What rescue dog?

Well done Obama, you fucking hypocrite. You have just done jack shit nada for promoting the attractions of rescuing dogs from shelters.

Despite the much-publicised comments from the family during the presidential campaign that they wanted a rescue dog – what have they ended up with? Surprise surprise. A nice little pedigree pup. Wow!!

Naturally there are reasons for this. Of course. Plenty of ’em.

1) It’s a present from Senator Edward M Kennedy of Massachusetts.

2) Portuguese water dogs apparently rarely end up in shelters.

3) The previous family and the six-month-old pup were not a good mix.

4) Just fix the problem with money – the Obamas are going to make a donation to the DC Humane Society.

Now why does this story make me want to vomit?

Why do I think maybe a runty little rescue cross-bred mutt doesn’t really quite fit the Obama family image?

I know it’s not too difficult to find labradoodles and the like on the internet at rescue societies because I looked previously when someone claimed she couldn’t find any. (A similar allergy problem to the one Malia has).

Why is it all right to harp on about wanting a rescue dog during a presidential campaign and then – pfff once elected – the idea just vanishes?

And most of all, why on earth do you think making a donation makes it all right? How many dogs are you guaranteeing to keep alive with that donation? Money buys everything right? We know it does so that’s a rhetorical question.

Do you not think it would be setting a slightly better example to rescue some unwanted pup from a shelter? No. Obviously not.

Oh and to anyone who comes out with the really boring old comment that rescue dogs are difficult to home, and may have behavioural issues but pedigree dogs are just so good because of their lineage blah blah blah – pedigree dogs often have worse health problems (slight problem with the in-breeding) and can be more temperamental than a blue blooded racehorse. Why do you think so many pedigree dogs end up in rescue shelters?

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2 Responses to What rescue dog?

  1. sigh says:

    … what timing this has…


  2. Totty Teabag says:

    I had my doubts right from the first mention of Portuguese Water Dog and Rescue Centre in the same sentence…


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