ being attached to Spain.


    • There was a reason for being up late, apart from writing a load of blog posts at the last minute! I think it was cos we went to the shops after A finished work and it put us both out of sorts 😀 (Drove not walked so we could load up).

      But yes we are an hour ahead 😀 And yes it was very late for me, I’m an early to bed and early to rise sort of bird.


  2. Dugutigui says:

    In some places we still have a few hours to go…:)


  3. so Spain is an hour ahead but The Canaries aren’t? Or are The Canary Isles a law unto themselves!?? Or did we just spend a week in Lanzarote totally out of time with everyone else LOL??


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