Donna, donna, and Joan Baez? Just another hypocrite?


When I was a kid at junior school, ie below 11 years of age, we sang this song.
I couldn’t sing it without crying.

Couldn’t bear the thought of the poor calf being killed. Vegetarian before I knew it maybe?

Joan Baez is tougher than me. Puts human rights before animals. Her choice. Great that she takes on Czechoslovakia in 1989. But whoever speaks for the animals? And the calf with a mournful eye? Using a sad Jewish song with your beautiful voice to gain political points? Crap sweetie. However lovely your voice and your right-on politics. Even if you may possibly have been vegetarian for a few days back in 1968. Possibly.

So my dears, eat your steaks sweethearts. And enjoy. After all who gives a shit about one more dead animal if it tastes nice.

Cows are easily bound and slaughtered – of course.

Oh, and here is the lovely record with the absolutely unbeatable, almost unbearable, voice of Ms Baez.

Ms Baez who don’t give a shit about animals.

Editor’s note – I am so clever, I have now worked out TWO ways to add the vid link 🙂


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3 Responses to Donna, donna, and Joan Baez? Just another hypocrite?

  1. Vicky says:

    Jeez, that's taken me back a few years, in the 60's I saved for months to buy an acoustic guitar (10s) and the Joan Baez song book, I never did master it, but that was one of the songs I did, and yes, it made me cry too.


  2. Todd Cox says:

    Oh, that is disappointing. I had hoped that she was a Vegan or Vegetarian when I heard this song. Oh well. The song is still beautiful.


    • Yes, it would have made sense for her to be, but obviously her brief flirtation without meat convinced her it wasn’t the diet for her. I think she makes pretty much most songs sound beautiful with her lovely voice. But this is so sad though.


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