Miss World – beauty parades are so nice for women :)

Miss World. Where to start?

Easy really.

1) This is about objectifying women and ‘judging’ them in terms of their physical appearance.

Naturally, this appearance basically has to fall into line with what men find attractive, or what society (ie men) currently deem to be the acceptable standard.

This therefore involves tall, slim, leggy, long haired (obviously from the head – all other areas to be dutifully shaved), slightly – but not too much – curvaceous women.

Oh hell! And young. I forgot that one didn’t I? Gotta be young to be in there for the win.

2) The bit with Miss World about extra skills, personality and all the rest of it is rubbish. This is still about judging women on their appearance.

In case anyone hasn’t got the message – pretty face, nice eyes, lovely smile, long sexy hair, firm breasts of a good but not too large size, slim waist, and fit arse.

Cattle market?

3) Don’t bother arguing about Mr Universe – I’m really not interested. If you come out with that crap, you really have no idea what this post is about.

4) While ever women are valued, judged, and praised on their looks, all that is happening is that we are continuing to perpetuate this patriarchal society where women are no more than a token part of some arsehole’s harem. A pretty possession.

Don’t bother telling me it is their choice to join in, and how much they get out of it. Women do this because they haven’t woken up to the fact that they are being ripped off, fucked over, and generally being pissed on. They are buying into the world. A man’s world.

5) And as for Peter Caruana – reported by the Gib Chron to have said:

He told her that no one had ever made Gibraltar prouder and congratulated on behalf of all the people.

Get real Caruana. This is a particularly insignificant event in the world. No discredit to Ms Aldorino but this whole farce demeans women. And you say that no-one has ever made Gibraltar prouder than a woman who has won Miss World?


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One Response to Miss World – beauty parades are so nice for women :)

  1. what a bizarre statement for Peter Caruana to come out with – in this day and age…..very odd.


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